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Lesson 1: Clever Cat

Cc You'll need  PCCs for 'Quick Dash' plus c  ABC book  Alphabet Songs CD and Handwriting Songs CD

or Living ABC software

 BPCC - Uppercase C

Optional  Individual activities (p.228-238)  Letters for Picture Coding (TGCD)

Note: As this is the first lesson, each section is explained in greater detail than subsequent lessons.

Review previously learned letters and sounds 'Quick Dash' (page 194). Review some letters from the Fast Track. PCCs: a, b, h, m, o, r, t, w Show the picture side. Children name the character. Turn to the plain side, and ask, What is the letter sound? After going through the cards this way, go back through at a faster pace showing only the plain letter side. Children respond with the sounds.

Sound Show the plain letter side of Clever Cat's PCC. Who is hiding behind this letter? Do you know? After children say, “Clever Cat”, show the picture side. Yes, and this is how Clever Cat looks when she is in Letterland. Turn to the plain letter. This is how she looks in words. She loves to make her sound in words, but she doesn't miaow like ordinary cats. She's a Letterland cat so she whispers her own special sound instead. Let's use a Sound Trick to discover the sound she makes in words: Show the picture side of the PCC and ask for the character name. “Clever Cat”. Now just START to say her name again and STOP: Clever Cat, 'c…'. Emphasise whispering to avoid adding an unwanted 'uh' sound, /c/ not 'cuh'. Sound Trick (page 181). To help children develop the link between the plain letter and the letter sound, ask them for the letter sound each time you push the plain letter side of the card forward, “/c/…/c/.../c/...”. Praise correct answers with: Clever! or Correct!

c Picture Code Cards

Action Teach the Action Trick (page 182). Ask the children to do the action and make the sound in response to the plain letter side of the PCC. Song Sing Clever Cat's Alphabet Song. Show the picture side of her PCC when you sing her name. Turn to the plain letter every time you sing her sound (lyrics on TGCD) or use the animated version on the Living ABC software. Make sure the children drop into a whisper for her sound and make her action at the same time.

Action Trick (see p.182)

Phonemic awareness and language development Alliteration Read about Clever Cat in the ABC book or use the Living ABC software. Emphasise her sound as you read the text and explore the picture together, letting children identify things that begin with her sound. If you are using the Living ABC software, let Clever Cat introduce herself, then the children can interact with her by clicking on different items on the screen.

Clever Cat in ABC book

Ask questions and discuss Ask some questions to encourage children to think in an alliterative way and to present some new and challenging language in a friendly

Section 2: a-z Word Building

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