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Lighting – Splurge I cannot explain how important good lighting is in any home. Whether you install under counter lighting, or up the pendant lighting in every home, it so important to make sure every room is carefully considered in the light department. This is certainly an area worth splurging on, yet it can be delayed. Living in your new home for a little while to establish natural light and how you use the space can save you on spending in areas not needed. Under counter lighting, cosy lamps, low-level hanging shades, and chandeliers with ornate beading. Don’t underestimate how a stunning shade or light can transform your home.

Appliances – Splurge This is a area you really can’t compromise on. Spending decent money on your appliances – whether it be washing machine, dishwasher or fridge freezer will be money well spent in the long run. Choosing reputable, reliable brands may cost more, but can last longer and save you on new parts and replacing the product earlier than expected. These are items that will be under excessive use – its well worth spending the money on them.

Bedding – Save your pennies Many of our good ‘old supermarkets have a lovely home section featuring gorgeous bedspreads, covers, and cushions. Be sure to check there before you splurge on home stores for their over-expensive similar designs.

Furniture – Save the pennies and look to up cycle By no means am I saying to buy cheap and tacky, never going to last a month, furniture. But there are ways to furnish your home, without spending the earth. If you like the shabby chic look, be sure to explore up

Mattress – Splurge all day everyday!

cycling and re-using old furniture from charity shops or even your parents loft. Check out antique stores for gorgeous, retro and classic pieces, which will add character and charm to

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pinterest worthy home for an amazing price.

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