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Gay advertising and marketing Advertisers and marketers are looking at different ways to sell their products or support gay rights more than ever before. One great example is Target who is selling T-shirts through the end of June -- coinciding with Gay Pride Month. It will donate up to $120,000 of the proceeds to a nonprofit that supports gay families. Other indicators show the results of a recent survey, released by Harris Interactive and Witeck-Combs Communications, which states that gays and lesbians remain more optimistic about the economy than the heterosexual population. Nearly four in ten (39%) GLBT respondents believe the economy will improve in the next year, while only 29% of heterosexuals surveyed share this optimism.

Moreover, 30% of gay and lesbian adults say they feel more secure in their financial situation than last year, while only 19% of heterosexual respondents report feeling more secure. The results of this survey are in line with previous Harris Interactive surveys, indicating gays and lesbians consistently remain more optimistic about the country’s economy.

Another great source for finding southern California gay businesses or gay friendly businesses for advertisers is trough gay and lesbian directories or gay yellow pages. Finding a Southern California Gay Directory can help the gay community find businesses who are in tune with their needs and wants.

Another indicator is Northwestern University’s Medill Reports recently published an article on marketing to the gay community. The article presents a few snapshots of corporate marketing efforts and gives some helpful advice from experts on GLBT marketing.

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