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UNIVERSITY POLICE AND VEHICLE REGULATIONS The LeTourneau University Police Department is authorized by the State of Texas and LeTourneau University to function as a fully empowered law enforcement agency in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Education Code. The Police Officers of the Department are duly sworn Peace Officers in and for the State of Texas and, as such, bear all the rights, authority, responsibilities, protections, powers and privileges of their sworn office. These sworn officers serve the University alongside the traditional Guards that have provided service and safety for the community for over forty years. Combined as an integrated and well-trained agency it is our goal to ensure safety during your educational experience at LeTourneau University. We are committed to the ideals of community-oriented policing guided by the principles of the scriptures and empowered by the University so that we may continuously strive to meet the goal of a safe and secure campus through training and quiet preparedness. All personnel within the University Police Department, whether on or off-duty, in plain clothing or in uniform, are empowered to enforce the regulations of the University by issuing citations or initiating other corrective, investigative or restorative measures. The following regulations are designed to (a) promote the safety and convenience of LeTourneau University students, employees and visitors, (b) provide access for emergency equipment and (c) facilitate University functions. All vehicle regulations apply to all students, faculty members, and staff of the University as well as contract and sub-contract employees or vendors operating on University property. These regulations are in effect and enforced 24-hours a day throughout the year, both during and between academic terms. Remember all LeTourneau University rules governing the use and operation of vehicles on campus as well as all State laws are enforceable under the authority of the University Police Department (UPD). Persons having questions related to these or other regulations should contact the Chief of University Police at 903-233-4441.

Walking Campus LeTourneau University is a pedestrian campus, therefore campus community members are required to walk to classes and other campus commitments from parking areas that are specifically assigned for the individual's particular type of campus registration decal. Motor vehicle traffic should be kept to the minimum possible in order to promote the safety of our pedestrian population. Pedestrians and bicyclists should be given right-of-way however it is imperative that pedestrians and bicyclists not assume that such right-of-way is being given by an approaching motorist.

LETU Vehicle Registration and Parking Regulations Vehicle Registration All members of the LETU community (student, faculty, staff, contract/vendor personnel) are required to register their vehicles with UPD. Registration decals are provided by UPD at no charge. Fees and fines may be assessed to any vehicle owner for failure to register. Additional fines will be assessed if the vehicle remains unregistered. Registration cards are distributed at