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Nevada State College Proposal, April 2009

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Delivering innovative advertising solutions that provide measurable results.

A message from Tom

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Letizia Ad Team, a full-service advertising agency serving clients such as yourself for over 35 years. With our fusion of traditional and new media, we pride ourselves on delivering results for our clients. Letizia Ad Team believes in a team-dynamic. Our entire team of professionals will touch your account and be involved in creating and executing a multi-faceted, multi-year strategic marketing effort. Be assured that everyone from me, President and Owner of Letizia Ad Team, to our receptionist will be knowledgeable of your account, our strategies and goals together, and the execution of said strategies and goals. I thank you for the opportunity to grow your brand and positively position your college within the Las Vegas Valley community. We encourage you to take the next step and become a client of Letizia Ad Team, Nevada’s hardest working ad agency. We look forward to forging a prosperous, long-term relationship with you and everyone at Nevada State College.

Tom Letizia

WELCOME TO THE LETIZIA AD TEAM Our advertising and marketing “campus” is located in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and has been operating since 1974. Throughout the years we’ve serviced a variety of clients big and small, local and national with tremendous success stories at every turn. Our foundation was built around the concept of “team”. Our approach to every aspect of advertising and marketing starts and ends with teamwork. Here are some things you should know about our culture at Letizia Ad Team:

Total Creative Freedom – Every member of

our staff is eligible to

showcase their creative talents. From the receptionist to the President of the company, every idea in our agency is heard. We always say “you never know where the big idea is going to come from”. We encourage frequent brainstorming sessions with many team members involved to ensure that our clients are getting the very best we have to offer.

Ease of

doing business - It’s very simple to do business with our

agency. From customer service to billing and fees, we always take the approach of doing business the way we want to be treated. Whenever we hire a new team member they are immediately shown the “Letizia Way” of business practices which includes being respectful, creative, professional, detail oriented, budget conscious, and reliable.

Advanced – Our staff is dedicated to always remaining on the cutting edge of advertising and marketing advancements. Our web capabilities surpass many of our peers due to the forward thinking nature of our staff. We have a mixture of youthful minds and seasoned veterans that provide a perfect balance of innovative new advancements with proven advertising and marketing principles.

More for your money – One of our most admirable traits is providing our clients with more than they expect. We often hear a client say “wow, I can’t believe you took this idea so far” or “thanks for going the extra mile”. This is what you can expect if you choose us to represent you. We simply don’t stop until we exceed your expectations. Make yourself at home on our website Our biggest joy is getting results for our clients. We want to be a part of your team. Hand in hand we can help make Nevada State College achieve every goal set forth.



CREATIVE PHILOSOPHY Creative. It’s not a tagline. It’s not a meaningful logo. At Letizia Ad Team, creative is the lifeblood, a way of life for all of our team members. The “TEAM” approach is consistent in our creative process and is what differentiates Letizia Ad Team from our peers. Ideas can come from anyone at anytime. At Letizia Ad Team, we embrace this and encourage all staff to participate in the creative process. Individuals are partnered up and briefed on the client’s goals, expectations, etc. Each creative partnership fully develops a concept and presents their concept to the group. The top three or four are chosen and then details such as storyboards, logos, web design, etc are executed to present to the client. Letizia Ad Team prides ourselves on consistently delivering breakthrough creative to our clients. Creative that inspires the target audience to act. Creative that delivers results.


TELEVISION PRODUCTION Letizia Ad Team provides national quality television production without the national quality price tag. Our in-house capabilities are second to none. We have the natural ability to capture the sight, sound, color, motion, and emotion you want in a TV Commercial or long form video. We take the production process from script to screen with state of the art technology, creative concepts, and an unbelievable turn-around time. Our broadcast production turnaround time differentiates us from our peers. We’ve often had to turn around complete TV spots on hours notice, and we succeed every time. Our Visual Artists work out of two in-house Smoke Edit Suites, the best in the industry. We welcome our clients to see our Visual Artists in action as their spots or videos are edited. Make yourself at home while our Visual Artists bring the ideas on paper to life

Talent, Writing & Radio TALENT COORDINATION From Nationally recognized celebrities to extras, Letizia Ad Team will find the right talent for your campaign. Talent will make or break a campaign. Selecting the “right” person is vital to the success of the campaign. Our talent pool is endless and will make your campaign stand out.

