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Weird collection of words, right? These aren’t just the mad ramblings of our marketing department. We canvassed campus and asked a bunch of current LeTourneau students to define LeTourneau University in one word. These are the words they came up with. As you can see, LETU is a lot of things to our students. Most importantly though, we’re authentic. No one here is trying to be something they aren’t. We’ve got plenty of self-described nerds. More than a few jocks. All of them are bigtime into living out their faith. What word defines you? If you don’t find yours above, we’re here waiting for you. Come add it to the mix!


LeTourneau University Engineering doesn’t mess around. We’re talking as authentic-as-authenticgets learning in labs that make working on projects so sweet you’ll forget they’re required. Whether you’re tinkering away in the robotics lab with your senior design team or learning about aerodynamic forces at our wind tunnel, you’ll be in how-stuff-works heaven. Not to mention, LETU engineering grads are always landing jobs at the biggest names in the industry, including Boeing, Cessna, Rockwell Collins, IBM and Lockheed Martin. Makes for pretty stellar careers. Stay another year and earn a Master of Science in Engineering at LeTourneau before heading out to conquer your own.

For more info on LETU Engineering, go to:


Let medieval-looking trebuchets lob your engineering skills to new heights every year with a little thing we like to call Cata-melon. Because it’s not every day you can take out your midterm stress by smashing watermelons.


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Photography by LETU Student Jacob Hurst

Nothing says LeTourneau like rowing across the pond in cardboard boats with homemade paddles. As part of Homecoming Weekend 2010, dorm floors competed in races to see who could cross the pond the fastest in their team-built boats. And by team-built, we mean made from massive amounts of cardboard hauled from the back of the bookstore and who knows how many miles of duct tape. Some teams finished in less than 60 seconds. But let’s just say the cardboard surfboard (not pictured) didn’t sail so well...


Photography by LETU Student Jacob Buller

LETU Footwear

LeTourneau students come from all walks of life. And they’re all sorts of authentic, right down to their toes. Growing up, they’ve walked on Indonesian soil, Alaskan tundra or the South Korean coast. Once they come to LETU, they sport their feet-favorites: hanging barefoot on the berm (the big grassy hills around the student center), grubbing up their sneakers on mission trips and getting crazy with their kicks for fun campus events (like ‘80s skate night)... Not to mention taking the faux-shoe approach (bottom right) so you can live the barefoot life. Want your feet to represent? Pack your boots/ clogs/flip-flops/platforms/sneakers/socks and come take a walk in an LETU student’s shoes (ok, well, you know what we mean.) Sign up at!

Step into life at LETU – Visit a preview weekend to get your own free pair of LeTourneau University flip-flops!

Giving Back

Mix up 460 new LETU students with 30 community service projects, and you’ve got yourself a major difference-making day. New students kick off their time in college every fall by giving back, heading out on their first Saturday on campus to serve all over Longview — painting, pulling weeds, sorting donated clothes and caring for the elderly and disabled. The volunteer weekend gives students a chance to get to know both their new local community and fellow freshmen (not to mention, opportunities to sharpen their wardrobe styling and bingo skills.)

To see a video of these projects, go to:

Get social! You don’t have to look far to find all the latest news and juicy tidbits happening on campus. Connect with LeTourneau University through all your favorite sites. See photos and videos from cool campus events. Connect with Facebook groups for your incoming class. Check out our student life blogs to read about the adventures of LETU students here and abroad.

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Wheels in Africa It doesn’t do much good to give a disabled child a wheelchair if it doesn’t work well for them. The Wheels team at LeTourneau University is making sure that doesn’t happen for children in Kenya. Wheels is an undergraduate research globalservice learning project that pairs students’ learning with some life-changing.

Photography by LETU Students Rachel Follingstad, Elizabeth Richardson and Faculty Member Karen Rispin

The Wheels team is made up of kinesiology and biology students headed for medical-related professions, and they’re making a major impact. Through equipment testing both at LETU and abroad, they’re assuring disabled children in low income countries have useful wheelchairs to call their own. To learn more, visit The coolest part? This is just one of the ways LeTourneau students are using their research to make a global impact.

