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Let’s Dish!

School Fundraising Program 2010-2011


How it works


Email or contact your local Let’s Dish! and let us know that you are interested in hosting a fundraiser for your school (or organization). You will be put in touch with a Let’s Dish! representative who will serve as your coordinator throughout your fundraiser. You will work with your Let’s Dish! coordinator to determine your fundraiser’s timeline, including a kick-off date, “due” date and pick-up date.

Fundraisers usually kick-off towards

the beginning of the month, and give you four weeks to take orders.

Dish! Let’s iser Fundra ! ff Kick-O

Orders ay due tod

p! Pick-u 3-4pm obby L School

How it works


Once your timeline is in place, your coordinator will send you the appropriate amount of Let’s Dish! fundraising packages complete with menus, order forms and reminder cards, plus a folder to keep it all in!


rs can p ick from meals on any of t he next mon th’s men Let’s D u, plus a ish! favo few rites. T hey can either fu choose ll-size m eals, ser ving 4-6 half-siz e meals, , or serving 2 is somet 3, so th hing for eir every fa mily and budget! every

How it works


Students, parents and others taking part in the fundraiser will spread the word to their friends and families, and collect Let’s Dish! orders. Orders must be at Let’s Dish! by the “due” date. Your coordinator will check-in with you periodically during your fundraiser, and remind you of the due date for all orders (usually two weeks prior to your drop-off date).

r sy orde a e r u o on taken e r (cash, a d s e r t e c d e oll Or ent is c m y a p d n ersonal P . form, a ) d r ca .* credit se side r r e o v e k r c on che llected o c is n tio informa

$50 2



$50 1



How it works


On the fundraising pick-up date, a Let’s Dish! representative will bring all of the ordered meals to the pick-up location at the agreed upon time. Those taking part in the fundraiser will have 1-2 hours to pick up their orders. In the event that an order is not picked up within the given time, it will be brought back to the nearest Let’s Dish! location and the customer will have 3 days to pick up their order.

s Dish! ’ t e L iendly all of r e v li e Your fr d tive will a t n e s school! r u o y repre o t s right r e d r o the

How it works


Within 2-4 weeks of your pick-up date, Let’s Dish! will send you a check in amount of 10% of all of your school’s orders!



rganiz O r o l o cho Your S



How much can we earn? Your earning potential is unlimited! For example, say that you have a classroom of 20 students taking part in the fundraisier. If each student sells:

Let’s do the math!

4 half-meals to Grandma:


5 full-meals to Mom & Dad:


2 half-meals and 1 full-meal to Aunt Jean:


2 full-meals to Nancy, their neighbor:



$290 $290 x20

$5,800 x 10% =


Application Form School/Organization: Address:

Phone: Email: Contact Person: Is your organization a non-profit? Yes


If yes, Tax ID#:

How many people do you expect to be participating in your fundraiser?

When would you like to start your fundraiser? Any comments/questions?

Please email this application to or bring it to your local Let’s Dish! store.

Let's Dish! School Fundraising Info Packet  

At Let's Dish! we're committed to helping schools in our community. That's why we're launching our new school fundraising program this fall...

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