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Catering in Canberra is easy! Excellent dining establishments like Box Diner provide

catering services, too, aside from their regular services of providing delicious food and beverages on the weekdays for their loyal customers. Box Diner Fyshwick provides catering services for all occasions including group lunches and corporate meetings, birthday parties and anniversaries, and formal gatherings, among others. Name the occasion and the diner’s chefs and wait staff can accommodate your catering needs and wants.

Easy Ordering System If you want a fast, easy and convenient method of ordering for your needs and wants in catering in Fyshwick, Box Diner Fyshwick has it covered. Just log in to its official website, download the catering menu, and complete the online order form before submitting it to the diner via email, fax or drop off at its address. Of course, emailing at and/or calling the diner via its fax number - (02) 6202 5565 - are the better options for individuals with busy schedules but dropping off the printed form at its address will also work to their mutual benefit. Whatever works for the customer, the staff of Box Diner will find ways to accommodate his requests for the best catering in Canberra!

Easy Terms But as with any establishment in the restaurant industry, Box Diner Fyshwick has its terms and conditions that prospective customers are expected to comply with so as to ensure excellent delivery of the agreed products and services. Don’t worry though because these terms and conditions are standard operating procedures in the industry so there are no unpleasant surprises here.

Box Diner cafe restaurant Fyshwick Canberra

The terms and conditions of the Box Diner in its catering services are: 

Placement of the catering order at least 24 hours before the event to guarantee satisfactory service. The order must also be placed by 3 in the afternoon of the day before the catering event starts. (Note: The Box Diner Fyshwick closes by 3PM Mondays to Fridays)

Surcharges can be added to the main catering bill in case of last minute and/or urgent orders. Box Diner Fyshwick may also reserve the right to ask for additional charges, as agreed upon by both parties.

Payment of orders must be made in full before delivery or pick-up. A 50% deposit may be required as well.

When the order has been accepted and confirmed by Box Diner, the customer - your, for example - will be notified. If you have yet to receive your confirmation and your event is nearing, you should call the diner at (02) 6202 5555 right away to avoid any future inconveniences.

Easy Delivery or Pick-up System The Box Diner Fyshwick also prides itself on its efficient delivery and pick-up system for small and large orders for catering in Canberra. Orders that do not meet the minimum amounts stated below will be charged a $20 delivery and pick-up fee. Free or not, the Box Diner assures its customers that their ordered food and beverages will be ready on the appointed time.

Box Diner cafe restaurant Fyshwick Canberra

The minimum orders with free delivery depend on the location of the event, thus:    

Fyshwick $70 Inner south $150 Inner north $150 Queanbeyan $150

Pick-ups will obviously be made at the physical address of the Box Diner Fyshwick - 65 Tennant St. in the east of the city’s industrial area. You can call in advance to confirm your pick-up time, thus, making it easy for you to get the orders and then hop back into your car with a minimum of fuss. Of course, the best thing about the catering services of Box Diner is its delicious food and beverages including the sides, dishes and desserts as well as the coffee, tea and mixed drinks. The catering menu of Box Diner Fyshwick includes quiches, light salads, and premium salads as well as drinks like coffee, tea, and orange juice. Your job is to choose which of these great selections will be on your menu for the day.

Box Diner cafe restaurant Fyshwick Canberra

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Excellent dining establishments like Box Diner provide catering services, too, aside from their regular services of providing delicious food...