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The Playful Review The week in kink Issue Eleven | Sunday 10th November



A note from Justine... FGM has been a hot topic this week and lest it be doubted, that is one perversion I hold no truck with. What I am in favour of is delightfully bonkers art projects as I for one have wondered for some time why more people aren’t vacuum packing and photographing other people. We’re mostly on top of our staffing issues and will be keeping you updated with a new section starting next week called “Office Gossip.”


The Playful Review | Sunday 10th November


In the news → The BBC has reported that “Legislation to introduce same-sex marriage in Scotland has been backed by the Holyrood committee looking into the proposals.” There’s a way to go but its a start and we hope the right decision is made in parliament. → Apparently Helen Fielding’s depictions of sex weren’t quite bad enough for her to make the cut for 2013’s Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction Award. An encounter between

the famous singleton and an ex-army officer - "'Oh, oh,' I gasped. 'Did they teach you this in the SAS?'" - was deemed "not quite cringeworthy enough".

The Playful Review | Sunday 10th November


Making us smile This week we’ve been enjoying I’m not right in the head, a collection of macabre and bizarre humour which manages to be thought-provoking at the same time.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Playful Review, bringing you the week in kink.

The Playful Review | Sunday 10th November


On the telly box (except it’s all online) Our feeds have been all over Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) this week which is a credit to Leyla Hussein’s The Cruel Cut. We were aware of it (and against it) but were staggered by the denial and lack of understanding out there. Obviously the program has been edited to evoke a reaction but frankly, on a topic this serious we can’t see any reaction which would be too strong #stopFGM.

The Playful Review | Sunday 10th November


The joy of sex shopping The email was titled “Apparently, if you live in Tokyo and want to be photographed while vacuum-packed with your significant other, you can.� which was somewhat misleading given that Haruhiko Kawaguchi is a photographer working on a project called Flash Love rather than offering a service on the open market. Still, it was by far the most interesting thing we were sent this week!

The Playful Review | Sunday 10th November


Knot of the week

Rope Shackle The Playful Review | Sunday 10th November


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We’ve lost a dungeon reviewer. They’ve already been replaced but we’re a bit behind. We’ll be back soon! Scene it, done it. Aurora set the stage for a scene. We look at the artist, Rubens... ... then take inspiration from Rubens. Miss Bea is on a journey of corruption. She claims to have done research but now she’s on assignment!

The Playful Review | Sunday 10th November

Issue 11 sunday 10th november 2013