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Kürt Viteri  &  Emilio  Trujillo   8-­‐E   March,  11,  2013  

Voices and perspective assignment

1.  Who  is  your  group  historical  background?         On  the  Continental  Europe  you  had  a  collection  of  different  groups  of   people:  the  Vandals,  the  Goths,  the  Visigoths,  and  the  Franks.  But  the  group  of   the  Franks  that  was  one  of  the  4  groups  that  were  always  invading  the   Byzantines  or  fighting  one  to  another,  it  was  one  of  the  most  important   groups  on  that  time.  The  Franks  were  multiple  tribes  that  lived  in  Gaul  today   known  as  France  and  Switzerland.  The  Franks  were  inifictating  and  they  were   expanding  between  the  years  of  481  –  511  AD  under  the  great  ruling  of  the   emperor  named  Clovis.  The  ancient  European  empire  had  some  great  leaders   like  Justinian  that  ruled  from  527  –  565  AD,  Theodosius’  Decree  that  made   Christianity  the  only  religion  of  the  Byzantine  Empire,  Charles  Martel  that  do   a  lot  of  things  like;  By  700  Ad  (200  years  after  Clovis)  the  Franks  had  an   empire  almost  the  equivalent  to  modern  France,  and  on  732  Charles  Martel  of   the  Franks  defeated  the  Muslims,  and  another  emperor  was  Charlemagne  that   made  a  lot  of  good  things  to  the  expanding  of  Europe.           2.  What  is  the  significance  of  Jerusalem  to  your  group?     Jerusalem  was  important  to  the  Franks  because  of  some  very   important  reasons.  One  of  that  reasons  is  that  for  many  Christians  this  city   was  of  interest  because  many  important  events  in  Jesus  life  occurred  there.   One  of  the  most  Important  events  occurred  on  Jerusalem  for  Christians  is  the   Crucifixion  and  dead  of  Jesus  happened  here.  Also  another  important  event   for  Christians  that  happened  here  was  that  is  said  that  a  temple  was  build   over  the  tomb  of  Jesus,  and  the  Christian  people  from  all  around  the  world  go   there  and  pray.  And  on  the  great  city  of  Jerusalem  the  Christians  ancient   kingdom  build  like  40  religious  buildings  (churches  and  monasteries)  many   hundred’s  years  ago  to  give  asylum  to  the  Christians  of  that  era.  So  because  of   this  Pope  Urban  II  of  the  Franks  on  the  year  1099  on  the  first  crusade  he   conquered  the  great  city  of  Jerusalem,  when  Emperor  Alexius  Comenus  from   the  Byzantines  needed  help  to  defeat  the  Muslims  that  they  were  going  to   attack  his  empire.  So  he  contacted  Pope  Urban  the  second  from  the  Franks  to   help  them  to  be  well  protected  and  to  take  over  Jerusalem  again.  So  Pope   Urban  II  accept  this  proposal  that  Alexius  send  to  him.  Now  the  Byzantine   Empire  was  protected  but  now  Pope  Urban  II  needed  to  take  over  Jerusalem.   And  on  July  15,  of  1099  the  army  of  30,000  nobles  captured  Jerusalem.        

Kürt Viteri  &  Emilio  Trujillo   8-­‐E   March,  11,  2013  

3.  From  your  perspective  what  caused  the  crusades?  Consider  economic,   religious  and  social  forces?         4.  What  was  the  impact  of  the  crusades  on  your  group?         They  are  lots  of  impacts  that  the  crusades  had  on  the  Franks;  but  the   main  one  was  how  much  the  Franks  learned  from  the  Muslims.  The  Muslim   empire  in  this  time  was  an  empire  with  lots  of  advanced  features  and  things   so  we  can  says  that  they  were  a  really  advanced  civilization.  And  with  all  the   Crusades  that  the  Franks  had  on  them  they  always  brought  some  new  idea   back,  so  the  Frankish  empire  started  to  copy  the  Muslim  empire.  Things  as   architecture,  farming,  military  strategies,  etc.  Where  things  that  the  Franks   could  learn  after  all  the  crusades  they  had  with  the  Muslims.  And  it  also  had   impacts  as  making  the  Pope  loss  power  and  making  the  King  gaining  it.  This   occurred  because  mostly  kings  were  the  heroes  of  the  crusades  either  if  they   won  or  not  but  they  still  became  loved.         5.  What  were  the  major  events  that  impacted  your  group?     1095:     Pope  Urban  II  makes  a  speech  in  Clermont  and  says  that  they  need  to  get  out   and  go  conquer  Jerusalem  again  in  the  in  the  name  of  god  and  says  that   people  that  help  doing  these  will  reach  salvation  for  all  their  sins.  This  event   was  important  because  it  started  all  the  crusades.       1099:   Christians  take  over  Jerusalem,  its  important  because  this  is  the  first  and  only   time  that  Christian  accomplishes  their  goal  of  gaining  absolute  control  of   Jerusalem.     1187:   Christians  lose  the  power  of  Jerusalem,  this  is  important  because  in  all  the   history  of  the  crusades  this  one  was  the  only  successful  and  they  lost  it  and   they  never  had  the  total  control  of  Jerusalem  again  in  the  crusades.         1203-­‐1204:   The  Franks  conquer  Constantinople;  this  is  important  because  after  the   Franks  conquer  this  big  and  important  city  the  Franks  become  ambitious  for   power  and  they  have  now  interest  in  other  goals  first  that  conquering   Jerusalem    

Kürt Viteri  &  Emilio  Trujillo   8-­‐E   March,  11,  2013  

1228-­‐1229:   The  6th  crusade  goes  and  instead  of  this  being  a  war  Frederick  II  decides  to   talk  to  the  Muslims  to  make  an  agreement  to  give  them  Jerusalem  but  he  gets   to  an  agreement  that  he  will  have  partial  control  of  Jerusalem.  This  is   important  because  it  shows  the  Franks  that  they  don’t  have  to  send  people  to   die  for  Jerusalem  for  them  to  conquer  Jerusalem  again.       6.  What  is  your  perception  of  the  other  groups?      

vocies and perpective project  

Its an assigment that helps you understand the history of ancient europe