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The Playful Review The week in kink Issue Ten | Sunday 3rd November



A note from Justine... There is a consensus in the office for one of the sexiest ever screen moments being Pink’s electrical tape covered nipples in her video for Like a Pill. We got flashbacks this week when Nicki Menaj posted those Instagram pics. They’re a bit more blatant but it’s hard to argue artistic integrity here. It’s also been a giggly week on the subject of sex toys from dildo cacti gardens (take inspiration from that if you dare!) to vibrating moustaches (which is the kind of Movember I could really get into).


The Playful Review | Sunday 3rd November


In the news → Niicki Menaj went all out for her Halloween costume this week. To quote

American Pie, she takes her vitamins! She apparently wants to get cuffed. Assuming that this isn’t a flirtation aimed at Chris Brown, start forming a queue boys. → Last Sunday, Lou Reed died at his home in New York. The Velvet

Underground star brought the iconic Venus in Furs to our ears. Thank you Lou.

Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather Shiny leather in the dark Tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart

The Playful Review | Sunday 3rd November


Making us smile This week we’ve been enjoying the Basia Rose’s Tumbler feed on the subject of “Pretty Things - Kinky Things - Sexy Things.” Full of sensuous bondage photography and lots of themed humour, it is a delightfully soft yet serious study of fetish and fun. Even better, she has a blog! Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Playful Review, bringing you the week in kink.

The Playful Review | Sunday 3rd November


On the telly box (except it’s all online) Date my porn star took three British men who love their porn and exposed them to the reality of LA’s porn industry. It was a coming of age story as three delusional idiots came to terms with reality. Your Place to Play isn’t anti-porn but we do welcome these kinds of programmes. They may not go deep but the airtime given to Jessica Jaymes, Tanya Tate and Cody Cummings to say their piece is great.

The Playful Review | Sunday 3rd November


The joy of sex shopping We’re not sure you’d actually want to purchase anything from Searah’s Museum of Screwy Sex Toys but this blog collection of crazy items certainly provides the entertaining idea of livening up Christmas morning.

The Playful Review | Sunday 3rd November


Knot of the week

The Cats Paw The Playful Review | Sunday 3rd November


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We’ve lost a dungeon reviewer. They’ve already been replaced but we’re a bit behind. We’ll be back soon! Clamp me, cut me, new ways to hurt me says Aurora this week. Thinking outside the box, this weeks book review is about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). PIY and write an erotic short story. Duly spanked, this week Miss Bea WILL post her column on swinging!

The Playful Review | Sunday 3rd November

Issue 10 sunday 3rd november 2013  
Issue 10 sunday 3rd november 2013