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 

       


 My dear friends of the Willwoods Community ministries: The Christmas season is the time to count our blessings. It is at this time of year that we remember with appreciation those whom we love and who hold a special place in our journey through life. We are blessed with those who serve in the ministries of the Willwoods Community – Faith and Marriage, the Prayer Ministry, WLAE, LAE Productions, Affordable Housing, and The Daily, as well as those who serve in the Willwoods office on Causeway Boulevard. Our Lord has brought to us dedicated and caring people.

 

The love and generosity of the Christmas season will hopefully extend into the New Year begins. Dedication to the Christ Child, which fills our hearts, will bring His peace and His love to those whom we know and those whom we serve. We extend our best wishes and prayers to our friends who join with us as we serve God’s people in and through our ministries. We at the Willwoods Community pray that your New Year be filled with the love of the Holy Family, and hope that 2014 is a year of good health, peace, and joy. Ever devotedly in the Willwoods Community,

(Rev.) Thomas E. Chambers, C.S.C., Ph.D. President

     Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Baglow Sr. Myra Banquer, M.S.C. Mr. and Mrs. John D’Arcy Becker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Caruso Rev. Thomas E. Chambers, C.S.C. Mr. and Mrs. John Charbonnet Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ezell Mrs. Joy Nalty Hodges Mr. Kenneth Martinez Mrs. Dennis McCloskey Very Rev. Neal W. McDermott, O.P. Mrs. Mathilde Nalty Mellon Rev. Msgr. Christopher H. Nalty Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nalty Mrs. Paul A. Nalty Mrs. Jennifer Nalty Polk Mrs. Leah Nalty Ralls Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Reyes Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rodi Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. Schmidt Mr. Henry Tatje, III Mr. Kenneth F. Tedesco Mr. Michael and Dr. Denice Derbes Vales Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Veters Mr. and Mrs. St. Denis Villere 

              

 2014

  

March 30

LAE Tuition Auction

April 5

Willwoods Golf Tournament Stonebridge Country Club

April 12

The goal of the inurement prohibition is to prevent siphoning off of an exempt organization’s assets by insiders – those in control of the organization. In this context, “control” may be direct (as in the case of formal directors) or indirect (such as control over others who are officers or directors). Any time assets of the organization flow through to benefit the organization’s insiders, whether directly or indirectly, inurement is an issue.

Willwoods Gala 5:30 Mass - St. Catherine of Siena followed by the Gala at the Metairie Country Club

The inurement restriction is absolute: An organization that violates this prohibition will not qualify (or will cease to qualify) for tax exemption regardless of whether it otherwise meets the appropriate statutory requirements for exemption. Because of the harsh nature of this rule, it has historically been enforced only in the most egregious circumstances.


To address this enforcement deficiency, Congress enacted sanctions on “excess benefit transactions” under Code § 4958 in 1996. These rules parallel and overlap the private inurement rules and have become the primary focus on enforcement efforts. Code § 4958 imposes “intermediate sanctions” (i.e., a sanction that is less penal than revocation of tax exemption) for insubstantial inurement. In the next issue of Pathways I will discuss excess benefit transactions.

    

The Inurement Prohibition & Non-Profit Organizations Non-profit organizations are subject to what is known as the nondistribution constraint. Simply stated, this means that non-profit organizations cannot distribute profits to those who control it. The nondistribution constraint is the fundamental distinction between non-profit organizations from for-profit organizations.

In cases involving inurement, the IRS may impose the intermediate sanction penalties in lieu of or in addition to the revocation of tax exempt status. The IRS has published standards to determine how it will decide whether to revoke the 501(c)(3) status of an organization that has engaged in a transaction that constitutes both inurement and excess benefit. These standards provide that the IRS will consider all relevant facts and circumstances in making a determination of whether to revoke the tax exempt status of an organization that engages in an excess benefit transaction that constitutes inurement. Factors the IRS will consider include:

In the Internal Revenue Code, the nondistribution constraint is embodied in the prohibition against inurement. “Inurement” is an arcane term for “benefit.” The inurement prohibition forbids the use of the income or assets of a taxexempt organization to directly or indirectly unduly benefit an individual or other person that has a close relationship with the organization or is able to exercise significant control over the organization.

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The essence of the inurement proscription is found in the language of Code § 501(c)(3), which provides that no part of a 501(c)(3) organization’s net earnings can inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. Although this would clearly prohibit the distribution of dividends to those in control of the organization, the inurement prohibition is much broader than that in application. Most exempt organizations – including 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) organizations – are subject to the inurement prohibition.