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LeTourneau University’s men’s and women’s basketball teams bring it, season after season — and not just on the court. Numerous players routinely receive Academic All-American Southwest Conference honors (aka: our athletes have both the brains and the mad skills it takes to play it out on the court every week while keeping up with their classes.)

These two pages represent only 2 of the 13 intercollegiate sports at LeTourneau University! If basketball and softball aren’t your thing, we’ve got baseball, soccer, golf, and a bunch of others to let you get your game on.

Check it out at Photography by LETU Student Jacob Buller


The YellowJacket softball team is anything but soft. After the two best softball seasons in LETU history (filled with team records in wins, batting average, slugging percentage and more) the YellowJackets are gearing up to take on their conference competitors across the Southern US. By the way, these athletes aren’t all helmet & eye black - they’re actual ladies on the field (exhibit A: the team has earned multiple NCAA sportsmanship awards, proving winning rocks.)

Holy Land Trip LETU Biblical Studies majors do more than open the Old Testament to get a feel for ancient culture – this past Spring Break they traveled to the source as part of their Physical Settings of the Bible course. Students and faculty took in Mount Carmel and the Sea of Galilee, and journeyed to Jerusalem, Jordan, Capernaum, Megiddo, Masada and more. Honors students also got in on the global goodness with a course about the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Sure there was some preliminary reading, on-site presentations and post-trip assignments, but with daily falafel and hummus fixes and destinations like the Dome of the Rock to take in, what’s not to love?

Photography by LETU Student Eva Risse and others on the trip.

Rope Pull

We’ll admit some LeTourneau students may need a GPS to find the gym... But it’s totally brawn over brains at the intersociety rope pull competition. This annual event takes place over homecoming weekend with throngs of alumni here to cheer on their favorite team.






Mens’ societies compete in this mega tug-o-war to see who can pull the other team into the pond. But the rope pull tradition of 40+ years had a little shake-up this spring — a new womens’ society, Delta Omega Kappa (DOK), decided to get in on the action, competed and destroyed the guys from the LeTourneau Aviation Society (LAS). In the end, Kappa Zeta Chi (KZX) walked away with the overall trophy, beating out their muddied-up competitors.

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Air Traffic Control LETU air traffic control students are in high-tech heaven this fall in a room surrounded by more than $1 million worth of air traffic control lab equipment at our Paul and Betty Abbott Aviation Center. With the best in air traffic control simulators from UFA, Inc., our ATC students are manipulating a “real-world” airport environment complete with aircraft, ground vehicles, wildlife and weather (don’t forget the goofy headphones.) Despite the gamer look, ATC is a big-deal... try high salaries (career average = $102K) in an industry desperate for thousands of qualified new hires (we’re talking 17,000), and a job where 100% accuracy is demanded every day.

OUTCOME: AVIATION You never know who’s gonna drop by LETU’s aviation center. Not every school has alumni who blast in for a back-to-campus visit in their fighter jet (makes even the most luxurious rides look sorta lame, huh?). One recent visitor was Bill Chick, ‘03, who flew a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet in for the weekend (pictured at right). LETU alumnus Capt. Daniel Silk also stopped in this fall in a U.S. Air Force T-38 (seen below). LETU’s military aviation concentration means a professional flight degree with 90 hours of flight time, a private pilot certification, instrument rating, unusual attitude training and competitive career options around the world. (Plus the impressive mode of transportation.)

Photography by LETU Student Brittney Watson

Interested in other ways to make the cockpit or control room your office? Check out more degree options, including mission aviation (like our visit from LETU alumnus Scott Channon, ‘93, in a Mission Aviation Fellowship Kodiak below), air traffic control, commercial flight and more at If you’re on Facebook, you can see all the exciting things happening in LETU Aviation at our Facebook page:

Photography by LETU Faculty Member Phil Rispin

“The flight training I received at LeTourneau University was second to none. It was a perfect foundation for my work as a Navy fighter pilot.”

— U.S. Navy Lt. Bill Chick, F/A-18 pilot and LETU graduate, during his recent visit to campus

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Graduation Day

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller, 1986 You’ll be here at graduation a lot faster than you could imagine. And there isn’t another university in the entire world that will give you the LeTourneau experience! Face it. When you check out of this place, you’re gonna be taking a whole lot more than a piece of paper with you. What will you write on your graduation cap?

