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“REV” CAHIN CAHA The contemporary circus festival of Letní Letná is getting better and better every year. Once an event for a few enthusiasts, the project turned into a highly prestigious venue. And this year’s menu was delicious indeed: Two star troupes from France and the closing ‘wedding’ show of La Putyka attracted over 23 thousand visitors. iDNES / 1 September 2010

2/ What is CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS and SUMMER FESTIVAL SCHOOL FOR KIDS ? 3/ OVERVIEW of LETNÍ LETNÁ 2010, the 7th of the festival 4/ PRESENTATION of PARTNERS 5/ What are we PLANNING for 2011

Summary or What do you find in this presentation

1/ ABOUT the festival LETNÍ LETNÁ

Intern ationa l Conte mp and Th orary Circu s eatre F e in Pra gue LE stival TNÍ LE TNÁ Every year, during the last fortnight in August, the usually deserted and sleepy spot in the Letná park, near Prague Castle, flares up with the magical atmosphere of contemporary circus and theatre. Many adults come to enjoy a hearty laugh under the circus tents, excited, touched and ravished by the performances of the best European contemporary circus and theatre ensembles. Children persuade their parents to let them see some of the countless fairy-tales, children’s shows and art events, never wishing to go home at the end of the day. To be frank, most adults feel the same, despite all the ‘It’s time we went’ remarks – everybody enjoys a good rest on a lawn, a glass of barley pop with their friends or a chat in the festival café, listening to live music. It is so easy and addictive… All this – and much more – is Letní Letná, an international contemporary circus and theatre festival. In 2010, in its seventh year, the festival’s unique mood and atmosphere attracted over 23,000 visitors in two weeks. Letní Letná is the only festival in the Czech Republic systematically presenting the best companies of the nouveau cirque, a movement combining traditional circus skills with theatre poetry. In the last seven years, visitors could relish watching the shows of many a famous international ensemble, be it Cirque Ici, Cahin Caha, Les Colporteurs, Cirque Baroque, Malabar, or Cirque Trottola, and Czech groups such as La Putyka, Divadlo Continuo, Teatr Novogo Fronta, Divadlo bratří Formanů… Crowds of visitors, and a great many reports, favourable reviews and other positive feedback in the media clearly show that Letní Letná is an important theatre event – not only for Prague but for the whole of the Czech Republic. Letní Letná has seen more than 90 shows in two weeks – up to five children’s shows per day, adult performances in the evenings, festival workshops for children, circus skills and art workshops, concerts, discussions, free performances – you name it, you’ll find it. Letní Letná is a place where people meet to put themselves in a positive mood and return home, sparkling with magical and unforgettable experiences.

What is

CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS? Contemporary circus, or nouveau cirque, is a fusion where traditional circus meets with underground art and new art forms. Contemporary circus knows no boundaries and embraces many forms of artistic expression, including dance, opera and street art.

A contemporary circus performance is a unique experience, where traditional circus techniques are mixed together with other forms of artistic expression.

What is the

FESTIVAL SUMMER SCHOOL? The Festival Summer School, a ‘suburban camp’ where children aged 6 to 15 learned the basics of acting, juggling, fine art, voice activities and others.

At the end of the course, the children prepare a show to be staged during the festival.


of LETNÍ LETNÁ 2010: The seventh year of the international contemporary circus and theatre festival took place from 18 August to 31 August 2010 in Prague, at the traditional spot between Hanavský Pavilion, Kramář’s villa and the Špejchar tram stop in Letenské sady. This year was marked, in particular, by an all-time attendance high, with more than 23 000 visitors coming to see over 90 shows, the festival grounds, bar, workshops and other events. The main stars and attractions of the festival were two leading nouveau cirque companies from France: Atelier Lefeuvre & André with their feature show Bricolage Erotique and Cahin Caha, directed and led by Daniel Gulk, with their REV.

