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Campus Safety / Emergency Guidelines Emergency Phone Numbers Number 911

Emergency Service Emergency – Use in Case of Fire, Medical Emergency, or Crimes in Progress

903-233-4444 LETU University Police (answered 24/7, 365 days a year) 903-237-1199 City of Longview Police, Fire, and EMS Communications 800-746-7661 East Texas Poison Control Center (have all necessary information ready) 903-233-4445 LETU Health Services – Non-Emergency (Available Mon-Fri: 8-12 and 1-3) 903-233-4441 LETU University Police Department – Chief of Police

REMEMBER: When reporting an emergency, information can be more important than speed in providing the proper response. Please: • • •

Take time to talk with the person on the phone Be prepared to respond to questions they will have Stay on the line until instructed to do otherwise

The City of Longview EMS ambulance service does not charge any fee for responding to a medical emergency or for treating injuries. Charges are only incurred when they transport an individual for further medical treatment.

In an Emergency… When calling in an emergency to off- or on-campus emergency response teams, state: • • • •

Your name The nature of the emergency The location Type of assistance required.

Stay on the phone until the operator dismisses you, then go to a location from which to direct emergency vehicles or services. If 911 is dialed, next call University Police at 903-233-4444, or have someone else call if possible, and explain the emergency. Often, trained campus personnel can assist or provide immediate care as well as communicate directly with the emergency responders.

Fire Safety Soon after you check into your room, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the building. Find the two unlocked exits nearest your room. Exit routes for each floor are displayed on the back of the door in each room. Also, note the location of the nearest wall-mounted alarm and fire extinguisher.