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Wet dog smells getting you down?

Here’s how to get rid of those pesky Dog smells from your home by Charlotte Nichole

It’s all dog owners worst nightmare – the smell of dog when someone pops round for a cup of tea. And whilst you can spritz and spray to your hearts delight, sometimes even the best odor remover doesn’t quite get rid of the smell.  So what’s the best way to get rid of the pesky smells? Here’s our quick guide on banishing those odors just in time for spring.


Clean their bed regularly Just like our own bed, it can harbour smells and bacteria too. Giving it a quick hoover once a week, and washing every 2 will help keep bad odours at bay.


Hoover and Mop often Our four-legged friends can create quiet a mess on our floors, whether they be carpet or


Cover up soft furniture Drape a blanket over their favourite snooze spot to help maintain dirt and protect your

hardwood. Be sure to keep them

furniture too. Wash the throws

clean, with sweeping and

and blankets weekly and pop

mopping every week, and using

tumble dryer sheets into your

strong, pet friendly cleaning

cushion covers them smelling

solutions.  Vacuuming twice a


week and steam cleaning your carpets once a month, will also help bust the dust, hair and unwanted odours from your tailwagging pal.


Keep the air circulating Odours often get trapped, and when the weather is colder, we tend to keep doors and windows shut, keeping bad smells and bacteria in our homes. If you can, regularly open windows and doors for short periods of time to allow fresh air to circulate your home.


Home Fragrance Fill your home fragrance including reed diffusers, candles and wax melts. To be pet friendly, choose soy-based wax melts and candles.

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