COPYWRITING Copywriting is an art form. It all starts with the writing. Great design is useless if the copy is wrong. A masterfully shot TV commercial means nothing if the words don’t inspire. Our highly skilled “word-smiths” craft every word with the client’s strategic goals in mind. Every word is written to elicit a certain emotion, action, or reaction from our target audience. Copywriting can be the difference between great advertising or mediocre advertising, between the success and failure of a campaign. Letizia Ad Team’s copywriters are a strange breed, but are essential to our clients’ success.

RADIO PRODUCTION When you are listening to the radio there is usually a sea of commercials that run together. It becomes white noise. When you hear one that stands out, THAT’S OURS. Letizia Ad Team’s skilled audio technicians find that right mix of music, sound effects, and voice to produce hard hitting, results oriented radio that creates a “theater-ofthe-mind” in radio audiences.

Graphic Design

GRAPHIC DEPARTMENT Letizia Ad Team has a full-service Graphic Design Department with a range of capabilities. Our Design Team is great at designing to any client’s needs. Whether you need something bold and impactful or credible and classy, Letizia Ad Team’s Design Team possesses an array of design styles to accommodate any industry and any target audience. Our highly skilled Graphic Designers can take the simplest notion and develop it into a piece of art that accomplishes the given objective. Our team’s turnaround is industry leading. As with our television production, often clients need an ad, mail piece, or even a corporate identity package turned around in hours or a few days. Letizia Ad Team always delivers by deadline. Graphic design is a key component to good advertising and marketing. Letizia Ad Team is proud to boast one of the most innovative and talented Graphic Design teams in the country. Our Graphic Design Department’s capabilities include: • Brand Packages • Corporate Identity Packages • Outdoor Campaigns • Print • Collateral • Direct Mail • Website User Interface

Interactive Media

INTERACTIVE DEPARTMENT Internet. Everything is moving online. Radio. Television. Print. All traditional mediums now must have an online presence. Letizia Ad Team’s Interactive Department understands that the internet is the advertising vehicle with infinite possibilities. It is the most innovative way to get your message across with countless options for exposure. Our Interactive Department provides inventive websites, progressive rich media, flash banners, promotional websites, E-Mail blasts, and more. Our Interactive Department can also help you expand your viral marketing efforts. Social networking, blogging, podcasts, etc are emerging medias that need to be exploited. Letizia Ad Team will make you are the trend-setter of online marketing.

Case Study: Brent Wright

“Letizia Ad Team volunteered their services to provide PR for our recently completed Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project. Though all their services were donated, they made me feel as though they had been paid a million dollars and that I was their only client. The team was always on top of every detail and extremely professional in every way. They truly went far above and beyond what I would have expected was part of the role of PR - even scheduling pep rally and party venues, arranging for banners, and taking care of a hundred other things. Their contacts, their relationships, their connections, their enthusiasm, their quality and professionalism - I just can’t say enough good things. They continue to amaze me.” Brent Wright President - Wright Engineers

Account Services

ACCOUNT SERVICES Letizia Ad Team may be progressive in our creative approach, but we are still traditional when it comes to account service. We treat every client, no matter the size, as if they were our only client. We pride ourselves on being available whenever you need us. Excellent account services is dependent on several variables: • Communication • Research • Execution • Results

COMMUNICATION A great client-agency relationship is founded and maintained through communication. Open and honest communication is vital to the success of the Marketing Plan. Letizia Ad Team likes to hold weekly meetings with our clients whether that be face-to-face or via the web. We feel this allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of each account. We want to know if you have concerns, but we also like to know what you feel is working.

