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The Playful Review The week in kink Issue Two | Sunday 8th September



A note from Justine... It’s our second Playful Review already! This week it seems to have been all about porn when it comes to the government, from proposed changed to the curriculum to how much is accessed from The Houses of Parliament (and we thought that the MPs would be Facebook fans!). Fifty Shades of Grey is as newsworthy as ever and we ask whether it deserves to join the ranks of the literary greats. Not due to being an outstanding contribution to English Literature but rather for its contribution to the world of publishing.


The Playful Review | Sunday 8th September


In the news → Over 300,000 attempts to access porn from The Houses of Parliament over the last year has been alleged. It is “unclear” as to who was responsible but a spokeswoman from The Houses of Parliament has pointed out that this does not prove that a user intended to visit the site and that pop-ups are recorded as requests. Still, for 5,000 members of staff that sounds like rather a lot of automatic links and other entry ways of the accidental kind. →The government is divided over whether parents should be responsible for teaching their children about internet pornography with Nick Clegg arguing for changes to the curriculum and David Cameron agreeing with Michael Gove who rejected the call for change.

The Playful Review | Sunday 8th September


Making us smile This week we discovered A Submissives Initiative with its photo gallery of BDSM humour. Wonder Woman is a fabulous character (don’t tell me you haven’t had dirtyWelcome to the inaugural issue of The Playful thoughts about her lasso!)Review, bringing you the week in kink. and we loved this caption.

The Playful Review | Sunday 8th September


Books that changed the world ________________________________ Rarely on lists of books to read before you die or that will change your life do you find chick lit. You may encounter the odd item of erotica but only when there is significant literary merit; think DH Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover or Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Trashy books don’t change the world. ________________________________ And yet, EL James who makes no claim to sophistication has arguably done just that.

The Playful Review | Sunday 8th September

Way back in December Perez Hilton reported on a new survey that claimed that women were 50% more kinky as a result of the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. While we haven’t see the data to support the claim it is without question that attitudes have shifted.

6 People are talking more and if a parent voiced a concern to a friend about spying the book in a teacher’s bag on parents evening they’d be more likely to be made to feel foolish than vindicated for holding an outdated and repressed attitude.

Regardless of your thoughts of the book itself, as a publishing phenomenon, 50 Shades of Grey has made a huge impact from how selfpublishing is perceived to, naturally enough, BDSM and sex. 50 Shades of Grey shook things up and that’s great!

The Playful Review | Sunday 8th September


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A slight variation on our usual interview; this week we hear a real life story. Tuesday Interested in contributing to Your Place to Play? Here’s how. Wednesday In our blog the Dominant Dad talks about what he gets out of BDSM. Thursday We review the film Black Snake Moan. Friday Black Snake Moan featured a woman restrained by a chain. No prizes for guessing what this weeks inspiration is about. Saturday In her column Miss Bea will talk about competitive sex lives

The Playful Review | Sunday 8th September


The Playful Review | Sunday 8th September

Issue 2 sunday 8th september 2013  
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