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That’s a massive list of different kinds of people up there. And we’ll gladly admit that most of us here at LeTourneau are probably a mix of a bunch of them. The important thing is that no matter who you are, you’ll fit in here. LeTourneau students not only come from all over the world, but are some of the most caring and accepting people you’ll ever meet, anywhere. Ever. Seriously. We’re not kidding. This issue of LeTourneau Realities magazine starts out in black and white. Kind of like your first steps into college. However, it doesn’t take long before your life here explodes into color…in fun, in relationships, in learning, in awesome job opportunities after graduation. This magazine represents only a little taste of what it’s like here at LeTourneau University. There’s just too much good stuff to squeeze it all on a few pages. So if you’d like to see more, we’ve got a bunch of other issues of Realities magazine online. Check them out at

You’re always going somewhere. Except when your roommate has duck-taped you to the wall. Your first steps at LETU are some of the most exciting you’ll ever encounter: meeting tons of new peeps, creating your home away from home on dorm floors with so much personality, it should be illegal. You’ll learn really creative ways of avoiding laundry, sleep, and where to find food at 2 AM.

At LETU, we’re big fans of providing our students stuff they can’t really find anywhere else. A materials joining engineering degree is one of them. We’re one of only three ABET-accredited schools in the nation (and the only Christian school in the nation) to offer MJE. And if you’re wondering what that is exactly, it’s one of those specific areas of engineering that means awesome research and solid jobs.

More specifically, it develops and applies the fundamental principles of materials, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering to joining technology (which for you non-technical types is basically fusing the stuff together that makes everything from consumer products to space vehicles safer and cooler, aka: welding on steroids). Oh, and did we mention that we just completed a $1.15 million renovation that makes our MJE lab the largest, stand-alone lab of its type in the entire country?

For more info on LETU Engineering, go to:

LETU graduate Aaron Bearden has logged some serious studio time @ ESPN since graduating from LeTourneau in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in digital writing. He went from LeTourneau into ESPN’s Production Assistant Training Program - a competitive postcollege position coveted by recent grads everywhere. Life at ESPN isn’t all fun and games, of course. There are approximately 11,000 highlights shown every year on Sports Center alone, so Aaron’s days are filled with continual teamwork and deadlines in a fast-paced career. But his love of sports and hard work are paying off in a major way.

For more info on LETU’s degree in Digital Writing, go to:

Want an even closer look at everything LETU has to offer? Take a tour of LeTourneau without setting a foot on our campus. You’ll see the insider’s view of our facilities, from engineering labs and our Abbott Aviation Center to the Corner Café, and catch a glimpse of current LETU students doing their daily thing. You can take a walk through every facility on campus by going to With tons of videos and photos, you can see it all without even needing to put your flip-flops on.

You know you’re at a cool flight school when you’re earning course credit in Alaska to help Eskimo kids attend Bible camp 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle. That’s exactly what our aviation students did this summer in Chickaloon, Alaska, where they worked on planes at Kingdom Air Corps. This ministry, founded by LETU alumnus Dwayne King, brings the Gospel to the isolated people of the Arctic by flying children who live in incredibly remote villages to Brooks Range Bible Camp each year. Students used their mad aircraft systems skills to prepare the ministry’s fleet of aircraft for their yearly inspections and transport. Whether it’s for native Alaskan children or villagers in the jungles of Indonesia, earning an education while helping to bring Christ to the most isolated parts around the world is oh so LETU.

Check out a short video about this trip at the following link:

Photography by LETU Professor Dr. Stephen Ayers

Photos taken by LETU students on the trip.

For us, being a Christian university is way more than a label. It’s a way of life — and worship is a major part of it. Students regularly lead worship in chapel, and now we’re preparing them to make it a career. Our new Worship Arts degree program is a faith-filled fusion of the theology, history, and biblical background of worship, plus the best in practical training from professors with decades of worship leadership. Think guitars, keyboards, vocals, and authentic stage cred. But forget cheesy 90s praise songs. We’re all about authentic worship that goes way beyond a band and some lyrics on a big screen to impact hearts and glorify God. For more information on LETU’s Worship Arts program, go to

Check out our chapel services at: or download them for free from the iTunes music store!

Hootenanny: Weird word? Sure. Major LETU tradition? Absolutely. For more than 45 years, the LETU student body, faculty/staff, and alumni have been ROFLing at this crazy fest-o-comedy. Take your 7th grade talent show and multiply it by 300, throw in some ridiculously funny college students spoofing LeTourneau life, and you’ve got yourself one major annual Homecoming event (and a can’t-beat opportunity to embarrass your friends the next day on YouTube).