Research & Execution

RESEARCH Every campaign begins and ends with research. Market research, media research, and consumer research is vital to a successful campaign. The Account Executive leads these efforts and must ensure that our team is thorough and exhaustive in our research efforts. Creative campaigns must be founded on research. What’s going to make the consumer to say “they get me?” We can’t achieve that without research. We must tailor a message that reflects the current market and mind-set of our target demographics. In addition, we must place media with mediums that match market research and appeal to the consumers’ current mind-set.

EXECUTION Execution is the difference between a mediocre Account Executive and a great Account Executive. Even if the communication is great and the research is there, if the execution is lacking, then the results and ultimately the client-agency relationship will suffer. The Account Executives at Letizia Ad Team operate with the highest sense of urgency. Every detail is important. From making sure production is on schedule to promptly returning every phone call and email. Every step of the campaign from research, concepting, production, media, and especially result analysis needs to be efficiently and effectively executed.

Enhanced Services

SERVICE ENHANCEMENTS The nature of a service business requires that Letizia Ad Team maintain a differentiation strategy to attain a competitive advantage over our competitors. Letizia Ad Team has several unique enhancements that cannot be matched by our peers:

TURN-AROUND TIME Letizia Ad Team prides itself on offering an industry-leading turnaround time. We work efficiently and effectively. Entire campaigns are turned around on a moment’s notice when necessary.

DEEP ROOTS IN LAS VEGAS COMMUNITY Tom and Marla Letizia are prominent members of the Las Vegas community. Because of established connections, we have great fundraising and PR abilities which have been demonstrated through the Mayorial Campaigns of Oscar Goodman and various other politicians. We have excellent relationships with every media outlet and are often the first to know about upcoming promotions or changes.

Enhanced Services

TEAM APPROACH As we’ve said, every Letizia Ad Team employee will touch your account in some way. From the receptionist to the president of our company, everyone will contribute and stay informed of your account.

IN-HOUSE MOBILE ADVERTISING Letizia Ad Team’s sister company is Big Traffic Mobile Billboards Worldwide. We are able to get mobile advertising cheaper and more effective than any other advertising agency in Las Vegas. Big Traffic is also the only mobile company to offer WOBI, which have been widely successful for advertisers since their inception in 2008.

Media Buying

INTELLIGENT FOCUSED MEDIA BUYING Whereas creative is an art form, media buying is a science. Media buying is more than just placing impressions for a client. A client could have hundreds of spots on the air, but if they are not getting their spots in front of the right people, it is a waste of advertising dollars. The Letizia Ad Team Media Department spends time pulling qualitative research to discover the habits of the target demographic. We couple this information with our knowledge of the market and goals of the campaign to formulate a plan of attack. With a plan of attack in hand, we conduct fair and honest negotiations to put together the best media plan for our clients. Our plans are targeted to hit the right people, the right amount of times, with the right message. The Media Department’s job is not done once our buys are placed. After the flight is complete, we check line by line to make sure everything ran exactly as placed. We also run a post analysis of our buys to make sure the stations are delivering what they promised. If the results are not deemed acceptable, our Media Department will short pay the media and fight for additional added value and make goods. Letizia Ad Team places millions of media dollars annually in the Las Vegas market. We have long established relationships with the media who know our expectations for our clients. Letizia Ad Team Media Department’s rate negotiation, strategy and research gives us the competitive advantage.

Case Study: Oscar Goodman

Oscar Goodman always told longtime friend Tom Letizia, “If I run for office, you will be my guy.� That statement came to fruition in the Spring of 1999 when Oscar announced his candidacy for Mayor of Las Vegas and hired our agency and Tom Letizia as his Campaign Manager. Together, as underdogs, we defied all the naysayers and won with terrific marketing, advertising and public relations. Along with day to day operations of the campaign, we pinpointed potential voters and matched them to the media outlets that would give us the best chance to sway their vote. This required strenuous research to accurately place hundreds of thousands of dollars in media at precisely the right moment. Our agency also assisted in raising over 1.3 Million dollars for his campaign. Since that time, Oscar has run 2 more times and won both times with Letizia Ad Team handling the advertising and marketing.

