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Wise styling tips for your hair extensions

It is not at all depressing anymore if your hair dresser has trimmed your hair too short. Making another appointment with a proficient hair stylist and going for a hair extension can be a grand option for you. Even, stylist men and women who want to give a complete makeover to their appeal can also try out hair extensions! But get it done exclusively from reputed salons offering hair extensions Sydney, New York, Durban, or anywhere else for most rewarding results. You will be surprised to know that the world of styling your hair does not end with options like Manila, Florence and Sydney hair extensions only. You can try out these styling tips additionally. •

Make it manageable

Never forget to keep your hair extensions dry as damp extensions are prone to get tangled and torn. Always insist upon using live-in conditioner which you should smear liberally all over the length of your extensions. Then use a wide toothed comb to detangle your new tresses. Styling will be easy that way. •

Brush it in the right manner

Selection of the proper brush or comb and application of the proper strokes is important for styling hair extensions. Never go for rough tipped brushes. Instead, use brushes which come with smooth and rounded bristles. You should be particular about following a downward movement starting from the roots of your hair to the tips every time you comb your extended mane. This will help in detangling your hair without any chances of breakage. •

Over use wrecks havoc

You may find that the hair extensions are a bit drier as compared to your original hair. Actually, if your extensions are synthetic based then they might not be identically smooth as that of your original tresses. Even if you opt for natural hair extensions, the slightest of variation in hair texture may give you the feeling that it is not as smooth as your own hair. But if you think that the only solution to this

problem is application of heavy doses of mousse, live-in conditioners, serums and softeners then you are wrong! Such thoughtless applications will only make your extensions limp and sticky. Moreover, alcohol based hair styling products are a strict ‘no’ for your extensions. So, choosing your hair styling products wisely and applying them sensibly is the thumb rule for styling your extensions. •

Hair color may be tricky

Although you have got a makeover from a boyish cropped hair look to a diva with shoulder length tresses with hair extension, you cannot experiment much with hair colors. You can color your extensions repeatedly, but they might not give the exact tone you want since they are already colored!

Wise styling tips for your hair extensions  

Even, stylist men and women who want to give a complete makeover to their appeal can also try out hair extensions! But get it done exclusive...