However, there were many more excellent companies, both from the Czech Republic and abroad, be it the opening fire-show by Burnt Out Punks, attended by more than 4,000 visitors, Heinzi Lorenzen the clown, La Putyka, a famous Czech contemporary circus group, or Décalages, Cirkus Mlejn, Amanitas and other ensembles. In addition, the festival featured two open stages. Very popular among the visitors, these venues provided an opportunity for young artists to present their shows to the public. Letní Letná also confirmed its position of the largest festival of children’s shows and fairy-tales in the Czech Republic – in total, there were more than 60 performances (up to four a day) watched by more than 10 000 children and their parents. Moreover, this count does not include free children activities such as the painting studio, preparation of masks, juggling workshop and others. For the first time ever, Letní Letná offered a Festival Summer School, a ‘suburban camp’ where children aged 6 to 15 learned the basics of acting, juggling, fine art, voice activities and others. The course ended with a show featuring everything the children learned over the last days and proved to be extremely popular among parents, as there was no unused capacity left. Letní Letná also featured a series of activities intended for the professional public and workshops and discussions for people more interested in the nouveau cirque movement. This year, too, the festival was a major theatre event – not only in Prague, but in the whole of the Czech Republic – which is proved by many reports, favourable reviews and other feedback in the media – see the Attachment. Letní Letná once again confirmed that its overall conception of a family and leisure event taking place in an agreeable park environment and offering the best international and domestic contemporary circus shows and troupes to the public is the right one.

PRESENTATION of the Partners of the Festival 2010:

t The festival was held under the auspices of Pavel BĂŠm, the Mayor of Prague, and supported by the City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and City District Prague 7. General partner: PraĹžskĂĄ plynĂĄrenskĂĄ. Main media partners: Czech Television, Cinestar, MF Dnes, Bonton Radio. In addition, the festival was supported by many smaller partners. t general partner, the Capital City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic: 35 spots on public broadcasters CT 1 and CT 2 (of which 30 prime time) and 41 spots on public news channel CT 24.



a mĂĄtor titou pri ma. pod zĂĄĹĄ Pavla BĂŠ Praha hl. m.


t Cinestar: spots in the cinema network t $JUZMJHIUTJOUIFFVSP"8,OFUXPSLJOUIFNFUSP (1 – 31 August)

el Foto: Kar



AndrĂŠ uvre & r Lefe Atelie n Caha hi Cie Ca ut Punk s O Burnt ka , La Puty nzen, DĂŠcalagesAmanitas, lejn, Lore Heinzi cra, Cirkus M Sa Circus ANPU, o Divadl MarÄ?Ă­ka ti TeĂĄtr VĂ­ NA.CZ a dalĹĄĂ­




nĂ­ GenerĂĄl partner:




Hlavní řadate


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t 1PTUDBSET QD t -FBGMFUQSPHSBNNFT QD t 0QFOJOHJOWJUBUJPOTQD t All tickets to the festival (outside of the Ticketpro network): approximately 19,000 pc t Advertising: MF Dnes, Houser, Metro, Listy hlavnĂ­ho mÄ›sta Prahy, A2 t -FUOĂ“-FUOĂˆXFCTJUFoXXXMFUOJMFUOBD[ t 1SFTTSFMFBTFTBOEMPHPTBUQSFTTDPOGFSFODFT t 0OUIFGFTUJWBMQSFNJTFToDPNNPOTQPOTPSCPBSET  banners, etc.