   

  The Tenth Annual Willwoods Community Prayer Breakfast was held on October 3, 2013 at the Metairie County Club. Our guest speaker was the Very Reverend James A. Wehner, S.T.D., Rector/President of Notre Dame Seminary, whose remarks received rave reviews from all in attendance.

Our speaker, Very Rev. James Wehner

Rev. Msgr. Christopher Nalty served as Master of Ceremonies

Mark Rodi, Mary Mattalin, Sharon Rodi, Evans Schmidt

Joanie Hartson, Mary Jane Becker, Jane Nalty

Father Tom Chambers

Susie and Pat Veters, Betty Landreaux 

Msgr. Neal McDermott, Clyde LeBlanc, Rev. John Lydon, Very Rev. James Wehner

Sr. Myra Banquer, Peter Quirk, Susie Diermann

Malise, Stewart, and Odile Lagarde Erin and Joe Caruso

Donie and Dr. Frank Schmidt, Blanche McCloskey

Hank and Diane Tatje, Julie Nuzum, David Gooch 

Phil Blanchard, with daughter Brandi

Linda Rabalais, Beverly Reuther, Georgine Bienert

Wayne Mayeau, Glenda King, Ron Yager Continued from page 2

Ken Martinez, Kimberly Wirth, Hamilton Blanton

• •

Ed Marshall, Tammy Cardinale, Ashton Ryan, III 

The size and scope of the organization’s regular and ongoing activities that further exempt purposes before and after one or more excess benefit transactions occurred; The size and scope of one or more excess benefit transactions relative to the size and scope of the organization’s regular and ongoing exempt functions; Whether the organization has been involved in repeated excess benefit transactions, Whether the organization has implemented safeguards that are reasonably calculated to prevent future violations, and Whether the excess benefit transaction has been corrected or the organization has made a good faith effort to seek correction from the disqualified person or persons who benefited from the excess benefit transaction.

    The Willwoods Community Ninth Annual Auction was held on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at the Henry Shane Cars of Yesteryears Museum. The theme of this year’s auction was “Cruisin’ Back to the 50s.” Many attendees got into the swing of things by dressing in 50s attire. Fifties music filled the air and a photographer took remembrance photos as attendees posed before a 1955 Chevrolet BelAir. We extend our thanks to all who participated in this year’s auction.

Wayne Mayeux, Tammi Cardinale, Glenda King, Jason Angelette, Pat Andras, Dione Yager, Ron Yager, Lori Lombardo, Richard Meche, Kathleen Kerr

Jane Nalty and Radwanski

Nailah Jones

Dione and Ron Yager, Jason Angelette, Glenda King

Ed Marshall

Ken Tedesco and Betty Landreaux Joe and Erin Caruso, Tim and Beverly Napier, Jeff and Mary Beth Haro, Steve and Marie Yost

Mike Feraci and Wayne Mayeux Donna and Tommy O’Connor

Erin Caruso



ancestors. Clearly, they made it through because we are here. How? With the help of God and His grace that can never be insufficient. We have been given the tools in our creation as being made in God’s image to have the will to choose to act in a way that follows God’s will, only possible with our creator’s help. He wills for us to live in union. And only in our union with Him can we live in union with our spouse. While we may have independent spiritualities and prayer lives, the importance of praying with our spouse in good times and bad, in sickness and in health,… in big decision making and simple ones, is imperative.

   

THE SEARCH FOR MARITAL BLISS By Elise Angelette; Assistant Director of Faith and Marriage Office

God desires and wills for us to be happy. We may not always feel that happiness here. We have beautiful, warm and fuzzy days, but difficult days, weeks, years as well. However, we can anticipate the opportunity to feel it tenfold in Heaven. At the altar, we were given a companion who became the other half of the new you. In time, if you change, so will your spouse. We must. Yet, we have a choice to then step forward, not backwards or remaining stagnant, changing and growing in our path towards Heaven. Together, we can allow ourselves to feel the strength of that change. It is good. When we look at the other, not in frustration of our differences, but in thanksgiving for our complimentary value in the gifts that were not given to us independently, but now shared in a union with someone else, we can become whole. God wants us to find happiness in living in Him and for Him through one of the most powerful sacraments of marriage, mirrored with the Holy Trinity in being three persons in one (2 spouses and one God). Unity must come first over that happiness or instant and obvious self-gratification. God gave our ancestors the grace to overcome many challenges and that grace has not become outdated or no longer available over time. Now is the time. Now is the time to ask Him, is it good for both of us? I want my marital bliss to be found not independent of the other, but with my spouse, my companion, my ticket to Heaven. So that there, we can enjoy the ultimate marital bliss.