Photos taken by LETU students Cullen Griffen, Dana Edwards, and others on the trip.

Driving Ferraris, touring some of the most notable corporations in all of Europe and venturing through the Swiss Alps is how the LeTourneau University School of Business likes to roll. We’re not into borders. In fact, we believe there’s no better way to prepare for a global business career than by experiencing it firsthand. This summer some of our business students took a tour of Europe (and not just the typical kind where you’re eating sausage in Vienna in your Birkenstocks or riding bikes through lavender fields in France…). We’re talking a corporate-centric adventure through Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy to absorb the ins and outs of international business and marketing during private tours of GE, Steelcase, Mercedes-Benz, the Gucci Group, the European Central Bank, Siemens and more. This is just one example of where our business students go to try our their finance, marketing, accounting and management chops. Others have recently interned with Coca-Cola in China, marketed a local coffee shop ministry in Cambodia, and traveled from South Korea to South Houston (to intern with the Astros).

For more info on LETU Business, go to:

Photos taken by Alan Weiderhold.

It’s more than a little obvious that the LETU campus is swarming with all types (and yes, it’s a place where nerds & geeks feel right at home). But college wouldn’t be college without some quality sports teams to cheer on. And our sportstastic students are a major part of our campus community. More than 255 athletes participate in six men’s and seven women’s varsity athletic programs as part of the NCAA Division III in the American Southwest Conference. So volleyball is just one of many options to choose from. Learn more at

LETU’s men’s and women’s tennis teams serve up some major skills not only on the court, but also in the classroom. Our teams boast American Southwest Conference Distinguished Scholar-Athletes and more than a few 4.0s. If you’re not so great with a racket, our intramural teams are a crazy good way to get your game on (85% of our students participate). Choose from 17 sports, from basketball to flag football to ultimate Frisbee.

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Photos taken by Denise Bailey.

To us, a degree in health sciences – nursing means learning the tangible skills that can literally impact lives around the world. It’s serving in scrubs. This summer, our nursing students went on a medical missions trip to Rio Viejo, Honduras, where they met the holistic needs of 650 children and local villagers. They provided medical care at Dryer Rural Hospital and visited seven schools to provide health education, administration of parasite medical and vitamins to the local children. Plus, the team partnered with Christian Health Care Service Corps to contribute more than $10,000 and supplies toward the expansion of the hospital to better serve the people of Rio Viejo. At LETU, global service learning experiences mean more than a bullet point on a resume or a pat on the back for doing something good. They’re a part of our university’s history of legitimately impacting the world for Christ as we live out our calling in the workplace.

Photos taken by Kendra Ericson.

For more info on LETU Nursing, go to:

LeTourneau students aren’t the only ones who believe in taking their skills and the Good News of Jesus Christ outside of the classroom. Our president, Dr. Lunsford, provides a prime example. This past summer, he traveled with a group of doctors to Ethiopia where the team worked with malnourished children.

Photos taken by LETU biology professor Karen Rispin.

For more info on LETU Biology, go to:

Photography by LETU Aero Design Team Members

Welcome to LeTourneau, where bio students moonlight as environmental heroes. No, seriously. This fall, Principles of Ecology and Field Biology students helped rescue Caddo State Park from an invasive plant species with their scientific superpowers. (Note: The fact that students swapped their classroom for a cypress swamp is nothing new at LETU. Benefiting a nearby bayou is just one of countless ways our students turn learning into doing — Whether it’s protecting different ecosystems, preparing tax returns for the local low income population or developing irrigation systems in Senegal, hands-on experiences are totally our thing.) And yes, we know it looks like Dagobah here.

It’s a tradition at LeTourneau that graduating seniors participate in a silent ivy cutting ceremony on the campus mall the afternoon before commencement. As freshmen, students plant ivy on campus, which symbolizes the planting of their lives into the rich soil of the LETU community. Four years later, the ivy cutting ceremony celebrates their growth from new incoming freshman to graduating senior, constantly nourished by God’s word, the faculty, staff and their peers. The cutting of the ivy symbolizes their separation from these close ties and their commissioning to serve as Christ’s ambassadors to the world. This May, students broke out in some seriously warm-fuzzy joy and laughter with their friends and family after the ivy cutting was complete, celebrating the fact that they had experienced the transition from black and white to bursts of color and were ready to go tackle a career and a life beyond the foundation of their alma mater.

