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Lesson focus c a a d h m t First blending s First segmenting i, (s /z/) i n g Blending and segmenting o o p s, s - adding s to words e e ss u u k ck ng sh ch th th l f ll, ff b j all r qu v ve o w, (wh) x y z Review

Example word cat add apron dog hen map tap sun it, (is) ice net go odd so pen cats, dogs egg he miss up uniform kit duck ring shop chip that thing leg fan puff, bell bat jet ball run quiz van have son wig, (when) box yes zip

Letterland Character Clever Cat Annie Apple Mr A, the Apron Man Dippy Duck Harry Hat Man Munching Mike Talking Tess Sammy Snake (Sleepy Sammy) Impy Ink Mr I, the Ice Cream Man Noisy Nick Golden Girl Oscar Orange Mr O, the Old Man Peter Puppy Sammy Snake - Sleepy Sammy Eddy Elephant Mr E, the Easy Magic Man Sammy and Sally Snake Uppy Umbrella Mr U, the Uniform Man Kicking King Clever Cat and Kicking King Noisy Nick and Golden Girl Sammy Snake and Harry Hat Man Clever Cat and Harry Hat Man Talking Tess and Harry Hat Man Talking Tess and Harry Hat Man Lucy Lamp Light Firefighter Fred Best Friends Frank and Linda Bouncy Ben Jumping Jim Giant All Red Robot Quarrelsome Queen Vicky Violet Vase e prop Oscar's Bothersome Little Brother Walter Walrus Fix-it Max Yellow Yo-yo Man Zig Zag Zebra

Section 2: a-z Word Building

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