“If it isn’t good for both of you, it isn’t good for either of you.” Jan and Lloyd Tate have shared this powerful and insightful tip as ministers to our retreatants on both our Couples Cruise over a year ago, and again on a recent September retreat at the Christian Life Center at St. Joseph’s Abbey. Now think about that. If it isn’t good for both of you, it isn’t good for either of you. Really? We have a hard time picking paint colors and movies to watch together. Now we need to apply this to our entire life as a married couple? That ought to get complicated. The truth is, God has blessed us with grace beyond measure through our very sacrament of marital union. Union. That’s the key. We are called to be united in God in our spiritual life, as well as our daily decisions and ways that we carry out our vocation as a married couple. Naturally we have different ideas, different desires, different gifts and talents, as well as different ways that we see the world and how we may live in it. However, when we said “yes” to one another, we made the most challenging, yet life-giving decision to sacrifice a life independent of anyone else to live with and for one another. I no longer want to live alone. Man was not meant to be alone. From Adam’s rib, God created Eve. He didn’t just make a clone of Adam that would always agree with him, be a best bud to hang out with, yet agree to disagree. Not someone to live in a separate cave, independent of his pal yet available to hang out with when Adam felt like it. Absolutely not! God created the two, man and woman, to become one. I’m sure Adam wasn’t too interested in what shape or color his olive leaves were, while Eve may have really fretted over how she wanted to style hers! Who knows? But they were different. The challenge that they had to overcome in the great fall as Eve bit that apple while Adam stood nearby, not protecting or stopping her, but letting her “make her own decision” must have been a big one. However, these are our

*To find out more information on upcoming retreats and dates, or to register for such a retreat and learn the power of praying together and overcoming our daily challenges through embracing the cross, Please contact Jason Angelette, Director of Faith and Marriage at 504-830-3716 or


Preaching on the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, the Pope compared the Church to Mary. He said: “The Church is not a shop, she is not a humanitarian agency, the Church is not an NGO. The Church is sent to bring Christ and his Gospel to all. She does not bring herself — whether small or great, strong or weak, the Church carries Jesus and should be like Mary when she went to visit Elizabeth. What did Mary take to her? Jesus. The Church brings Jesus: this is the centre of the Church, to carry Jesus! If, as a hypothesis, the Church were not to bring Jesus, she would be a dead Church. The Church must bring Jesus, the love of Jesus, the charity of Jesus.”

 

The Joy of the Gospel! Before he was elected Pope in March of this year, then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio spoke to his fellow Cardinals about his vision for the Church. He distinguished an “evangelizing Church that comes out of herself” from a “worldly Church that lives within herself, of herself, for herself.” On this year’s Solemnity of Christ the King, now-Pope Francis greatly expanded on that preconclave theme with the publication of Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”), a 224 page Apostolic Exhortation that reads like a compilation of the points he has stressed in his homilies, audiences and interviews of the course of his young pontificate. Far from being something “new,” the exhortation actually goes back to the “basics” of the Gospel, stressing the Good News that the Church brings to the world.

 

The Church brings Jesus. The Holy Father reiterated it three times when he spoke, unlike the written text. And in a new first, he added the word “capito” afterwards, as in “you know what I mean?” The cheers were loud.

In the end of the day, this is what Evangelii Gaudium is about. It’s a simple message, that the Church has to carry Jesus to the world, and he calls all Catholics to engage in this mission, a mission characterized by joy. Pope Francis describes the history of salvation as a “great stream of joy”; Jesus has come so that his joy may be in us and our joy may be complete (Jn 15:11). This participation in Jesus’ joy constitutes the “joy of the Gospel” that Francis is proclaiming. The message we announce should be the “heart of the Gospel,” which is the joyful proclamation that Jesus loves us, gave his life to save us, and seeks to live at our side each day to strengthen and free us.

While in Rome in October, I attended my first Papal Audience in a number of years. Having attended many of them over my ten years living in Rome, I came to see them as having an almost formulaic boredom. Although there was always the excitement of seeing the Pope, the structure was always the same. The Holy Father would read a carefully prepared text, and then that text would be summarized in a number of languages. After that, different groups would be introduced to the Holy Father. Since they tended to last nearly three hours, I started reading the audience address online later in the day, rather than personally attending. That being said, I was unprepared for the enthusiasm that Pope Francis brought to his address, an enthusiasm that can’t be experienced from the written word. And one section particularly caught my attention and the attention of 100,000 of my closest friends that had attended the audience with me. Fortunately, I understand Italian, so I did not have to wait for the English translation summary, which did not capture the enthusiasm of the Holy Father.