How to Apply For Admission LeTourneau’s Web site provides you with answers to questions about the application process and details about each of our academic programs. To start your online application, create a username and password in MyLETU. Go to our Web site,, and choose the MyLETU link from the home page. Once logged in, you’ll find the application under the “Application Process” link on the right side of the page. Please login to MyLETU regularly to see what items may still be missing from your admissions and financial aid files.

Here are some other resources you can use: Admissions Process:

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If you have additional questions about LeTourneau University, you can e-mail or call 800-759-8811.

the fine print Campus: LeTourneau University’s traditional 162-acre campus is located in Longview, Texas. Enrollment: Nearly 3,200 students. Approximately 1,500 of these students attend classes at our Longview campus. Residence Halls: Living options are single-gender and include suites, furnished apartments and three society houses for men. Each has cable TV and wireless Internet available in every living area.

Athletics: LeTourneau University offers 13 varsity sports and is a member of the NCAA Division III in the American Southwest Conference. Honors: U.S. News & World Report regularly lists LeTourneau University in the top tier of Comprehensive Masters Level Universities in the Western Region of the United States. In 2009, LETU’s aviation program won the rarest and oldest of all collegiate aviation awards — The Loening Trophy, which recognizes the

most outstanding all-around collegiate aviation program in the nation. Technology: 100% of academic buildings and all residence halls on campus are wireless internet accessible. Our Students: from 50 states and 23 nations

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Academic programs Aeronautical Science

Aeronautical Science Mission Aviation Concentration Professional Flight Management Concentration Marketing Concentration Military Aviation Concentration Private Pilot Certificate Aircraft Systems Computer Science Concentration Design Technology Concentration Electronic Technology Concentration Maintenance Mgmt. Concentration Mechanical Technology Concentration Air Traffic Control AS Air Traffic Management BS Professional Flight Concentration

Arts and Sciences

Biblical Studies Biology (including Pre-Med) Chemistry Biological Concentration Physical Concentration Computer Information Systems Christian Ministry Cross Cultural Ministries Concentration Ministry Leadership Concentration Worship Arts Concentration Youth Ministry Concentration Computer Science Computer Info. Sys. Concentration Game Development Concentration Network Security Concentration Computer Science and Mathematics Computer Science Engineering Computer Science Engineering Tech Digital Writing Engineering Physics English Language and Literature Health Sciences - Nursing History and Political Science Mathematics


Accounting Business Administration Finance International Business Management Human Resource Concentration Marketing


Applied Technology Education Business Administration Education English and Language Arts Education History Education Interdisciplinary Studies Early Childhood - 6th Grade Certification 4 - 8 Cert/Language Arts & Social Studies 4 - 8 Cert/Math & Science Concentration 4 - 8 Certification Kinesiology Exercise Science Concentration Sports Management Concentration Sports Ministry Concentration Kinesiology Education Life Sciences Education Math CompSci as Supp. Field Physics as Supp. Field Child Development Physical Sciences Education Psychology Science and Biology Education Social Studies Education

Engineering and Engineering Technology Engineering Biomedical Concentration Civil Concentration Computer Concentration Electrical Concentration

Mechanical Concentration Materials Joining Concentration Engineering Technology Aeronautical Electrical Concentration Aeronautical Mechanical Concentration Electrical Concentration Mechanical Concentration Materials Joining Concentration Design Technology


Accounting Applied Engineering Technology Applied Science Biology Biblical Languages Biblical Studies Business Administration Chemistry Christian Ministry Computer Science Cross-Cultural Studies Design Technology AS Digital Writing Economics English Language and Literature English Language Program (for Intl Students) Finance History-Political Science Kinesiology Leadership Management Marketing Materials Joining Materials Joining / Engineering Tech. Mathematics Physics Professional Flight Psychology Spanish Studies Teach ESL

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LeTourneau Realities Fall 2010  

LeTourneau Realities Fall 2010

LeTourneau Realities Fall 2010  

LeTourneau Realities Fall 2010