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Can you tell us about yourself and why you became a wine maker? I






educated in Australia and raised on and


combination western



eastern Between

completing my business degree


between a wine and its drinkers and

The Flying Winemaker

lot of fun and surprised me in a lot of

an Alsatian Pinot Blanc which I

makes you think, very much like a

had no idea about wine but that

good friend. Every sip should be a

night, I fell madly in love with it.

revelation, a conversation. It should

The course of my life changed

have a lot of personalities, suitable to

completely, to the extent that I

a certain place or mood like a picnic

finished school as fast as possible

on the beach or when you feel happy.

and immediately joined a wine

I might be stating the obvious here

school in Melbourne. The rest is

but a good wine should taste fruity,

well, not quite history, but quite

because it is made of fruit.

a lot of wine tasting and wine making, plenty of travel and I’ve never looked back.

some of the best wineries in the world.




concept was born from what I love most about wine – wine making and the people behind it. It is a wine gallery, a casual, fun and

or Bali, I’m constantly blown away!

A really good wine talks to you and

sampled at the end of my shift. I

vintage wines and worked with

were vineyards in Indonesia or China

How do you, as a winemaker define a good wine?

bottle of wine he couldn’t finish,

small batch of only the best

ways. I wouldn’t have thought there

best out there.

wine. A customer left behind a

UMAMI, Wines of Australia, a

a TV show. That last part has been a

The concept of the show is to find the

I accidentally found my love for

In 2007, I made my own brand,

wine, a place to facilitate a meeting


and waiting tables at a restaurant,

How did you come up with the concept of The Flying Winemaker?

educational place to learn about

Of Chinese/ Australian descent, Eddie McDougall is a winemaker, wine judge and the personality behind the concept of The Flying Winemaker which includes a TV show and wine gallery in Hong Kong.

We are thrilled to have you here in Bali. Is there any particular reason for your visit, like a certain bar, maybe? Well, never say never! I am mainly here to shoot an episode about local wineries and celebrate the good wine of Bali. That’s all I can say for now but stay in touch, I have a feeling that I will fly back to Bali soon!

To learn more about The Flying Winemaker,




flyingwinemaker.asia Text by Eve

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Vol-65 Let's eat! Jan 2015 Issue  

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