Evangelii Guadium is made up of five parts: (1) the reform of the Church in her missionary outreach; (2) the temptations faced by pastoral workers; (3) the Church, understood as the entire People of God which evangelizes; (4) the homily and its preparation; (5) the inclusion of the poor in society; (6) peace and dialogue within society; (7) the spiritual motivations for mission. There’s not enough space here to survey each section, but I personally found much value in the section on homilies, which I believe is the most comprehensive instruction on homilies that any Pope has ever written.


In one of the more humorous parts of the exhortation, Pope Francis notes that homilies can be the source of suffering: “the laity from having to listen to them and the clergy from having to preach them!” But homily are a crucial part of the new evangelization and a crucial element in forming the faithful to assume their own responsibilities in sharing the faith. He wants to help them become “an intense and happy experience of the Spirit, a consoling encounter with God’s word, a constant source of renewal and growth.” Churches / Chapels in the New Orleans area that are open for perpetual adoration are, as follows:

He goes on to say that homilies should be simple, brief, clear, positive, from the heart, and modeled on the way a mother speaks to her children: “knowing that the child trusts that what she is teaching is for his or her benefit, for children know that they are loved.” And since homilies take place within the context of the Mass, “it is part of the offering made to the Father and a mediation of the grace which Christ pours out during the celebration. This context demands that preaching should guide the assembly, and the preacher, to a lifechanging communion with Christ in the Eucharist. This means that the words of the preacher must be measured, so that the Lord, more than his minister, will be the centre of attention.”

 

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Holy Father also admonishes us preachers to devote a significant part of our week to preparation and meditation on the Word of God: “To speak from the heart means that our hearts must not just be on fire, but also enlightened by the fullness of revelation and by the path traveled by God’s word in the heart of the Church and our faithful people throughout history. This Christian identity, as the baptismal embrace which the Father gave us when we were little ones, makes us desire, as prodigal children – and favorite children in Mary – yet another embrace, that of the merciful Father who awaits us in glory.”

Ascension of Our Lord Holy Name of Jesus Our Lady of Divine Providence Our Lady of the Lake Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Kenner St. Benilde St. Catherine of Siena St. Charles Borromeo St. Clement of Rome St. Dominic St. Francis Xavier St. Margaret Mary St. Mark (Ama) St. Peter, Covington

The following parishes have limited hours. Please call each parish for their schedule. • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I’m reminded of a homily I heard where the priest speculated what Jesus would say if you asked Him to describe in one sentence the reason why He became a man. What would it be? Perhaps “I came to tell you how much my Father loves you.” That’s what the life of Jesus means. And that fills us with joy.


Good Shepherd (St. Stephen) Our Lady of Lourdes St Anthony of Padua St. Christopher Martyr St. Cletus St. Edward the Confessor St. Jane DeChantal, Abita St. John Bosco St. Luke the Evangelist St. Maria Goretti St. Michael’s, Bush St. Patrick’s St. Rita, Harahan

    

WLAE Creates Ambassador Lindy Boggs Award This past summer we lost a very special person, our dear friend Lindy Boggs, but her legacy will live on for many years to come in her family, her friends, her work as a member of Congress, and her devotion to her Catholic faith.

Event sponsors Phyllis Taylor and David Anderson of FirstNBC Bank

To pay tribute and honor this remarkable women, WLAE-TV created The Ambassador Lindy Boggs Award to be presented annually to a New Orleanian who exemplifies and exhibits the qualities of this extraordinary lady. Proceeds raised from this endeavor support the televising of the daily Mass from St. Louis Cathedral through WLAE-TV and The website. This Mass, which was such a central part of Lindy’s life, currently reaches people in over 150 countries. The inaugural gala was held on Saturday, November 16th at the beautiful home of Joe and Sue Ellen Canizaro. On this evening, the first Ambassador Lindy Boggs Award was

presented to the Boggs family in honor of Lindy. Thanks to Joe and Sue Ellen for hosting this special occasion and to our committee and sponsors who helped make The Ambassador Lindy Boggs Award a reality.