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Divadlo BohouĹĄ jednoho Edy O nep zapomn, kter Ă˝ byl nejv ořådnĂŠ s hlad Ä›l udÄ›lat zĂĄso Ä›tĹĄĂ­ mac m kĹ™e em, se Ä?kovi: by na hr v okolĂ­. zimou a hlav zimu. Poh JenĹže nĂĄĹĄ Byl jednou Divadlo nÄ› se ĂĄdk jeden svojĂ­ obr ovĂ˝ příb BohouĹĄ byl kĹ™eÄ?ek Kiplinga jednoho poln jmĂŠ ovskou Ä›h o Boh Edy Jak slon minulĂ˝c vyprĂĄvÄ›jĂ­cĂ­ vychloub ouĹĄovi, Ă­ kĹ™eÄ?ek a nÄ›janem , k si aÄ?nostĂ­ kterak se na stra h Ä?asĹŻ mÄ›l o tom, jak i k chobot vyp a nec slon i sloni u nu‌ hutĂ­ uklĂ­ ořådĂĄ jen mal i k chobot pĹ™iĹĄli: Poh /! ĂĄdk zet‌ Ă˝ nos, velk u pĹ™iĹĄli. Divadlo 1! Nejd ovĂ˝ příbÄ›h !& Ă˝ jako mlynĂĄĹ™k KoĹˆmo bota, říve totiĹž za na motivy  Vod kter Ă˝m dĂĄvno R. Ä?ertem, ou, pĹ™itroub nickĂĄ poh mohli a dĂĄv lĂ˝m ve kter ĂĄdka: no vrtÄ›t ĂŠ se mlĂ˝ mlynĂĄĹ™e TakĹ™ jen ze strany Divadlo Tonda nskĂŠ kolo m, hodnou ka klasickĂĄ Ä?esk BÄ›tu moĹžnĂĄ  rozmÄ›rĹŻ, KoĹˆmo dnĹŻ v NovotnĂ˝ ĂĄ zatoÄ?Ă­ ĹĄkou, ĹživĂ˝ pohĂĄdka NejkrĂĄ Jak ĹĄlo roce, loup s vĹĄichni m a dob dram Co to snÄ›jĹĄĂ­ vejce atickou edlĹžnĂ­ky ro nad vodnĂ­kem lakotnou asi jsou na na nar van Ĺživo osel Oto na dran je v tĂŠ krab zlem, a hud nĂĄs hod ozeniny dr: Vese tnĂ­ veli jako jiĹž opravdovĂ˝

