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Why Green Cleaning is Better Cleaning

Maureen Fairlie at Snappy Solutions, the source for Green Solutions

Why clean in the first place? ●

Get rid of harmful pollutants

Freshen air while eliminating odors

Remove toxins, germs, debris to keep people healthy Make our environments inviting and livable

Traditional Cleaning vs Green Cleaning ●

Both methods main goal is to eliminate toxins and dirt Traditional Cleaning has actually been scientifically shown to add NEW pollutants and hazards to human and environmental health Green cleaning works as well OR BETTER than traditional cleaning and adds the elements of sustainability, stewardship of the Earth, increased human and environmental health benefits

Closer look at Traditional Cleaners Many Contain: monoethanolamine (MEA), ammonium quaternary compounds, glycol ethers, alkyl phenol ethoxylates and phthalates These compounds have been linked to increases in asthma and have proven to cause fertility problems (fetal abnormalities, testicular damage, fetal death) in animal studies

Body Burden â—? â—?


10 Americans Study Chemicals in Household Products not regulated in same way as Industrial and not mandated for labeling Big business lab experiments moving one atom and renaming a compound to an untested new variety

Reality Check ●

Good news: Outdoor Air Quality has improved in the last 20 years Bad news: Indoor Air Quality has gotten worse and children and seniors spend 90% of their time indoors Great News: NYS passed a green cleaning in schools law in response to rampant cases of asthma and related illnesses. NYS joins Illinois, Missouri and others in statewide recognition and ACTION for cleaning green.

Strong regulations ●

● ●

The USA requires full disclosure for Commercial Cleaning products MSDS Training and technical data sheets

Green Seal Certification


Remember this? ●

“Ayy, whats' all this talk about green? I have to eat my vegetables? Aww, Mrs. C!” When Fonzie was featured on the number one TV series of the Year, Happy Days

Remember: ●

When the band Chicago shot to the top of the charts with their new single “If you leave me now”

Everything was Painted Red, White and Blue and â—?

Jimmy Carter was elected President of the USA

Remember 1976? That is when: â—?


The last law regulating household chemicals and cleaners was passed Still to this day very little regulation exists

Cost Analysis â—?


Green Cleaning: One of the easiest ways to start the greening process and one of the most affordable Becoming Carbon Neutral can be Cost Neutral or even..... COST SAVINGS!!


Save the cost of shipping across the US by buying concentrate and diluting at home + 10 cents/qt vs. $3.99 for Fantastik brand


Use and reuse own trigger bottle made of recycled plastic- less in the landfill, more money in your pocket

Take what you need not what you want ●

Roll Towel vs C-fold

No lever = no cross contamination

Old roll used before new one is accessible

TP dispensers to use every sheet before new roll access Large capacity means more time cleaning and less re-filling 100% recycled content

Foam Home.....Run ● ●

Foam Soap lasts 2 x as long as liquid soap Clean-up with Microfiber cloths- best at dirt pickup, wash and re-use 500-1000 times

The New Math â—? â—?

When does 12 to 15 equal 85%? When there is 12-15 feet of matting before a building entrance 85% of the dirt is prevented from entering

Why Green Cleaning is Better Cleaning  

This presentation takes a look at traditional cleaning vs. green cleaning.

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