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Monitoring and Accounting for AAI - Courtesy of RAPTOR Nicole Harris (JISC Advance) but really Rhys Smith, Cardiff University Phil Smart, Cardiff University

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RAPTOR - Background • In UK, Athens -> Shibboleth = loss of usage stats – and… stats increasingly important in this age of austerity

• Alongside this, institutions have multiple systems – Shibboleth / OpenAthens / Ezproxy / IP auth / etc

• Institutions typically require relatively in-depth stats – E.g. E-resource usage by Department


RAPTOR - Background • Alongside this: – UK federation has a need for stats to prove value for money to funders; – Typically needs only simple “headline” stats; – What opportunities are there in shared data vs. local data?


RAPTOR Goals • Easy to install & configure; • Not intrusive - must not touch existing systems except on log file periphery; • Web front end designed for non-technical users; • Scalable; • Standards based where possible; • Free to use, open source, community driven.


Raptor Components • Client – ICA (Information Collector Agents) • Java log-file parser • Sits alongside the service to monitor

• Server – MUA (Multi Unit Aggregator) • Java front-end to event database

– Web • Java servlet, connects to MUA and allows user to interact with events 6


Technical Details • Java enterprise edition software • Web container – Embedded Jetty for standalone deployment on all components

• Web application (RaptorWeb) – Embedded Jetty for standalone deployment

• Java Server Faces, with Richfaces components (AJAX) • ICA and MUA are self contained web services configured using Spring • Uses Apache CXF • Springs inversion of control feature allows config in XML files 8

Technical Details • All communication between components over TLS, mutual authentication for security & integrity, encryption; • Currently manually configured keys (but installer helps take out the pain); – Future – use SAML metadata to ease this.


Supported Platforms • Platforms – Linux • YUM repository through openSUSE Build Service • Suse, RHEL, Mandriva variants, Debian/Ubuntu soon

– Windows • MSI installers

• Packages for – ICA / MUA / Web – MUA & Web (preconfigures MUA-Web) – ICA & MUA & Web (preconfigures everything)

• Requires only Java – Postgres optional (can use built in HSQL DB) but highly recommended 10







Activity Data overview • What resources are involved? – Whatever you like! Typically aimed at library resources for now.

• How is the data extracted or collected? – As per previous slides.

• What can the data tell us? – High level analysis of what is being used.

• Is it useful? • Can it be aggregated with other activity data? – – – –

Issues with standardising on resource names / entityIDs. Will be aggregated with Monitoring Unit information. Linked to LDAP for more detailed analysis. Local vs. aggregated view.

• Are there legal issues (DPA or rights)? – Depends on level of information aggregated and whether it is PII ‘free’.


Profile for Helen Harrop

RAPTOR presentation 13-07-2011  

RAPTOR slides from the JISC Activity Data online exchange session

RAPTOR presentation 13-07-2011  

RAPTOR slides from the JISC Activity Data online exchange session