Ad Team Faculty

Tom Letizia President & Owner 1974 - Present Tom, a well- known and respected Las Vegas advertising executive, brings over 30 years of experience to his clients. His extensive background in radio, television, newspaper, outdoor and public relations is combined with his knowledge and awareness of the unique needs of the Las Vegas market. He made Letizia Ad Team a forerunner in the advertising industry. Prior to founding his own agency, Tom worked as a top account executive at several Las Vegas television stations including KLAS-TV. Since 1974, he has been president and CEO of Letizia Ad Team. In addition, Tom was the owner and creator of the Half Price Dining Club, former President of Doctors Marketing Association and was on the board of trustees of The Meadow’s School. Additionally, he is a board member of the Blind Center of Nevada. He was a past owner of radio stations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Laughlin, Las Vegas and Tonopah, Nevada and a past owner of KAME Fox 21 in Reno, Nevada. Tom is also a member of the Nevada Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame and a member of Las Vegas Executive Association.

Ad Team Faculty

Ken Rubino Vice President 1996 - Present Ken joined the Letizia Ad Team in 1996 and quickly moved up the company ladder with stints as a Media Buyer and Account Executive. He reached his current position with the company as Vice President in 2002, citing his versatility to clients’ needs and various market conditions. Coupled with his creative approach, he rapidly advanced. Originally from Long Island, New York, Ken spent 4 years serving in the United States Navy and gained marketing experience during his tour of duty. Ken was assigned to the public relations department of the naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, acting as a liaison between the media and the naval officers stationed in Pearl Harbor. This enabled him to establish a rapport with different types of media and learn how to utilize them to the advantage of his clients.

Ad Team Faculty

Monte Wagner CFO & GM 2007 – Present Monte is a native Iowan, growing up in the small town of Luton. He majored in accounting, earning his Bachelors of Business Administration degree from the University of Iowa in 1979. He continued his education, earning an MBA from Drake University in 1983 and became a CPA in 1984. Monte joined Letizia Ad Team in September 2007 and brings over two decades of experience managing accounting staff and impacting bottom line performance; repeatedly exceeding established expectations. He is an expert in performance analysis and alignment of strategic planning with operational enhancements. Wagner joined Letizia Ad Team in 2007. He oversees financial operations for the Letizia Companies consisting of four companies. Wagner is also the General Manager of Letizia Ad Team and is responsible for fostering growth in each department.

Ad Team Faculty

Lisa Cripe Media Director 2004 – Present Lisa grew up in a small town in Indiana called Nappanee. Lisa graduated from Purdue University in May of 2003 from the school of Liberal Arts. Her degree is in communications with a concentration in advertising. She also has two minors, one in management and the other in psychology. Lisa worked for a couple different ad agencies before finding her home here at Letizia Ad Team in 2004. Before transitioning to Media, Lisa was an Account Executive with Letizia Ad Team. Lisa prides herself on being a tough negotiator, but fair to any media company who wants to vie for business. Lisa cultivated an aggressive Media Department that is now one of the best in Las Vegas.

Abby Harlan Media Buyer 2007 – Present A native Hoosier, Abby grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana. After winding her way through 4 years of college she emerged from Indiana University holding a degree in Telecommunications with a focus on industry and management with a minor from the Kelley School of Business. After deciding she needed a change of scenery, she left the farmland and headed west to Las Vegas. She worked for another agency in town for 1 year before finding her home as a research specialist and Media Buyer for Letizia Ad Team.

Ad Team Faculty

Brittany Madsen Account Executive 2006 – Present Brittany was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Her family relocated to Las Vegas in 1999. She is currently pursuing a marketing degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and will graduate in 2010. Brittany worked in radio before transitioning to the agency side of advertising. She signed with Letizia in April of 2006 and quickly moved up the company ladder spending time as a Media Assistant, Print Account Coordinator and now as an Account Executive. She has expert skills in market and consumer research which has helped foster her approach to each account. In addition to her client service, Brittany prides herself on her creative abilities. We often hear her say, “I like being the idea person.”

