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context. Encourage discussion of each of these scenarios, and how Clever Cat always prefers the answers that start with her letter.

Can you imagine Clever Cat playing tennis or would she prefer card games? Do you think she might like to conduct our next school concert? What instrument might she want to play: castanets or drums? When she goes to stay in the country in her caravan, what do you think she likes to do: go for long walks or climb cliffs? Praise answers with Congratulations! or Clever! Beginning sound games (Optional) If children need more practice listening for the letter sound at the beginning of words, use a game in each lesson. Choose one from the Activity Bank (pages 232-238) the Living ABC software, or use the Alliteration Trick (page 184) and help children to think up their own alliterative information about Clever Cat. For example: Food and Drink cake, cauliflower, carrots, corn, cocoa, cucumber.

Praise words clever, correct, cool.

Transport camel, canoe, car, caravan.

Book titles The Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle), Corduroy (Don Freeman). Hobbies card games, cooking, computer games, collecting coins.

Names Carla, Catherine, Colin, Connor.

Note: If children spot exceptions to the hard /c/ sound (nice, circle, Charlie, Cheryl), put a wavy line under the 'tricky' part and tell the children they will find out why later on.

Shape: c and C Song Sing or say the verse from the Handwriting Songs CD as you finger trace both sides of Clever Cat's PCC (more details, page 197). Curve round Clever Cat's face to begin. Then gently tickle her under her chin. Write Write a huge c on the board or project the Clever Cat handwriting screen of the Living ABC software for children to air-trace (page 199) as they sing. Follow up with a handwriting activity. Uppercase Introduce the concept of uppercase letters with the Uppercase Trick (page 186). First show the Picture Code Card (PCC). Reveal the uppercase letter as you explain the trick: Whenever Clever Cat starts important words, such as people's names, she takes a deep breath and gets bigger, like this! Optional: You may also want to ask the children to look for Clever Cat's lowercase and uppercase letter on the Letterland Class Train Freeze.


Section 2: a-z Word Building

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