: iÄ?ce? c. kar a uĹžo bou. Kter kost lĂĄ ÄŒĂ­m nĂĄs nĂ­, ale hlav Narozeniny m tradiÄ?nÄ› lo vka VÄ›ra ak vejce KryĹĄi, jejichĹž ukrupohĂĄdka s jsou nÄ› dos ĂĄ pĹ™ek vap , zvĂ­tÄ›zĂ­. Ko Divadlo Tonda   loutkam  &# putova tof a jeho tnost oh Ĺˆm Ă­ babiÄ?ka taneme jeden z nejk -* Kulich o - VodnickĂĄ p li tam ."&! a PirĂĄ MĂ­ĹĄa, NovotnĂ˝ spo povede je nezmÄ›r i netradiÄ?nĂ­ch rĂĄsnÄ›jĹĄĂ­c – PirĂĄ    s dÄ›d a zase tka Rad si Jak si nĂĄ, ti: nĂ­ přåt ou? No ustu dĂĄrkĹŻ. zpĂĄtky. MĂ­ĹĄa s tros dĹŻsledn hledĂĄ kam elĂŠ koh a velmi JakĂŠ h zkrĂĄtka eÄ?nĂ­ky.. ka vĂĄm to Jak to chodĂ­ hled arĂĄda. n da rĂĄdi out Ren pĂ­sniÄ?ek v poz Ä› orientov Na jeho al kamarĂĄ na pirĂĄ . PĹ™ijÄ? Ä?lovÄ›k budou? No ornosti. anĂ˝ te se pod prozradĂ­. ĂŠ, tskĂŠ mĂĄ nerv . votnĂ˝ ,  DÄ›ti takĂŠ na dÄ›tskĂŠh cestÄ› ho provda: HlavnĂ­ Ă­vat na Pokud se lodi? PirĂĄ 5&2 y 2%# t o ovĹĄe Div ĂĄzejĂ­ milu hrdina příb VĂĄc HnĂĄ vese divĂĄ dos adlo .0 lav Stra tek, m na tanou lĂ˝ a zĂĄb ka, Ä›hu jĂ­cĂ­ rodi nejednu udrŞí dÄ›ti   sser ptakojeĹĄ TramtĂĄri avnĂ˝ pirĂĄ obzoru neoKebule, Kap Ä?e. Pou , malĂ˝ med DuhovĂŠ #( e příleĹžito po dob itĂĄn bjevĂ­ tskĂ˝ poh Vlastim vĂ­dek tavĂ˝ o tom tÄ›rĹŻ a ptak - O praÄ?lov 2 u Ä?lun bub st il ĂĄdkovĂ˝ , jak zapojit celĂŠho pĹ™ed příbÄ›h, liny: Unik Ă­Ä?ko ojeĹĄtÄ›re Vik tora kterĂŠ jak vyzr praÄ?lovĂ­ se do příbÄ›h k. Troc vi: BĂĄjeÄ?nĂ˝ stavenĂ­ pĹ™ir ĂĄtnĂ­ vyst Ä?ek hry. ĂĄl nad plnĂ˝ a cirkuse ozenÄ› pro Pinocchiov oupenĂ­ tyranos postavil prvnhu pouÄ?nĂŠ vĂ˝let do svÄ›t poju a m dob , s pro ale je mĂ˝dlovĂ˝ aurem Loutko rodruĹž Ă­ a jednoho divadlo, a jak zjistdomeÄ?ek, hlavnÄ› poĹ™ dinosaurĹŻ, stvĂ­: mi bub Vojta lout herce kterak vĂŠ divadlo ĂĄdnÄ› dino linami. il, Ĺže ve jak musel Vrte a muz koherec tvĂ­ LoutkovĂŠ a star Ă˝ moĹžnĂ˝m k - Ĺ˝on objevit, veselĂŠ vyp sauĹ™ic, dvou va ikan Ĺ™ezbĂĄĹ™ JĂĄ to jsem jehoĹž fyzi a pan glovĂĄnĂ­ ta. jde vĹĄec rĂĄvÄ› dlo jmĂŠ k tomimu ckĂŠ pĹ™ed Geppett – Pinocc srpy, pĂĄn : jednoko / Ĺžon Ĺže vĹĄem no říkat stav hno lĂ­p. Ä?emu je dob nĂ­ Ku l i hio: Dra s Ĺživo o vyro lky, netĹ™ c h - Pi r ĂĄ t i rĂ˝ ohe u hne u hud enĂ­, buben, viÄ?k y, vajĂ­Ä? chĹŻdy, kuĹžglovacĂ­ dĂ­ln d rozu eba. PanĂĄÄ?ekbil ze zvlĂĄĹĄtnĂ­ maticko -do bou Ĺˆ, ka, lout lano, elky, diab a: Kejk mĂ­. Loutko bro konÄ› ho co