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Ferfesh woke up in the middle of nowhere, not remembering anything at all from his past. The place looked deserted but he decided to check it out...

What!? The Mad Hatter, Dopey and Mary Poppins huh? Where am I?


Hi there sir. How did you manage to come here? Its quite a task!!

I don’t know, I just woke up in the middle of a field and walked this way. I don’t remember anything..

Ooh are you lost? Join my special friends and me for my special tea party since you’re here.

Really? Thank you, thank you. I’m in since I’m here. Hahaha..

Ferfesh immediately started enjoying himself and really felt comfortable with his new friends. He never enjoyed himself this much. Maybe it’s because he does not remember anything from his past...

You said you remember nothing from before? Does it mean you have no place to go?

No, I don’t know what I am going to do..

Since I am the best nanny in the world, and have a place to stay and you don’t, you can come at my house till you find a place to stay.

Aaah, you are an angel. All of you are. I feel like I knew you forever.

Shall we?


Come visit anytime and keep that magical smile, it’s pure and it makes other feel good!!

I am going to miss you guys, you will be in my heart forever

Thank you for the wonderful time, until we meet again. I’m gonna fly hahaa!!

I need to make a stop at the hospital to visit a friend, is that ok with you?

Of course no problem!

I feel like everyone is smiling at me. Whats going on? I like this feeling. Am I helping?

Hello Jane, How are you? I’d like you to meet Ferfesh. He can make you feel better with his smile. Poor kid, found himself unconscious with no memory at all close to Mad Hatty’s house...

Sorry! I couldn’t help myself from overhearing. You look special and I saw the way the patients are looking at you and heard the things you’re friend was saying about you. I think I might have a solution. Would you like to live and help me out with the hospital I will teach you everything I know?

...he has nowhere to go so I invited him to stay at my house until he finds a new home.


This was a path that Ferfesh decided to take without any hesitation. It was the best thing that could happen to him since he had no memory. Ferfesh started a new life at the hospital, helping out!

Present Day..

Dr ferfesh