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Peaches & Eggplants The internet has long been our go-to space for learning, sharing, or calming our nerves, especially when it comes to topics that are taboo (like, *ahem* sex). Let’s be honest -- When we have questions about our sexual health “Dr. Google” is our first responder, though not always a great one! LiveLifeLoving is a digital roadmap that organizes HIV information and allows youth to discuss taboo topics like sex, so that we can learn from each other’s experiences.


HIV, eh? The rate of new HIV diagnoses has increased in Canadian youth, over the last decade. LiveLifeLoving creates a stigma-free space for youth to gain knowledge about HIV and connect with the resources they need. We use diversity as our advantage to address topics important to youth from all walks of life. Where is the space for youth to ask questions and gain knowledge? And, where is the open platform for someone who has just found out they have HIV?

1 in 5 Canadians living with HIV and not aware they are infected


WOW, that felt good Every now and then when we f***, we get f****d over. When we do, we want reliable content and resources that we can relate to. LiveLifeLoving provides practical content that is easy to navigate and understand. We feature information from doctors, people living with HIV, activists and community members. LiveLifeLoving provides real-life information you NEED to care for your health.

F.W.B?! We’re your friends with benefits. LiveLifeLoving is not basic or judgey (but, are cute and sassy!). We aren’t here to tell you what is right, but how to do “it” right.

Not your basic B**** Our goal is to provide youth from Canada and all over the world with an opportunity to share knowledge, resources, stories, and videos to help bring important sex-related health issues to light.



Need Help?

We all need help at one point or another. Whether you or a loved one were just diagnosed with HIV, love to have sex, use recreational drugs, or are just curious, LiveLifeLoving tells you what you need to know to keep yourself safe.

I just found out I’m HIV+

I have a lot of sex Sex is alluring (from vanilla to kinky) and having lots of it, is even better. It is important to know how to protect yourself and your partner(s) so that you can continue to love yourself and others.

If you just found out you are HIV-positive, we want to make this moment as manageable as possible. We offer help through short, easy to understand information, stories and advice from others who have, “been there, done that”.

I love to PnP

My partner/friend just found out

I just found out I’m HIV+

It is important to support and know how to best cope with a friend, who is now living with HIV. It’s also important to get yourself tested and learn how to have a safer sexual relationship with each other.

My partner/friend just found out

Some call it chemsex, Party & Play, or just, high and horny. Whatever you take to get your night (or day) going, there’s always a way to prevent passing/getting HIV. We’re not here to judge -just here to keep the party going (safely).

I have a lot of sex

I love to PnP


The YouthHIV Library There is a ton of information about HIV that you can access online, but it’s often too long, too sciency, or too vague. How can you find an answer to a super specific, niche question that is accurate and easy to understand -- The Youth-HIV Library, of course! The Youth-HIV Library organizes and simplifies all of the most up-to-date content about HIV in a way that won’t put you to sleep. From text, to pictures, videos and stories, we know this will be the most entertaining, helpful and informative library you’ve ever visited!

The Youth-HIV Library Ask us

Does condom size matter?

Question of the day: Am I going to get HIV? He just came a big load in my mouth. + See the answer

Tara Wilson Ottawa, Canada

Patrick Odangha San Diego, US

Lee Chan S. Toronto, Canada

5000 ‌ and growing

AI-Driven Design

Number of questions submitted by young people, relating to Youth-HIV issues.

What does that even mean? It means that when you ask us a question, our bots are working to see how we can help provide you additional information that is relevant to what you’ve asked. This encourages you to explore and ultimately learn how to LiveLifeLoving.

We want young people to ask any question they have on their mind. This way, our content is being molded by the people who need it most, allowing us to best serve the community.


Dating & Sex She likes you. You like her.

Hi there, beauty.

Top 10 questions for your tinder match 1) Casual or wedding bells?

Pimp no more? From groceries to blowjobs, the internet has made everything easier. Gone is the era of the pimp. No more Yellow Page ads, expensive sex lines, or bathroom flyers, getting some is now as easy as swiping your finger.

2) what are your deal breakers? 3) when were you last tested? 4) how did your last tinder date go? From groceries to blowjobs, the internet has made everything easier. Gone is the era of the pimp. No more

It’s our e-magazine, not a dating site (though we can hook you up)! From how-to guides and dating advice, to techniques to prevent STIs and stigma reduction, we’re here to talk about everything to do with dating and sex. We know LiveLifeLoving will be much more relatable than your Phys Ed. teacher’s slideshow. 19

Treatment & Prevention

Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate - WTF! LiveLifeLoving will simplify the science behind your medication and lab results. Our goal is to help you understand what you’re taking, how it works, and what to expect from it. Prevention is never about just one thing. Rather, it is learning to anticipate and plan for activities that put you at risk. We explore all paths of prevention from condoms and PrEP, to clean needles, crack cocaine or snorting and naloxone kits.

