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HOW TO : PAINT YOUR FRONT DOOR By Charlotte - Nichole

Part of acing the look of your home from the outside is your front door. Freshly painted front doors are a instant uplift and one of the easiest things you can do to improve the look of your home. Choosing a accent colour to compliment the exterior, or opting for a classic tone has never been easier. Here's our quick guide on how you can paint your front door this Spring.


Remove your accessories Get those handles, letterboxes, etc off before doing anything


Fill Cracks and Holes Using a exterior multipurpose filler to fill any cracks or holes on

else. Now is also a great

the door’s surface. Once

time to give the door a

dry, sand with fine paper

good clean using diluted

and then wipe the door

detergent. Rinse with

down with a damp cloth

clean water.

to remove dirt and dust.


Prepare your door Using a flat scraper, remove any blistered or flaking paint. Sand the


Paint Using an exterior wood gloss or eggshell paint. Try and use a one-coat

whole door with medium

gloss as it can save some

grade sandpaper, then

of the work. Be sure to

repeat with fine

paint any raised door

sandpaper. Paint any areas

panels first, and then

of exposed wood with an

paint the rest of the door.

exterior wood primer.

Once dry, refit the door accessories.

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