cho lĂ­Ĺ™sko-Ĺžo ky na St a noÄ? dit jiĹž kusu lipovĂŠhdruĹžnĂ˝ příb chĹŻdĂĄc ola, balĂł r as y Vojta nglĂŠrskĂŠ nĂ­k. lesy, Ĺžil, vĂŠ divadlo HlavnĂ­ ny, umĂ­, z li n ser h, koĹĄĹĽ Vrtek JĂĄ mediĂĄlnĂ­ vĂ˝stupy domu o dĹ™eva malÄ›h o tom, - D u h ovĂŠ b u b a neb ata, slepdevilsticky, - Poh takĂŠ chu byl star Ă˝ dob to jsem hned partneĹ™i ĂĄt ĂĄdka ice, ohn noĹže, hoří se vĹĄĂ­m - KrĂĄlovs uteÄ?e, ĂŠho panĂĄÄ?ka z kad -nepohĂĄ se svĂŠ mal : do svÄ›t ĹĽ kralovat. rĂ˝ krĂĄl. MÄ›l ivĂŠ tyÄ?e cĂ­ ibudky mysle osti? Nad , dky v Nemoho a. Kdo tĹ™i syny kĂĄ moudro si, , trum louÄ?e, kdo v z nich st: petu, tobÄ› pĹ™ebdivadle-ned tÄ›mito otĂĄz/ ĹžonglovacĂ­ toho uc se rozhodna matka jim Za devater Tanteh dĂ­lna: ivad kami Ă˝vĂĄ?“ poznĂĄ o hora out kom zemĹ™ela se Jak a „O krte le, ve vlas Vojta nejvĂ­c, TomĂĄĹĄ orse - Patla mi a dev . Se ztrĂĄ tnoruÄ?nnenĂĄpadnÄ› naloĹžit se Vrtek u pĹ™ed stan Ä?kov Tomsa a ater tou e se krĂĄl dĂ­lna: svou veli ĂĄ trĹŻn zamýťle i, kter PříbÄ›h o Legiers Matla: Aut Ă˝ chtÄ› Ä› vyroben , vyslal Ĺženy ztra PĹ™edstavO kouzeln em. jĂ­ dvÄ› kostĂ­ ĂŠ kad jejich til krĂĄl l vÄ›dÄ›t, syny na pohĂĄdk spoleÄ?ndvou chlapcĹŻ ki a Radim orskĂŠ pan enĂ­ nav ĂŠ kuliÄ?ce, ibud vĂ˝ra kdo se tom pÄ›t let azuje aneb muziku zov Ă˝ch mu vyk ce: „Budko y nahlĂŠdn Ă˝ smysl pro zaÄ?Ă­nĂĄ ve VizvĂĄry, poo imickĂŠ pĹ™ed na trad jak pros , bud ĹĄkol vĂŠ hum akal na dhaluje ici jarm Vojta k ĹĄiko ou za stavenĂ­ hoch, a loutkoherec tĹ™edkĹŻ. div nÄ›j a obje or. Na cest nĂ­ch lavic hlavu.“ ko, ino kou areÄ?nĂ­ch vytr pro vno tvĂ­ spo Například -P adlo TeĂĄtr proradn valostĂ­, vujĂ­ veli Ä› domĹŻ Ă­ch, kde se sek neomez dÄ›ti, kter divadeln sti pĹ™iĹĄel J ĂĄ to j s e m VĂ­ti Mar ĂŠho kom trpÄ›livostĂ­ jenĂŠ s Ä?ino rĹŻznĂŠ kejk enĂŠ kluÄ? ĂŠ vytvoĹ™il kou sklĂĄ je zaujme oba kluc Ă­kĹŻ a kejk / Ĺžonglov kterĂŠ lĂ­Ĺ™skĂŠ hrou Ä?Ă­ka a spo i pot ořího, iÄ?Ă­ fant dku... nen hluk za acĂ­ lířů Diskuse Produkto hloupĂ˝c lehnutĂ­m . Vojta, pros a artistick Vo azie. proŞívĂĄ echĂĄ niko – Bajaja: Kom vysokĂ˝mkĂĄvajĂ­ a nac ĂŠ tech a plnÄ› vyu jt a tĂ˝, - AktuĂĄln vĂ­ part na ho h loup ornĂ­ pĹ™ed a fest plotem. hĂĄzejĂ­ neĹ™i: Vr tek hostino boj udatnĂŠh chladnĂ˝ eĹžnĂ­kĹŻ vlastnĂ­ Ăşsu jednoduchĂ˝, niky, Ĺživo ŞívĂĄ ival Ă­ m. stav NevĂĄha u u. o prin dek i