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Letter Sounds

Bring the alphabet letters to life in your classroom! In this award-winning software the a-z characters explain themselves and their sounds. Includes an animated alphabet song, handwriting song, character story and interactive scene for every letter. There are also assessed activities for letter shapes, sounds and regular word building that can be monitored in the Teacher Zone.

Letter Shapes

Story Phonics software Letters really come to life in this new and exciting Letterland software. Use the software to listen to the sounds, build words on screen, blend and segment words, and share animated versions of the stories that explain all the key spelling patterns in this Teacher’s Guide.

CDs “Harry Hat Man whispers ‘hhh…’, whispers ‘hhh…’, whispers ‘hhh…’. Harry Hat Man whispers ‘hhh…’. He never talks out loud.” “Hurry from the Hat Man’s head down to his heel on the ground. Go up and bend his knee over, so he’ll hop while he makes his sound.” “The Cat belongs to the Hat Man. He lets her go where she pleases. But when she sits down beside him, she almost always sneezes. ‘Ch, ch, ch!’”

Alphabet Songs CD Featuring a song for every letter of the alphabet, this CD is designed to help children learn letter sounds in a fun and entertaining way.

Handwriting Songs CD This CD offers fun and easy to remember tips on forming the shape of every letter in the alphabet.

Blends & Digraphs Songs CD The Blends & Digraphs CD is a fun collection of 47 songs linked to the Teacher’s Guide designed to consolidate the blends, digraphs and trigraph learning.


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