Ivan Flores Art Director 2007 – Present Ivan attended Birmingham H.S. Journalism/Technology Magnet. While being part of his high school newspaper and website, he decided that graphic design was what he wanted to do for a profession. He attended LAVC and studied various art disciplines. Ivan brought eight years experience when he signed with the Letizia Ad Team including experience as a Web Design Director and Graphic Department Manager. Ivan has expert skills in photo retouching and manipulation, web design, brand development, and collateral creation. Ivan’s unique ability to design in a variety of styles for any project is a strong asset for Letizia Ad Team.

Sam Seegars Production Manager 2005 – Present Sam brings more than 22 years production experience to Letizia Ad Team clients. Originally from East Tennessee, Sam began at Eastman Kodak’s audio visual department. In 1986 she joined WJHL-TV 11, a CBS affiliate in Johnson City, Tennessee as the nightly newscast director and TD. In 1990, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, Broadcast Production and Performance from East Tennessee State University. In 1992, Sam moved to Las Vegas and worked as an editor for KVVU Fox5. The following year, Sam moved to cable and built the production department from the ground up and developed a production team. She was responsible for more than 2,000 commercials created for a variety of clients in the Las Vegas market. Many local and national awards honor her work. In 2005, Sam joined Letizia Ad Team, giving Letizia clients an edge with her wide range of experience, knowledge of production and proven track record of creating television advertising that gets results.

Chris Johnston Interactive Director 2006 – Present Chris brings more than ten years experience in broadcast production and internet development. Chris has worked at several broadcast television stations as a producer, director, and production manager. Before joining the Letizia Ad Team, Chris was the production manager at Cox Media Las Vegas. Chris also taught compositing and 3-D animation at the Community College of Southern Nevada for two years. Chris started at Letizia Ad Team in 2005 as a Senior Visual Artist. His work ethic, enthusiasm and ability to quickly learn did not go unnoticed because in 2008, Johnston was promoted to Interactive Director. His responsibilities include web design, hosting, maintenance, email blasts, and search engine optimization. He currently teaches Web Development at UNLV.

Ad Team Faculty

Case Study: Fairfax Hyundai

“When Ken Rubino walked in my office and asked for a few minutes of my time, I naturally saw it as just another salesman selling his “excellent product.” Hesitantly I went with my gut feel and agreed to a 3 month “no questions asked” trial. Needless to say, I have not had any reason to look back. Your team all go beyond what is expected, and that is attribute to why we have stayed among the top ten Hyundai dealerships in the country. Please extend my gratitude to your staff, and I look forward to a fruitful partnership in the future.” Sam Mansouri Owner - Fairfax Hyundai

Notable Alumni

SUPERSTORE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP We support the largest auto group in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Automotive Group. We place over $8 million annually in media for them. Our aggressive media spending coupled with trend-setting creative has produced success for each dealership on a national level. TV, Radio, Print, Mail, and Internet have been the recipe for success. We meet with each dealership weekly for strategic planning, account maintenance, and campaign evaluations.

HYUNDAI DEALER ADVERTISING ASSOCIATIONS Letizia Ad Team represents 8 Groups of Hyundai Dealers throughout South Central United States markets include: Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Nashville, New Mexico, El Paso, New Orleans, Gulf Coast, and Alabama. We coordinate all Groups’ advertising efforts through Hyundai Motor America. Letizia Ad Team places over $500,000 in each market for a total annual media placement over $8.1 Million. National quality television paired with local hard sell offers and hooks have garnered market share in a down economy.

Notable Alumni

MJ CHRISTENSEN Letizia Ad Team recently helped consolidate MJ Christensen’s stores. We placed over $200,000 in media for February and March. A high frequency, full media blitz was developed for this campaign including television, radio, mobile billboards, e-mail blasts, and internet. The campaign was extremely successful as the store being consolidated reported average weekly sales of over $70,000.

EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION Letizia Ad Team donated advertising and PR services to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition while they were in Las Vegas. We were responsible for coordinating all media and press coverage of the event and all post-events. Letizia Ad Team built and maintained the volunteer website as well as collateral materials for the build site. We also arranged donations of materials from volunteer shirts to signage to refreshments for volunteers.