nevĂ­ru Oslovili LetnĂ­ Letn tendence neĹĄ ce Baja DivĂĄk se stan enĂ­ jednoho jĂ­, nov vlastnĂ­ nakonec pĹ™ek ikovnĂ˝ ji pĹ™i sou e na oka TeĂĄtr pořåda jsme Ĺ™adu ĂĄ pořådajĂ­ mez ĂŠho cirk „ťaĹĄka“ mĂĄm Ä?esk Ă˝ch VĂ­ti Mar usu y v jeho onĂĄ intriky, boji s – Jiřík v nejb jĂ­ festivaly PartneĹ™i drakem.mĹžik vojĂĄkema jeho pÄ›ti a zahraniinĂĄrodnĂ­ setk : Cirqueon, Ä?Ă­ka schopno Ä?i pro a liŞťích loutek, LetnĂ­ O Zlat centrum VĹĄe sam ve ĂĄnĂ­ duk sti. Ä?nĂ­c za zlat pĹ™edstavĂ­ takĂŠ Vstup lete LetĹˆĂĄk: ovlĂĄsce: ozĹ™ejmÄ› velkĂŠ bitvÄ›, pro nov ovlasou ZDARM ch a jakĂĄ ujĂ­ pĹ™edstav h odbornĂ­ profesionĂĄlĹŻ konĂ­k ono – kĹŻ, umÄ› jsou nejv konÄ?Ă­ Ă˝ cirkus, enĂ­. na A. ZdenÄ›k V pohĂĄdc říkala pannou. Kom svatebn e o Zlat Koncert Ä›tĹĄĂ­ Ăşska PĹ™ijÄ? te si pos lcĹŻ i man tĂŠma nov Ă˝ . Spo babiÄ?ka Ă­ lĂ­ proj lechnou aĹžerĹŻ, kteĹ™ cirkus. Ĺ estĂĄko plikace jim lu proŞívajĂ­ ovlĂĄsce se TeĂĄtr V roce ÄŒeskĂŠ tele ektĹŻ s ved zpĹŻ dob VĂ­ti vĂĄ. VĹĄe 2005 novocir t, co novĂŠho Ă­ se na vize - KoĹĽ vĹĄe vidÄ› MarÄ?Ă­ka u ĂšstĂ­ je star sobĂ­ drak OhnrodruĹžst vĂ­ le VĂ­ti MarÄ?Ă­ka ĂĄt kusovou ata jednom se nad rV ĂŠ, skor na cest ivĂĄk sudiÄ?ky l a lidĂŠ mu - Ĺ Ă­pkovĂĄ RĹŻĹž kost Ă˝me Labem tĂŠmatik chystĂĄ Ă­ti M o nic ze svĂ˝c a jejĂ­ tygĹ™i s to mus nefungu, protoĹže bez Ä› , prince ou. a rÄ?Ă­ k a enka: s tako ch /Ä?ernĂŠ rockovĂ˝m ban h vystoup / Laura a Ă­ uvÄ› i babici je. Kom draka vou rado brĂ˝le, dem Lau enĂ­ potkal jejĂ­ tygĹ™i to nen Tonda Aranu. Ĺ™it. SĂĄm oĹživ ediant vyp Ä?ernĂŠ stĂ­ / K Ă­ ZDA Nov dÄ›ts a K ra Ă­ kalh rĂĄvĂ­ o lout nasazen tomu a jejĂ­ RM otnĂ˝ kĂ˝ a jejic OPEN ĹĽ at příb ĹživÄ› zah kovĂŠho - Kdy Ă­m, Ĺže oty a bĂ­lĂŠ koĹĄi tygĹ™i. KoĹĽa sbor KoĹĽa A h aa STAGE krĂĄle, Ä›h, kter Ă˝ j e j Ă­ t yg Ĺ™ i raje na ta z Tygry magickĂ˝zĂĄkonnĂ­ zĂĄst Ĺž jde pus Ĺ ance ta oble le s Ä?ern zcela dvÄ› fl krĂĄlovnu, osobnÄ› proĹž pro vĹĄec2010 Letn a na upc ch pros Ä?enĂĄ v Chlumce ou krav okouzli ĂŠtny naje prin il, hny nov Ă­ LetnĂĄ: „tyg tĹ™edkĹŻ i pomocĂ­ lout ĹĄpacĂ­r: Inte atou) la. dnou ceznu, doz vÄ›d ocirkuso tanÄ?ila řích“ rakt ek, a na kyta Ă­, co oko kouzel, pan ivnĂ­ pĹ™ed a zpĂ­v vĂŠ umÄ› ru. ala stavenĂ­, lce / ZDA nevidÄ›l tom ve kter o a uch imy, zkrĂĄ RMA ĂŠm tka o nes lyĹĄelo. pomocĂ­ vĹĄecse dÄ›ti h



