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What is Letterland? Letterland is a unique, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year olds. Its characters make plain black letter shapes and their sounds easy and fun to remember. They give speedy access to all 44 sounds and their major spellings. They create fast, smooth transitions to blending plain letters to read, and segmenting spoken words to spell. The result? Young, confident and motivated readers and writers!

How does it work?

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Harry Hat Man makes the sound at the beginning of his name. Just whisper it – ‘hhh…’.

Hurry from the Hat Man’s head down to his heel on the ground.

Actions for each letter of the alphabet create strong multisensory cues for quickly learning and recalling letter shapes and sounds.

When Harry Hat Man gets a chance to start an important word, he is so happy that he does a handstand with his hat still on.

Whenever Sammy Snake starts to hiss loudly behind Harry Hat Man, the Hat Man turns back and says ‘sh!’ because he hates noise.

Go up and bend his knee over, so he’ll hop while he makes his sound.

Multisensory learning Letterland activates every learning channel through simple phonics-related stories, actions, songs and activities.

1. Learn letter sounds Once you have met the friendly Letterland characters, just start to say their names for the correct letter sound. Songs reinforce learning.

2. Learn letter shapes Simple rhymes about the Letterland characters ensure correct letter formation, avoiding confusion over similar looking letters.

3. Word building Blending and segmenting all through words is introduced very early on, covering blends, digraphs and trigraphs.

4. Advanced spelling Phonics stories give children a friendly logic for remembering all 44 letter sounds and their major spellings.

What is Letterland?

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