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Who is Sebase Technologies? As a proudly black owned and managed IT Security and Infrastructure Company, we are truly creating big foot prints where we are crossing and changing mindsets with diversity. Sebase Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Sebase Group. Our passion exists to open doors, change mindsets and provide solutions to our clients through effective ICT. ICT plays a significant role around the world as organisations are impacted by this sector in the competitiveness of advanced financial systems. Most, if not all, Governments of developing countries are increasingly recognising that if they are to gain a competitive advantage – or at least keep pace with the global revolution – they must leapfrog to the new economy. Sebase Technologies focuses on this, providing daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly solutions to keep our clients up to speed with ICT solutions to meet their business needs. These value-added services are mainly classified as follows: • •

IT Security, & IT Infrastructure

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diversified and comprehensive range

Sebase Technologies has

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develop vertically integrated

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a broad spectrum of industries


Solutions IT Security Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Market leading SIEM platform cyber security and compliance monitoring, with proven success at the world’s most demanding public and private organizations. Online Backup and Recovery Data is the lifeblood of just about every commercial entity. Every day data is added, accessed, manipulated and used. Data is behind every project, every account, every customer, every email, and every query. Without data, business no longer functions. Network and Endpoint Security is protecting most mobile data of organisations Two Factor Authentication is used by the biggest banks and financial organisation including the government by means of smart cards and One Time Password (OTP) in order to strengthen authentication to financial and private systems. Network Infrastructure and Security help customers build and accelerate business value from their IT Infrastructures, we have helped our customers stay ahead of the demands posed by the exponential growth in network users and end-points, while meeting the business imperatives for high performance, reliability and absolute security. page 5

Antivirus and Internet content security where we provide worry-free solutions for small and medium business automatically monitor, respond and protect against data theft, webbased threats, and other malware. By providing safer, smarter , and simpler security. Content filtering for web, email and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has the unprecedented visibility into the internal and external movement of information in the Web World, this protects the essential information of more than 50 thousand organisation and 44 million people around the world.

Managed Infrastructure Services A centre of excellence specialising in the provision of seamless, integrated Infrastructure Support Services according to specific client needs which may include desktop, server and network support services. We provide the entire spectrum of managed services, including logistical planning and procurement, hosting, implementation, operation, break-and fix, and ongoing physical support of hardware and software according to the client requirements. Responsible for the design, supply, configuration, installation, support and maintenance of all clients’ network infrastructure. Comprehensive service and solutions are offered across the spectrum of all platforms, including LANs and campus networks, WANs and Value-Added Services. page 6


Vision and Mission Vision Our vision is to make a difference by helping, supporting and building sustainable communities.

Mission The mission of Sebase Technologies is to provide customers with a complete solution to all their current and future ICT needs. Sebase Technologies has established a reputation for quality work and plans to continue to enhance its image in the industry. The company seeks to become a well known and respected provider of ICT solutions by: • Increasing Service Offerings • Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future customers • Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to problems currently faced by customers

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Social Responsibility The major shareholders of Sebase Technologies are young, black, dynamic individuals whom are committed to the well being of the country and to being proudly South African. We feel honoured to have recruited only the best individuals, not only technical specialists but mentors as well. We believe in providing the underprivileged individuals with a passage to a successful career. Sebase will give the individuals who are passionate and hardworking an opportunity to become the best in the ICT industry. However, we will not only provide training to the young individuals, we will engage them hands-on on the projects under the watchful eyes our trusted consultants. Over the years, Sebase has employed and developed a number of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) students as part of their learnership programme, of which most have grown in the ICT Industry and have gone on to prove themselves in other organisations. BEE Credentials SebaseTechnologies is 100% owned by historically disadvantaged individuals (HDI). We promote equal opportunities for all and our BEE strategy follows the ICT BEE Charter, which primarily deals with the seven components of transformation.

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Ownership 100% Black Owned Management Control 100% Black Directorship Employment Equity We recruit and develop individuals to add value to the organisation. Skills Development We are committed to the training and development of every staff member. Preferential Procurement Black owned and controlled enterprises are at the top of the list of our suppliers. Enterprise Development Sebase Technologies is committed to the development of local organisations. Socio-Economic Development We are conscious of our social responsibility in all aspects.

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Strategic Partners Checkpoint • Highest rated Firewall • Full disk Encryption • Media Encryption with port protection • Network Access Control Trend • Anti-Spyware • Anti-Spam • Antivirus • Anti-Phishing ATTIX 5 • Online Back-Up and recovery for Enterprise • Desktop and Laptop Gemalto • Access Management and Two-Factor Authentication

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Websense • Web and Content Filtering Juniper • Network Infrastructure Microsoft • Small Business Specialist CISCO • Product Reseller Symantec • Product Reseller SecureData • IT Security Products Distributor • Security Information & Event Management (Arcsight) GFI Authorised Reseller

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Organisations worked with • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Department of Minerals and Energy Gauteng Shared Services Centre (GSSC) The Innovation Hub (Gauteng Provincial Government) Biopad (Dept of Science and Technology) Tshumisano (Dept of Science and Technology) BlueIQ (Gauteng Provincial Government) Khomanani (Dept of Health) Johannesburg Hospital Servcon Housing (Dept of Housing) MTN Network Solutions VW East London Auditor General South Africa Sol Plaatjie Municipality Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation SEDA Oil Business Incubator TOP TV Gauteng Department of Education

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Office: Q-KON Building, Office 11, 8 Pieter Street, Highveld, Technopark, Centurion, 0046 PO Box 67531, Highveld, Centurion, 0169 Tel: (012) 665 0454 Fax: (012) 665 1296 Mail to: Website:

Sebase Technologies Profile  
Sebase Technologies Profile  

Sebase Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Sebase Group. Our passion exists to open doors, change mindsets and provide solutions to ou...