Poklad / Box na Off

ice: 16. a 17. 8., od 13 18. – – 20 hod 31. in. Telefon 8., od 10 do 22 hod / 773 903 Phone: 605 in. 321 906, 505 (v mobilnĂ­ oblasti je signĂĄl, obÄ?asnĂŠ omlouv slabĂ˝ mobile vĂ˝padky spoj ĂĄme se za signal enĂ­ / the at the low – festival we apo logize spot is signal for temp blackout orar y E-mail: ) ticket@le tniletna. cz


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Legend 1 – pok : ladna / Box 2 – Atel Office ier Lefe uvre & La Puty AndrĂŠ, 3 – dÄ›ts ka kĂĄ 4 – VeĹ™e scĂŠna / for children jnĂŠ vĂ˝tv arnĂŠ pro dÄ›ti i rodiÄ?e workshopy 5 – Letn Ă­ 6 – VeĹ™e LetĹˆĂĄk jnĂŠ vĂ˝tv arnĂŠ worksho i rodiÄ?e py pro dÄ›ti 7 – CafĂŠ - bar 8 – Cie Cahin Caha, Heinzi 0 Lorenzen 3 04! Circus , & Sacra, Cirkus >/. Mlej 28% DĂŠcalag n, 8,/ % es, Open Stage a nÄ›kt erĂĄ !$!& pĹ™edstav dÄ›tskĂĄ enĂ­



adatel: Za podp


l VĂĄc






Letn ĹĄkolaĂ­ festivalov pro dÄ› ĂĄ ti

o vo

18. - 31.




Ă­ Le


8., de

nně od Dejte svÊ děti 7:30 do i na do fest kratťí 17:00 zpěv, dobu! ivalovÊ divadelnchůze na Výroba lout ťkoly na laně ek, celý í před Pro stavení. , Şonglov masek, mal festival dět nebo åní, hana.ku i od 6 ovåní, Pod jízda do divadlo, backov ved a@letnile15 let. Přih ením zkuť na jedn okolce, ený, låťk 722 284 y a dalť ch lektorů. í info 500 ane rma bo na pokladn ce: ě.








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... AND WHAT IS PLANNED for 2011 Letní Letná 2011, the eight year of the international contemporary circus and theatre festival, will take place at the Letná park in Prague between 21 August and 4 September 2011. The next year, we would like to present, apart from two star groups from abroad, a renowned troupe from Sweden – CIRKUS CIRKŐR have already proved their undisputable artistic merit worldwide and rank among the most famous nouveau cirque groups today. Children and parents will be glad to hear that there are plans to increase the capacity and improve the quality of the LETNÍ LETŇÁK summer school. Moreover, visitors can expect a larger number of free openBJSTIPXT TVDIBTUIJTZFBST#VSOU0VU1VOLTGSPN4XFEFO or Amanitas from the Czech Republic, and interesting performances such as the Architects of Air. In addition, we intend to enhance the offer of the festival bar and refreshment kiosks.


A contemporary circus group from Sweden CIRKUS CIRKÖR started their amazing and vastly creative path in 1995. Since then, the group has been touring the whole world with their shows and courses, striving to claim their place in today’s contemporary circus scene, show their amazing art and inspire visitors to look at their lives in a different light. Their performances are loaded with stunning action, thrilling acrobatic feats and devilishly bold humour.

„We were too tired dreaming about big things only. So we decided to take life into our own hands and live our dreams.’“

The group’s motto

CONTACTS: Production and realization: SpoleÄ?nost Gaspard, o.s. Festival Director: +JşÓ5VSFL 5FM  Email: Festival Manager: Ivana VrbĂ­kovĂĄ 5FM  Email: Design:

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