Archbishop Emeritus Alfred Hughes, with hosts SueEllen and Joe Canizaro

Sponsors FirstNBC Bank and Phyllis Taylor

Committee Gayle Benson Greg Buisson Erin Caruso Rev. Thomas E. Chambers Michael Davis Betsie Gambel Benjamin Goliwas, Sr. Phyllis Landrieu Hon. Mary Landrieu Betty Lauricella Hon. Bob Livingston Ed Marshall Sybil Morial Maria Muro Jane Nalty Julie Nuzum Claiborne Perrilliat, Jr. Sharon Rodi Ashton J. Ryan, Jr. Frank Stewart, Jr. Wendy Vitter


Wendy Vitter, Tammy Cardinale, Father Chambers

Dene and Pat Denechaud, Jim Dotson, Ron Yager

Rev. Msgr. Christopher and Jane Nalty

Phyllis Landreau, Sybil Morial, Sr. Mary Lou Specha

Tom and Dana Bagwill, Brian and Susan Piglia

Mark and Sharon Rodi, Erin and Joe Caruso 

   

Our Year-toDate Numbers: • Our visits 60,705 • Our unique visitors 27,502 • We have had visitors from 158 countries so far this year • Since launch, has received 335,427 visitors from 193 countries that have viewed 961,161 pages.

Go Coast: Louisiana Series

Picks Up 16 Webisode Contract The Emmy Award Winning Series, Go Coast: Louisiana, recently picked up a 16 webisode contract from St. Tammany Parish. These 16 webisodes (90 second video programming clips for the web) will be extracted from three special edition programs for St. Tammany Parish. Two of these programs are parts one and two of “Tammany Taste – A Culinary Journey through St. Tammany Parish”. Both of these programs feature great stories on restaurants and Farmer’s market or as Executive Producer/Host Tom Gregory puts it, “It’s basically me eating my way through the best food in St. Tammany Parish”. The other program that we will be drawing webisodes from is called “Northshore Outdoors” which features stories on gator farming, tubing, paddle boarding and, of course, lots of fishing. Tom and his crew have done an outstanding job of creating a signature program for WLAE and LAE Productions that has not only been a resounding success in the New Orleans metro area but statewide as well. Louisiana Public Broadcasting has frequently shown Go Coast: Louisiana on its primary channel which is broadcast to every major television market in Louisiana. The reaction from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive. While the series has focused on each of the ten coastal parishes of Louisiana, St. Tammany has been the most aggressive parish in terms of promoting travel to their cultural and unique destinations. With these 16 new webisodes, St. Tammany will be able to use these clips easily for promotion on their website and share them through social media. WLAE will also use these segments as fillers throughout the day. Be on the lookout for them in March of 2014.

Coming in January 2014 1. New mobile responsive website 2. Mass to be streamed LIVE then ready on demand 3. Prayer Engine Installed where prayer requests can be shared with other visitors

Please keep in your prayers. We are excited to see how God will use His ministry at as we continue to educate, inform, inspire, and

 

Share His Love…Anywhere in the World!


their family. We are all delighted and thankful for being a part of such a great ministry.


We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy & safe holiday this year. Wayne Mayeux Director of Affordable Housing

Improvement to Cascade Apartments:

Fall 2013 has been a very busy time for the Affordable Housing ministry. We have achieved an overall high of 99% occupancy. We would like to thank all of the Property Managers, Leasing Agents and Maintenance Staff for all of their hard work and dedication to make this possible. We continue to receive an abundance of inquires from prospective residents looking to make one of our Affordable Housing properties their home. In addition to our ongoing efforts to continue to provide top quality, affordable housing, some properties have undergone additional improvements:

The next three pictures of Rock Creek Apts. concrete work we started. We are raising the elevation of the sidewalks in some places over two feet because of sinkage. New landscaping is going in and pallets of grass are being installed throughout the property. We will change all damaged parking areas and sidewalks.

 

Cascade Apartments – the West Napoleon Street side of the property has had siding replaced with hardi plank, balconies replaced, windows, sliding doors and railings. Also, 2 of the buildings has had new electrical service panels installed. Rock Creek Apartments – Concrete on all sidewalks throughout the property and parking lots were repaved. Sherwood Court – We replaced 250ft of wood fencing along the driveway.

On November 13, 2013 Willwoods Community held their 9th Annual Auction at Henry Shane’s Cars of Yesteryears Museum. The theme for this year was “Cruisin’ back to the 50s.” Guests were encouraged to wear their 1950’s era attire. Items such as dinners, jewelry, New Orleans Saints memorabilia and much more were auctioned off to the highest bidder. There was also plenty of delicious food, door prizes and raffles. We would like give a huge thank you to all of the vendors who donated really great items to our auction and to all of those who attended the event this year. Affordable Housing gathered for their annual Thanksgiving pot-luck luncheon recently. Everyone brought a delectable dish to share and enjoy. To show appreciation for all of our staff’s hard work each Affordable Housing staff member received their choice of a turkey or a ham to bring home to 