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Story Phonics - making letters come to life!

About this book This Far Beyond ABC Book is the sequel to the Beyond ABC Book (revised edition). It transports young readers to the imaginary world of Letterland where letters spring to life and their sounds are taught in a unique story format. These brief, beautifully-illustrated stories give child-friendly reasons why, when certain letters come together, they make a completely new sound. Whether at home or school, your children will quickly discover how easy it is to remember the new sound just by learning the story, and have fun finding the objects that contain the new sound. You can check the Word List at the back of the book to see if they have spotted all the objects. Vowel Men 6-7 Magic e Stories

a_e e_e i_e o_e u_e y (as e) y (as i)

8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 18

Robot Stories

wr ar or er ir ur air ear

22-23 24-25 26-27 28-29 30-31 32-33 34-35 36-37

A Boy called Roy

oy oi

38-39 40-41

Boot & Foot Twins

oo oo

42-43 44-45

The Letterland approach to teaching reading has been popular for over 40 years and meets research-based guidelines for teaching phonics. Best of all, each story is like a magic key to learning. It unlocks the new sound and makes it easy for children to read lots of other similar words - even if they’ve never seen them before! Have fun! London W1T 4LP. This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not by way of trade or otherwise be lent, hired out or otherwise circulated without the Publisher’s prior consent.

Published by Letterland International Ltd New Road, Barton, Cambridge, UK LETTERLAND® is a registered trade mark of Lyn Wendon.

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Written by Lisa Holt & Lyn Wendon, originator of Letterland Illustrated by Doreen Shaw, Geri Livingston & Lisa Holt Design by Lisa Holt Printed in Singapore


e ic



You may have already met five very important men – the Vowel Men. There’s Mr A, the Apron Man. There’s Mr E, the Easy Magic Man, and Mr I, the Ice Cream Man. There’s Mr O, the Old Man from over the ocean and Mr U, the Uniform Man. The five Vowel Men are the only Letterlanders that ever say their alphabet names in words – A! E! I! O! U! One day, Mr E decided to think up a new magic trick so that all the Vowel Men could appear in words more often. After a lot of experimenting, he came up with a very special new kind of e. He announced it like this: Introducing the e you cannot hear, with the power to make Vowel Men appear! The brand new Silent Magic e shoots magic sparks backwards over exactly one letter to make any Vowel Man appear and say his name.

p n pn

c p c p


h p h p 6



sto M ag i c


Silent Magic e has made Mr A appear and wave as he says his name in some words! It’s cold in Letterland and the lake has frozen. Mr A came up the lane with a spade to clear the snow so now it is safe to get to the frozen lake. Snowflakes are still falling so Golden Girl has put on her cape to keep warm while she skates. A boy and girl are having a race to the lake. Can you see them in front of the cave? Nick has made a cake and brought some grapes on a plate to eat after he has had a skate. He also brought a game to play. Can you see it? It’s Snakes and Ladders. He loves the game but I think it’ll be too late to play when they have taken off their skates. What a shame.



grapes 8


as e an Yo-yo


Did you also know that Yellow Yo-yo Man loves to appear in words, but sadly there are very few words that need his ‘yyy…’ sound. Luckily, Mr I needs his help, too. “Every time I stand at the end of a word,” he says, “I feel dizzy! Could you stand at the end of just a few words for me and say my name, i?” Yo-yo Man is happy to help, so now Mr I gives him a free ice cream as a reward – every time!

Mr E made so many of his final e’s into Silent Magic e’s that now he doesn’t have enough left for all the words that need his name, e, at the end! So he has had to ask Yellow Yo-yo Man to do the job for him. Yellow Yo-yo Man is very happy to help because that gives him a chance to appear at the end of roughly 5000 words for Mr E! It’s a cold and misty morning in the country. You’d think that Yellow Yo-yo Man would be very chilly, only wearing that shortsleeved shirt, but he is in such a hurry he hasn’t even noticed. He is rushing past a family picnic site where someone has left their teddy. They also left a fairy story book. I hope they find them quickly, before they get frosty. Yellow Yo-yo Man is going into the city to make twenty copies of a party invitation. He wants plenty of his friends to celebrate with him as he has a new pet puppy. The puppy is tiny, very lively and friendly. He makes Yellow Yo-yo Man happy, and also keeps him very busy. How many of his friends can you see?

(e.g. my, try, reply, magnify)




puppy 18




The Rob

Watch out when there’s a robot about. They usually cause trouble in words! Sometimes they steal letters so you can’t hear them. Or if there is a vowel behind a robot’s back, don’t expect that vowel to be making its usual sound. It will be too startled to speak! The Vowel Stealing Robots will try to stop you from reading the words! The best way to STOP THEM is to become a detective! Whenever you see a robot with one vowel behind his back, don’t let him trick you into saying the vowel’s usual sound. Instead catch him out by calling out that robber’s last name: Arthur Ar, Orvil Or, Ernest Er, Irving Ir or Urgent Ur! Sometimes the robots are so daring they even capture Vowel Men while they are out walking together. Then you won’t hear the Vowel Men talking at all. You’ll hear the robot shouting out instead! Let’s meet some of these robots and learn their naughty tricks!


