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March 3rd week IGN Analysis Paulo Ricardo Cortez

Hey everyone! Before going to the analysis itself, there will be some changes that I want to communicate to you  The first one is that the analysis is going to be bi-weekly as we defined in replanning. But, as it is going to be bi-weekly, it is going to be more complete. The column of the “12.13” result will always reflect the total achieved in the month, and the “13.14” how much we already achieved so, instead of comparing to the week, you will be already comparing to the overall month result, to see how much you still need to do in order to grow comparing to the past term. Also, I will always send as well the results per subproduct of the region for you to understand if we are really following the global directions and if what you are raising makes sense. We as regional coordinators are also sending the reports to each other to send to all regions for you guys to understand ALSO what is happening in the other regions! Now everyone are at Xpros but you guys should expect that. For the NPS report that you guys saw at IPM, I will be releasing every first week of the month  I think that is it! Enjoy the report!

Overview March 3rd week- oGCDP

General Comments It is very worring our situation in oGCDP! As we should have already started our RA peak, we can see that we have 1 week to recover the -42 GAP we are facing to just grow a little bit comparing to the last semester. Very few entities are already growing and we just have Peru as one of the big entities that already passed their result of last term, but we already have some entities as Nicaragua and Guatemala already doing a good job! ď Š In RE the same applies, we have a GAP of -21 but still one week to come. Anyway, it is a very delicated situation in oGCDP, mainly considering what you guys are going to see about iGCDP in the next slide!

Overview March 3rd week - iGCDP

General Comments So, in iGCDP we still continues with the gigantic growth in RA (I just don’t know if we are pushing growth this much, where we are going to find this supply). Brazil, Arg&Uru and Peru keep showing consistency in their iGCDP growth strategy but it worries me even more that, at this time, as it is not a peak for oGCDP in IGN if we can supply ourselves with EPs from other regions. I would definetely review this RA strategy. And, as you can see, the MA and RE is not following this growth, logically because the supply is not there. So, if our main strategy as tier 1 and tier 2 entities is investing in iGCDP RA, what are we doing to guarantee it is a clever investment in our side? Think about it, I think it is quite important.

Overview March 3rd week- oGIP

oGIP subproducts 3rd week of March

General Comments Red flag in oGIP! One week to go and we are decreasing in all processes and I can’t point out any entity with a relevant growth. In subproducts it is very good we are growing on teaching, mainly of Brazil, but in all others we are decreasing. So, it is time for OGX promotion guys! Mainly for your entities that do not have a strong GCDP peak for now, try to take advantage of oGIP. It is a huge opportunity, and the demand is here! Our region needs teaching EPs (if you have the potential) but also needs IT. So it is time to make our cooperations even stronger and start recruiting it!

Overview March 3rd week- iGIP

iGIP subproducts 3rd week of March

General Comments Well, huge red flag here as well! In RA we have almost all entities decreasing, despite Arg&Uru that had some RA (surprise surprise!) and also Costa Rica. All other entities are decreasing quite fast, just compare with the global growth and you will see our situation. Despite not being so bad in RE, because we have already Colombia and Mexico growing, it is very alarming our RA situation. For the entities that are massively decreasing, could you guys contact me? Maybe we can see what we can do to revert this situation, but we need to do it now!

3rd week of march  

IGN analyses 3 week March

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