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Question in RED, Correct answer in BLUE 1. In the test are questions on traffic rules, traffic signs and the controls of motor vehicles 2. Each Question has three possible answers marked marked A,B and C. Read each question carefully and choose ONE answer you consider the correct answer. 3. There could be other answers that are also correct, but which are not given and are therefore answers given are wrong or only partially correct. RULES 1. You may ... A. Drive your vehicle on the sidewalk. B. Allow your vehicle to move backwards only if it is safe to do so. C. Leave the engine of your vehicle running when you put petrol in it. 2. When you want to change lanes and drive from Lane 1 to Lane 2 you must (i) Only do it when it is safe to do so (ii) Switch on your indicators in time to show what you are going to do (iii) Use the mirror(s) of your vehicle to ensure that you know of other traffic CHOOSE THE CORRECT COMBINATION A. Only (i) and (ii) are correct B. All of the above are correct c. Only (ii) and (iii) are correct 3. When may you not pass another vehicle? When you.... (i) Are nearing the top of hill (ii) Are nearing curve (iii) Can only see 100m in front of you because of smoke over the road SELECT THE CORRECT COMBINATION A. (i) Only is correct B. All the above is correct C. (I)and (ii) are correct

4. When are you allowed to drive in the section left of the yellow line, RM 4.1 in the sketch booklet (I) Any time when you want to allow another vehicle to pass you (ii) In daytime when you want to allow another vehicle to pass you (iii) When on a freeway with 3 lanes in both directions, you want to drive slower than 120km/h (iv) When you have a flat tyre and you want to park there to change it SELECT THE CORRECT COMBINATION A. (i), (iii) and (iv) only are correct B. (ii) and (iv) only are correct C. All of the above are correct 5. You may obtain a leaner’s license if... (i)You already have a license that authorises the driving of the same vehicle class (ii) You are already declared unfit to obtain a driving license for a certain period prevails (iii) Your license was suspended temporarily and the suspension has not yet expired SELECT THE CORRECT COMBINATION A. (i), (ii) and (iii) are correct B. (i) only is correct C. (i) and (ii) 6. At an intersection... A. You must yield to oncoming traffic if you want to turn right. B. Vehicles have the right of way over pedestrians C. You can use a stop sign as a yield sign if there is no other traffic 7. The license for your vehicle (Clearance certificate) is valid for A. 12 months B. 90 Days C. 21 Days

8. Unless otherwise shown by a sign, the general speed limit in a town or city is A. 60 B. 80 C. 100 9. The legal speed limit which you may drive

A. Is always 120km/h outside towns/cities B. Can be determined by yourself if you look at the number of lanes the road h C. Is shown to you by signs next to the road 10. You may... A. Leave your vehicle engine running without supervision B. Allow someone to ride on the bumper of your vehicle C. Put your arm out of the window only to give the legal hand signs 11. If you see that someone wants to overtake you, you must (i) Keep to the left as far as is safe (ii) Not drive faster (iii) Give hand signals to allow the person to pass safely SELECT THE CORRECT COMBINATION A. (i) and (ii) are only correct B. All of the above are correct C. (ii) is only correct 12. The furthest that your vehicle’s dim lights may shine is ....m A. 45 B. 100 C. 150

13. What is the maximum period of time that a vehicle may be parked in one place on a road outside urban areas? A. 7 days B. 48 hours C. 24 hours 14. At an intersection... A. Pedestrians who are already crossing the road when the red man signal starts showing, have right of way B. You can pass another vehicle waiting to turn right on the left side by going off the road C. You can stop in it to off load passengers 15. You are not allowed to stop A. on the pavement B. With the front of your vehicle facing oncoming traffic C. Next to any obstruction in the road 16. You are not allowed to stop A. Where you are prohibited to park B. 5m from a bridge C. Opposite a vehicle, where the roadway is 10m wide 17. You may pass another vehicle on the left hand side if it (I)Indicates that it is going to turn right (ii) Drives on the right hand side of a road with a shoulder were you can pass (iii) Drives a town in the right hand lane with 2 lanes in the same direction


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