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Africa. Let's look for Africa in the atlas. Praise words: Absolutely! or Admirable!

Beginning sound games For children needing more practice in identifying beginning sounds, choose a game from the Activity Bank (pages 232-238), or the Alliteration Trick (page 184), or from the Annie Apple activities on the Living ABC software.

Shape: a and A Song Sing or say the verse from the Handwriting Songs as you trace both sides of Annie's PCC (lyrics on TGCD). Write Write a huge a on the board or project the Annie Apple scene of the Living ABC software for children to air-trace as they sing. Follow up with a handwriting activity. Uppercase Show the BPCC A. Annie Apple always hops up on a nice big apple stand to start important words like people's names or the first word in a sentence. Children can look for Annie Apple's two shapes on the Class Train Freeze. They can also quietly look for her letter around the classroom and school, on the way home and around the house. Tell the children when they see her letter to quietly say just her sound so as not to give away her hiding place.

Individual activity • Use A-Z Copymasters or Workbooks. • Ask the children to Picture Code Annie Apple, or paint her.


Add simple details to plain black letter

F o c us o n

Lesson 3: Mr A, the Apron Man

Aa You'll need    

PCCs for 'Quick Dash' plus a BPCC - Uppercase A (Mr A) Vowel Scene Poster Alphabet Songs CD or Living ABC software

'Annie Apple', A-Z Copymasters

 A-Z Copymasters

Optional  Individual activities (p.228-238)  Make Vowel Flip-overs for ă/ā (TGCD)

Review previously learned letters and sounds 'Quick Dash' (page 194) PCCs: ă, c, ĕ, g, ĭ, n, p, s

Sound Show the plain letter side of the PCC to see what Mr A looks like in words. Do you remember that Annie Apple is a very special kind of letter called a vowel? Vowels are special because almost every single word needs at least one of them. But there is something else special about vowels like Annie Apple. She shares her letter shape with another Letterlander. Show the picture side. His name is Mr A. He came all the way from Asia to take care of Annie Apple and

a Picture Code Cards

Section 2: a-z Word Building

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