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DEAR LETTERBOX, We take a look at some of your home problems and offer you the best advice.

IM WORRIED ABOUT PROTECTING MY HOME FROM CORONA - WHAT SHOULD I BE USING IN MY HOME? Firstly, there's really no need to panic. Chances are you are using the correct products in your home to combat the spread of corona and germs in general. Use any household cleaners that contains over 70 per cent alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Clean often and make sure you dry your surfaces after cleaning too.

I WANT TO PAINT MY BATHROOM, WHAT SHOULD I GO FOR OTHER THAN THE USUAL BLUE? There's no denying blue is a favorite choice to paint a bathroom, so I can understand why you want to avoid. Any colour can really be used in a bathroom, but I would say keep it bright if you have no windows, and serine if you want it to be a place to relax. Create a moodboard of tones and colour palettes that take your fancy.

HELP - I KILL PLANTS AND NEED SOME GOOD FAKE ONES, WHERE SHOULD I BUY FROM? Who doesn't kill a plant or two? The great thing is, there are lots of places to buy good looking and deceiving fake plants from. Hit Ikea for inexpensive fake plants, as well as next, who often have gorgeous fake blooms in decorative and on trend pots like baskets.

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