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Lesson 2: Annie Apple

Aa You'll need    

PCCs for 'Guess Who?' plus a ABC book BPCC - Uppercase A Living ABC software or Alphabet Songs CD and Handwriting Songs CD

 Vowel Scene Poster

Optional  Individual activities (p.228-238)  Letters for Picture Coding (TGCD)

Review previously learned letters and sounds 'Guess Who?' (page 196) Keep the Picture Code Card (PCC) out of sight and say the letter sound. Ask the children to repeat the sound. Ask, Who is it? Children name the Letterlander. Then show the picture side. PCCs: b, c, g, h, m, o˘, r, t, w As children learn the Action Tricks and handwriting strokes, these can be included in your 'Guess Who?' activity. For convenient abbreviated instructions, see the Teacher Guide Cards on the TGCD.

Sound Show the plain letter side of the PCC to see what Annie Apple looks like in words. Then the children can use the Sound Trick (page 181) to remind themselves of the sound she makes in words: Annie Apple, /ă/.

a Picture Code Cards

Action Teach the Action Trick (page 182). Ask the children to do the action and make the sound in response to the plain letter side of the PCC. Song Sing Annie Apple's Alphabet Song. Show the picture side of her PCC when you sing her name. Turn to the plain letter every time you sing her sound (lyrics on TGCD). The Important Vowels Annie Apple is one of five very special letters called 'vowels.' Point out Annie Apple and the other vowels on the Vowel Scene Poster. There are just a few of them but there is at least one of them in almost every word. And every Vowel Sound shares its letter with a Vowel Man. Annie Apple shares hers with Mr A. We'll learn more about Mr A and the other Vowel Men soon. Let's say Annie Apple's very important Vowel Sound three times: “/ă/ /ă/ /ă/.” Also enjoy the Vowel Sounds Song.

Action Trick (see p.182)

'Short & Long Vowels' Vowel Scene Posters

Phonemic awareness and language development Alliteration Read about Annie Apple in the ABC book or use the Living ABC software. Emphasise her sound and explore the picture together. Ask questions and discuss For example: Is Annie Apple the first letter in the alphabet? Do you think she is an adventurous apple? Which of these might she like to become (actress, teacher, acrobat, bus driver, ambulance driver, astronaut). Annie has visited


Annie Apple in ABC book

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