LeTourneau’s Web site provides you with answers to questions about the application process and details about each of our academic programs. To start your online application, create a username and password in MyLETU. Go to our Web site,, and choose the MyLETU link from the home page. Once logged in, you’ll find the application under the “Application Process” link on the right side of the page. Please login to MyLETU regularly to see what items may still be missing from your admissions and financial aid files.

Here are some other resources you can use: Admissions Process:

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Undergraduate Catalog:

LETU Realities Magazine:

If you have additional questions about LeTourneau University, you can e-mail or call 800-759-8811.

W W W . L E T U . E D U / A P P L Y

Campus: LeTourneau University’s traditional 162-acre campus is located in Longview, Texas. Enrollment: Nearly 3,000 students. Approximately 1,300 of these students attend classes at our Longview campus. Residence Halls: Living options are single-gender and include suites, furnished apartments and three society houses for men. Each has cable TV and wireless Internet available in every living area.

Aeronautical Science

Aeronautical Science Mission Aviation Concentration Aircraft Systems Computer Science Concentration Design Technology Concentration Electronic Technology Concentration Maintenance Mgmt. Concentration Mechanical Technology Concentration Professional Flight Management Concentration Marketing Concentration Military Aviation Concentration Private Pilot Certificate Air Traffic Control AS Air Traffic Management BS Professional Flight Concentration

Arts and Sciences

Biblical Studies Biology (including Pre-Med) Chemistry Biological Concentration Physical Concentration Computer Information Systems Christian Ministry Cross Cultural Ministries Concentration Ministry Leadership Concentration Worship Arts Concentration Youth Ministry Concentration Computer Science Game Development Concentration Network Security Concentration Computer Science and Mathematics Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Tech Digital Writing Engineering Physics English Language and Literature Health Sciences - Nursing History and Political Science International Studies Mathematics

Athletics: LeTourneau University offers 13 varsity sports and is a member of the NCAA Division III in the American Southwest Conference. Honors: U.S. News & World Report regularly lists LeTourneau University in the top tier of Comprehensive Masters Level Universities in the Western Region of the United States. In 2009, LETU’s aviation program won the rarest and oldest of all collegiate aviation awards — The Loening Trophy, which recognizes the


Accounting Business Administration Finance International Business Management Human Resource Concentration Marketing


Applied Technology Education Business Administration Education English and Language Arts Education History Education Interdisciplinary Studies Early Childhood - 6th Grade Certification 4 - 8 Cert/Language Arts & Social Studies 4 - 8 Cert/Math & Science Concentration 4 - 8 Certification Kinesiology Exercise Science Concentration Sports Management Concentration Sports Ministry Concentration Kinesiology Education Life Sciences Education Math CompSci as Supp. Field Physics as Supp. Field Child Development Physical Sciences Education Psychology Science and Biology Education Social Studies Education

Engineering and Engineering Technology Engineering Biomedical Concentration Civil Concentration Computer Concentration Electrical Concentration

most outstanding all-around collegiate aviation program in the nation. Technology: 100% of academic buildings and all residence halls on campus are wireless internet accessible. Our Students: from 49 states and 21 nations

For more information on any of our programs, go to:

Mechanical Concentration Materials Joining Concentration Engineering Technology Aeronautical Electrical Concentration Aeronautical Mechanical Concentration Electrical Concentration Mechanical Concentration Materials Joining Concentration Design Technology


Accounting Applied Engineering Technology Applied Science Biology Biblical Languages Biblical Studies Business Administration Chemistry Christian Ministry Communication Studies Computer Science Criminal Justice Cross-Cultural Studies Design Technology Digital Writing Economics English Language and Literature Finance History-Political Science International Studies Kinesiology Leadership Management Marketing Materials Joining Engineering Materials Joining Engineering Tech. Mathematics Physics Professional Flight Psychology Reading Spanish Studies Teach ESL

P.O. Box 7001, Longview, TX 75607

NonProfit Org. Postage Paid Permit No. 147 Tulsa, OK

LeTourneau University = 100% authentic college experience. Real Christianity. Real try-it-out-for-yourself academics. Real relationships. Check out for yourself this spring at an LETU preview event:

Aviation Preview | January 26-27, 2012 Engineering Preview | February 23-24, 2012 Made to Order Monday | March 25-26, 2012 — All majors and programs Spring Preview | April 13-14, 2012 – All majors and programs Learn more at To set up your own preview of campus, call us at 800-759-8811, or go to

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