Notable Alumni


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Case Study: El Cortez

Letizia Ad Team coordinates all advertising efforts for the El Cortez Hotel and Casino. The El Cortez requires an immense about of design including multi-tiered mailers, newsletters, promotional signage, print ads, and various pieces of collateral. Letizia Ad Team places over $250,000 annually in Television and Print media for the El Cortez. We meet weekly for strategic planning, account maintenance, and campaign evaluations.

Nevada State College Proposed Deliverables A comprehensive approach to providing a goal oriented marketing solution.

Proposed Deliverables

MARKETING PLAN DEVELOPMENT Letizia Ad Team will conduct a Client Needs Analysis with NSC to determine how NSC should be positioned within the Las Vegas Valley. Once the position is defined, a long-term marketing plan will be developed to achieve said position. Letizia will further develop subsequent goals to achieve NSC’s desired position. From there, Letizia Ad Team will define specific strategies and tactics to achieve outlined goals. Once a position, goals, strategies, and tactics have been identified, Letizia Ad Team will develop a timeline of objectives and milestones. This timeline will be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency at each milestone. Letizia Ad Team will meet weekly with NSC either in person or via webex to:

• Evaluate Timeline & Milestones Reached • Review & Coordinate In Progress Projects • Recap Completed Projects • Evaluate Effectiveness of Each Facet of Marketing Plan • Plan Future Components of Marketing Plan

Proposed Deliverables

COMMUNITY AWARENESS AND RESEARCH First, Letizia Ad Team will collect and review surveys previously conducted by Nevada State College. This research will be reviewed and interpreted by the Letizia Ad Team and findings will be reported that include how the subjects perceived NSC faculty, subjects awareness of NSC, etc. Next, Letizia Ad Team will develop surveys targeted to the niche audiences (college-bound high school students, non-traditional students, guidance counselors, coaches, parents, alumni, and other community stakeholders) to gauge NSC brand awareness, degree of awareness exhibited, brand recollection, and potential support of another higher education institution in Las Vegas. These surveys will be presented to NSC for approval before being conducted. Once approval is attained, Letizia Ad Team will conduct surveys with each target audience. Focus groups will also be conducted. In addition to evaluating brand awareness, focus groups will be used to determine how NSC can garner support and a higher awareness from potential students and the community. The findings from the internal research conducted by NSC and the research conducted by Letizia Ad Team will be used to aid in developing the NSC brand and position. The target audiences will be prioritized based on the research findings. The niche that provides the greatest opportunity in terms of enrollment, support, and awareness will be the highest priority.

Proposed Deliverables

COMMUNICATIONS AUDIT Letizia Ad Team will gather all previous Marketing and Advertising materials from Nevada State College including identity manual, all advertising mediums, and collateral given to students. Our Research and Strategy team will review the materials as a complete picture and as they pertain to that individual’s area of expertise. The group will then convene and complete a SWOT analysis of NSCs brand. Letizia Ad Team will test current marketing and communication efforts through the research tactics described above. The findings from this research will shed light on the effectiveness of the message and whether target demographics were successfully reached. The information gathered from Letizia Ad Team’s internal SWOT analysis combined with the research findings will be used in the strategic planning and execution of NSC’s marketing plan. This information will be vital in media planning and buying as well as brand and creative development.

Proposed Deliverables

CREATIVE AND DESIGN After initial Client Needs Analysis is completed, Letizia Ad Team will hold a creative meeting to discuss NSC’s desired position in the market. The creative teams will begin concepting logos and taglines. Each team will complete several versions. Letizia Ad Team will reconvene and review the first round of logos and taglines. The finalists will be presented to NSC and any necessary revisions will be made. Once a final logo and tagline is approved, Letizia Ad Team will begin to build a brand around the logo and tagline. A NSC Brand Style Guide will be developed that will outline how the logo, tagline, colors, etc should be used. This will include specific CMYK, RGB colors, sizes, acceptable background colors, fonts, and positions. The developed brand will remain throughout all media. Brand congruency in external mediums such as television and print as well as internal collateral such as letterhead, orientation catalogs, etc is crucial to establishing and maintaining a strong brand which will help achieve NSC goals of increased community awareness and support. • All visual concepts will be developed by creative teams from various disciplines to attain multiple perspectives when developing the message. We believe in giving a client options because one perspective may not always be the “right” perspective. • The brand will be maintained throughout. Letizia Ad Team takes a team approach to creative, scripts will be developed from several creative teams. The top three or four ideas will be selected. From there, the copywriter and visual/graphic artist will develop the storyboard. Three to four options will be presented to NSC. Modifications will be made until NSC approves the project at which time, Letizia Ad Team will go into production.