70 1 Latex Condom 99 Aka rubber, glove, johnny Since 1920 Available (almost) everywhere



Aka tenofovir, prep Since 2004 (2012 for PrEP) Available in CA See your doctor

Oral Sex Aka BJ, go down on Since always Available everywhere



Aka Trii Since 2014 Available in CA See your doctor

I am basic, cheap and can protect you from STIs and HIV. I like it tight, but not too tight. Make sure I am the right size... read more

I reduce your risk of getting HIV-1. Stay away from me if you already have HIV-1, or don’t know your status ... read more

I’m always easygoing and like to plan adventures where we’ll both have a good time. I love all people and going ... read more

I’m an all-in-one option that prevents HIV from multiplying in your body. I can give you a headache ... read more

How does it work Look for packaging tears, check for expiry, open the packaging carefully... read more

How does it work Take me once daily, with or without food. I’m made up of two drugs ... read more

How does it work Hey, they don’t call it a job for nothing! Oral sex can be super pleasurable ... read more

How does it work Take me once daily, with or without food. I’m made up of three drugs ... read more

What could happen If the condom won’t unroll, it means its inside out -- start again with a new ... read more

What could happen It’s not just about taking “the pill” -- regular counseling, correct condom ... read more

What could happen STI’s are a real thing

What could happen There's a few. Click HERE to watch an animation


Who are we?


Experiences, stories, cultures, ideas, information Share information and knowledge relating to HIV with your friends

Inspire Individuals and communities Inspire individuals in your community to take action


Opportunities and initiatives for positive change Help us create a global network of youth-HIV peer educators by getting involved

LetsStopAIDS is a Canadian youth-HIV charity that focuses on HIV prevention and knowledge exchange by engaging young people and fostering leadership. We are creating a global network of youth-HIV leaders. Founded in 2004, by the then-15 year old Shamin Mohamed Jr., LetsStopAIDS engages young people in the promotion of HIV prevention through open spaces that encourage dialogue.

LiveLifeLoving is an online portal that engages young people to learn about HIV, while sharing information and stories in a safe and open forum. This isn’t your typical “learn about HIV” website. Through videos, blogs and stories, LiveLifeLoving creates unique content to connect local communities in a virtual space.

(1) Provide youth-friendly HIV content online for everyone (regardless of HIV status). (2) Be a virtual first point-of-contact for youth living with HIV. (3) Provide meaningful support to youth affected by HIV.


It’s simple to just forget that HIV is a local issue. It’s easy to say it’s “over there” or it won’t ever “affect me”. For what may seem to some as a distant issue, can immediately become the focus of our life. And, without giving it love and attention, it can literally break someone down. The world needs a space where everyone feels invited, where there is no need to show your face and there’s no judgements on life choices. Building a virtual programme that will help the well-being of communities -- that I will never see, touch or physically be present has a refreshing view that brings back the humility and selflessness that started the HIV movement. I’ve been all over the world – from Antarctica to Zimbabwe, and the message is the same – young people just want to be themselves, explore, reach for goals and ambitions THEY have. Young people want to make their own choices, digest any failures and be more innovative than anyone could even imagine. LiveLifeLoving puts care and attention into fine details like design, style and language that are often overlooked in the HIV world. We are here to blend science and art, into a beautiful, easy-to-understand virtual space. LiveLifeLoving is simply, the embodiment of the love of one’s self and others. With the words of RuPaul Charles, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Live your life ,

Shamin Mohamed Jr., Founder

Paul Cadiente Chair, Board of Directors Marvin Ng, PharmD, RPh Vice-President, Development

Shamin Mohamed Jr. Founder, President

Winston Tang, CHRL Vice-President, People & Culture

Lia D’Abate Vice-President, International

Aquin George Vice-President, Communications

Hunain Khan, M.D. Vice-President, National

Yilin Chen CPA, CA Chief Financial Officer 25

We’re in this together LetsStopAIDS is truly volunteer-driven! We are a skills-building charity where our 300+ volunteers range from secondary school students, young professionals and key change-makers who have an interest in global youthHIV programmes. From Melbourne to Lusaka to Kamloops -- We have created an international network of volunteers passionate about youthfocused programmes.

Over the past decade, LetsStopAIDS has led numerous local and international programmes and presented at several key conferences, most recently at AIDS2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Our vision is to achieve zero new HIV infections through knowledge exchange and provide meaningful leadership opportunities to young people affected by HIV.


Programmes Office 122 John St #303 Toronto, ON M5V 2E3

Canadian Head Office 17 Henrietta St Toronto, ON M6N 1S4

info@LetsStopAIDS.org Office - +1 416-231-2333 Toll-free - 1-866-530-AIDS (2437)

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LiveLifeLoving by LetsStopAIDS  

LiveLifeLoving, a LetsStopAIDS project, is an online portal that engages young people to learn about HIV, while sharing information and sto...

LiveLifeLoving by LetsStopAIDS  

LiveLifeLoving, a LetsStopAIDS project, is an online portal that engages young people to learn about HIV, while sharing information and sto...