ories st


I expect you know that both Walter Walrus and Red Robot are troublemakers in Letterland. So what happens when they meet? Well, Red Robot remembers that Walter causes trouble by splashing water around. But Red Robot doesn’t want to get wet. So he quickly captures Walter Walrus in his sack. Then Walter is too shocked to speak! So whenever you see this troublesome pair in a word, expect to hear Red Robot growling, ‘rrr...’ as he rolls along. Red Robot has wrapped the sack around his wrist so Walter can’t wriggle out. “What’s wrong with that?” Red Robot says to himself. The little wrens are busy wrestling with wriggling worms! Nobody has noticed the wrecking ball knocking down the building behind. What a lot of rubbish in the wreckage! There’s some wrought iron, a typewriter, some wrapping paper and a poster for a wrestling match. Write down what you can see in the wreckage.


wriggle 22



ories st


In Letterland, there are five roller-skating robots who cause trouble by capturing vowels even though they know they shouldn’t. This one is called Arthur Ar and he likes to capture Letterland apples. Look! He is running away with Annie Apple! She is too surprised to make her usual sound. Instead, all you can hear is Arthur Ar reporting back to the ringleader, Red Robot, with his last name, “Ar!” Arthur Ar waited until it was getting dark. He thought he could get up to his tricks by the light of the stars, but now he’s stuck trying to escape from a large barn! The guard dog has started barking to raise the alarm. And now the farmer has found Arthur’s radar car parked in his yard. Arthur Ar is darting around the barn trying to escape, but there’s a guitar, tarts, sharp darts and jars of varnish in his way. Even a little armadillo is trying hard to catch Arthur Ar and stop him from getting away in his radar car!



garden 24



le d al A boy


There is a boy called Roy in Letterland. At the end of words, this boy called Roy enjoys leap-frogging over an ‘o’ and into the Yo-yo Man’s sack. He calls this leap-frog game his ‘oy game’ because he likes to shout “oy!” as he leaps. The Yo-yo Man pretends to be annoyed so he shouts out “oy!” every time Roy lands on him unexpectedly. Roy is leap-frogging over an ‘o’ in a toy shop. There are lots of toys to enjoy but the queen and that little girl look annoyed. The queen always looks annoyed. “There’s too much soy sauce on my oysters! They are destroyed!” she shouts. I think the girl is annoyed because she wanted to play with the royal yacht. Instead she could put on a cowboy hat or pretend she is going on a space voyage. What toy would you like to play with?



destroy 38


Tw i n s

ot Fo

Boot &

Mr O has two grandsons. Everyone calls them the Boot and Foot Twins because they spend so much time arguing over their boots. When you hear the sound ‘oo…’ in words like boot and soon and zoo, you know that the Boot twin is teasing his brother by saying, “OO! I have your boots!” The Boot and Foot Twins have come to the zoo. There’s a school trip today and the children are excited to see the animals. There’s a kangaroo, a baboon with a hoop, a cockatoo, a moose, a goose and a raccoon eating macaroons, too! I’m not sure macaroons are the right kind of food for a raccoon, are you? Can you see another bird by the boy and his balloon? It’s keeping cool in a little igloo. Have you been to the zoo? Which animals would you choose to see first?



spoon 42


How to use this Letterland book Far Beyond ABC is designed for you to share actively with your children. As you read it, they will think of it all as simply fun. But with your help they will also be learning new vocabulary, many important letter combinations (digraphs) and vital listening, speaking and reading skills. After each story, talk about the Letterland characters and the story reasons for their change of sound. Spend some time finding objects in the illustrations that contain the new sound. Let your listeners point to and say out loud the word for each object, so they hear it repeatedly coming from their own mouths. Then re-read the story, all ears listening again for that recurring special sound. Every story, combined with its illustration, clusters words of a kind so this book can also be a valuable memory aid for spelling. Seek out any missed objects in the lists below. They aren’t all mentioned in the stories!



cake cape cave crate face game gate grapes lake lane page plane race rake skate snake snowflakes spade wave

athete Chinese compete complete concrete delete eve Japanese scene Steve these

i-e bike five hide hive ice kite

knife lime mice nice nine pine ride size slide smile stripes sunshine white vines

o-e bone code cone globe

joke home hose notes robe rose stethoscope stone telescope phone nose smoke stone telescope rope zone

u-e costume cube 46

dunes flute June parachute perfume tube tunes

y (as e) berry Bouncy Ben Dippy Duck fairy family frosty holly misty party puppy story

teddy Vicky Violet

wr typewriter wrapping wreath wreck wren wrench wrestling wriggle wrinkles wring wristwatch writhe writing paper wrong wrought iron

ar archery board alarm armadillo bark barn car cart carve/carving chart dark dart farmer farmyard garden guitar market postcards radar scarlet scarf

star tart varnish

or acorn corn corner fork horns horse morning north orchard orchids porcupine sports shore score stork storm shorts tornado

er anteater badger beaver butterfly carpenter cleaner danger fern

flowers hammer helicopter herbs ladder otter painter panther perch pliers ranger spider tiger timber water water lily woodpecker

ur burger burn burrs conjurer curb curl curtain disturb frankfurters fur furniture hurdles lurk nurse

Saturday surgery Thursday turkey turnip urn windsurf

ir birch birds birthday cake circus dirty girder girl headfirst fir cones ladybird shirt sirloin steak skirt squirt swirl twirl

gear hear near rear spear tear year bear pear tear swear wear

air air chair Claire dairy eclair fair hair hairspray hairdryer stairs

oy ear appear beard clear ear dear fear

annoyed boy corduroy cowboy hat destroy gargoyle royal


soy toy voyage

oi boil boiler coil coins foil noise oil point poison polaroid sirloin soil toilet (roll) tortoise

oo book childhood foot cookbook cookies cooker football hood hook wood woof wool

oo baboon bamboo balloon boot broom cockatoo food goose hoop igloo kangaroo macaroon moose racoon school spoon stool tools zoo

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