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Yankee Candles New Easter Fragrances And they sound egg-celent!!

FROM £23.9 9

Yankee Candle are making it easier than ever to indulge in your favourite Easter treats, without compromising your diet!   The Egg-celent news of their NEW, Limited

Both equally and perfectly re-creating reminiscent scents of Spring baking and Easter Sunday Delights.   Both scents are available in their huge 623g

edition Easter Scents landed this month and we

jars, they will burn for approximately 110-150

are already predicting them to

hours. As always, they are made with premium

be stella hits.  So whether you are a chocoholic

quality ingredients and natural essentials oils to

or sweet treat enthusiast, Yankee have made two

create the distinctive true-to-life scents. Huge

perfectly Spring scents to strike a match to this

green points too as the glass jars are also 100 per


cent recyclable!  

Chocolate Eggs & Bunny treats are the two scents bouncing onto shelves this Easter, both promising indulgent scents of vanilla-scented candy shells and notes of cake batter, buttercream and allspice.

Shop the Chocolate Eggs and Bunny Treats Candles for just £23.99.

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