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RFID Solutions Can Meet All of Your Tracking Needs RFID is a company dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with leading edge solutions, whether your needs are for access control, data and inventory tracking, controlling your livestock, or otherwise. We have over 7 years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting RFID technology and would be pleased to advise you on the most suitable products for your needs. Among our offerings are: GPS Solutions For people, pet, vehicle or asset tracking, these devices are available in a wristwatch format. The GPS Wristband Pro is a GPS data logger cabable of continuous recording of location histories. It can confirm the location of anything that moves and has an assisted GPS for indoor areas. It comes with a LCD screen that indicates date, time and system settings as well as an SOS button for emergencies and is accurate to within 1 to 5 metres with live real time tracking. There are currently two models of the GPS Wristband Pro available. RFID Smart Cards RFID smart cards are available that function on anything from low frequencies to ultra high frequencies as well as on contact depending on the read distance you require and the data you need to capture or store. They are indispensible for controlling access to secure areas, hotel rooms, parking areas or anywhere that you need to control access. They are also used to track urban mass transit accounts, as billing payment cards, a data acquisition system and much more. They work in conjunction with an RFID reader. RFID Tags RFID tags are indispensable for keeping track of small or large animals, clothing, laundry and inventory goods, jewellery, people, containers or pallets, books, documents and all forms of invventory. They are available to function at various frequencies, allowing their data to be collected from various distances and can be clipped on to animals, sewn into garments or attached for easy removal at a checkout counter with special equipment if necessary. They can be both passive, for tracking purpurses, or active, allowing for data to be collected by the item that is being tracked. The active version is useful for hospitals that need to keep track of patients, penal systems, expensive asset management and many other applications. They work with an RFID reader and can provide a solution for all your event management or tracking needs. RFID Readers Tracking your data is one thing, you also need the ability to capture and manipulate the data. There are different RFID readers available depending on your needs. They can be both passive, collecting data from up close or at a distance, or active, and are able to send the data to Bluetooth enabled devices, PDAs, handheld assistants, or laptops, and some can even be used a memory stick and plugged into a computer for data manipulation or to run related applications. They are essential if you need to capture herd data, track inventory, control parking or event access or for many other applications. RFID Infotek cannot only provide with tools and tracking devices, we can also help by designing software for your particular needs. RFID Info Tek, with its partner Epc Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of RFID compliance software to the Wal-Mart and DoD supplier community, along with leading solutions to other business verticals. RFID Info Tek offers a

complete line up of successful RFID enabled products that provide compliance, fixed asset tracking and RFID enabled security. All applications support RFID hardware from all leading vendors and have been developed to run as standalone solutions or can be integrated with backend systems such as JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle and IBMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AS400. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We are always happy to provide the solutions that you need. We can be reached by email at or by telephone at 1-888-NOWRFID (1-888-669-7343) within North America, or at 1-647-989-1705 all over the world. <a href="">Keycard</a>

RFID Solutions Can Meet All of Your Tracking Needs  

RFID is a company dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with leading edge solutions, whether your needs are for access control,...

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