Proposed Deliverables

MEDIA MIX An appropriate media mix is crucial to a successful campaign. Letizia Ad Team takes a methodical approach to media. Media buying is a science and Letizia Ad Team will develop a formula for NSC to ensure an efficient and effective buy. Letizia Ad Team buys traditional media off of Cost Per Rating Point (also known as CPP). The Media Department prides itself on being tough, but fair. We give every media vendor a chance to earn business, but we negotiate aggressively for added value. As for the Media Department’s process, first they will analyze the conclusions derived from the primary and secondary research collected. The Media Department will also analyze the Las Vegas market to gauge the most effective advertising mediums for NSC target demographic. After the mediums are determined, the Media Department will analyze the most effective flight weeks for NSC to run.

Proposed Deliverables

MEDIA MIX CONTINUED A healthy mix of traditional and non-traditional media will be recommended. Letizia Ad Team will take a 10% commission on media placement. Please see the outline below for a sample media mix: TELEVISION • Conveys motion and emotion to the viewer • Targeted programming and dayparts to reach demo • Maximize reach and frequency RADIO • Target station that reach our demo • Daypart targeting • A high frequency medium • Promotions including on-air appearances/remotes DIRECT MAIL • Quarterly mailer to high school guidance counselors • Quarterly mailer to households with children 15-18 INTERNET • Geo Targeting - Target people located in Las Vegas • Behavioral targeting - Target people interested in higher education • Retargeting - Target people who have visited Nevada State College website • Viral Marketing • Social Networking - MySpace, Twitter, Facebook • Blogging - Active content across the internet MOBILE BILLBOARD • Target areas surrounding high schools & other higher educational institutions (UNLV, CSN)

Proposed Deliverables

STRATEGIES Clearly defined strategies are essential to managing and maintaining effective long term, multi-faceted marketing plan. Strategies for a multi-faceted, multi-year marketing plan include analysis of NSC’s current position in the market, past marketing endeavors, available market position, brand creation, and goal establishment. Much of this is detailed in deliverables one through five. TACTICS The specific steps and alternatives associated with each strategy are also detailed in deliverables one through five and eight. These tactics and milestones will ensure that the project stays on schedule and budget as well as in line with the long-range marketing plan’s goals and objectives. MEASUREMENT In order to measure the progress and success of the implementation of the plan, Letizia Ad Team will drive all targeted demographics to the web. Web traffic is one-hundred percent trackable. Letizia Ad Team will provide weekly, monthly, quarterly (or as otherwise needed) web analytics to NSC. These weekly tracking reports identify unique visitors, where each visitor came from, how long they stayed, how many pages they viewed, etc. Each medium will have its own promo code thus the effectiveness of each medium can be tracked. In addition to web analytics, Letizia Ad Team would utilize SMS text message technology which is also trackable. By inserting an overlay into television, out-of-home, or in radio, we can encourage our target demographics to text in for more information. From there not only do we have trackable results, but also build the database.

Proposed Deliverables




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Thank You

WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU In keeping with our team approach, everyone here at Letizia Ad Team would like to thank you for the opportunity to share our work. We look forward to hearing from you soon and forging a meaningful successful working relationship. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brittany Madsen at 870-2362 (office) or 234-9044 (cell).

SEE MORE OF OUR WORK This presentation is just an overview of our abilities. Please take a look online and see some of the other projects we have been working on, as well as videos of our TV spots and interviews with Tom.

Nevada State College Proposal  

Media proposal for Nevada State College