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ABC Trilogy ABC book This international best-selling picture book is the ideal introduction to the alphabet. Present each a-z character in depth to develop phonemic awareness and language skills. The 26 fascinating scenes with fun alliteration bring the world of Letterland to life.

Beyond ABC and Far Beyond ABC You’ve met the Letterland alphabet characters in the best-selling ABC book. Now let’s see what happens when letters come together to make new sounds in words. Beyond ABC and the award-winning Far Beyond ABC feature 42 engaging stories, rather than boring rules, to explain different spelling patterns. The story logic draws on children’s thinking skills and imaginations, so they easily remember the phonic facts. With the help of all three books in the series the major sounds in the English language are covered!

Picture Code Cards Picture Code Cards - Straight


These double-sided cards feature all the phonemes and spelling patterns in the Teacher’s Guide. With plain black letters on one side and Letterland characters on the other, these cards are an important teaching tool for teaching blending and segmenting, finger-tracing, spelling, language development and role-play.

Big Picture Code Cards - Uppercase These big double-sided cards feature plain letter shapes on one side and Letterland characters on the other. They are useful for finger-tracing letter shapes and for learning letter sounds and many lesson activities.

Vocabulary Cards These big, double-sided cards help children to quickly develop vocabulary for reading and spelling. Use them for oral segmenting of initial sounds.



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Phonics Teacher's Guide  
Phonics Teacher's Guide  

This new edition of the Letterland Teacher’s Guide encompasses the fun of learning with Letterland friends, whilst ensuring that the core cr...