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wedding the roost - one friendly place - dalston heights

Over the years The Roost has hosted the occasional wedding for photographers and their muses, now with the addition of our two new studios One Friendly Place and Dalston Heights the opportunity to come and celebrate in these unique space is open to all. Venue Hire You have the option of three beautiful and unique venues for your wedding reception, each of which comes with a selection of antiques, props, furniture and artwork to enhance and dress your day. After the initial site visit, you can expect the following for your hire charge: 1. Exclusive use - For the period of hire agreed - usually Friday evening to dress, Saturday to Wed and Sunday morning to collect your items, to have tables, chairs & sundries picked up and for our cleaners to prepare the location for the following weeks filming. 2. A venue representative on the day – A member of our team will be on site during the day to attend to venue related issues and ensure safe use of the property. 3. Venue Logistics – Via email our venue co-ordinator will attend to venue related questions and queries. If you require a more in-depth service, wedding specialist Alice Hodge is available to hire as a planner and designer from start to finish for your big day. Specific details of what she offers are available on request.

Our general terms and conditions are clearly available on all our websites.

Frequently asked questions Is there parking? The Roost has room for two large cars or suppliers vans and meters outside – Dalston Heights has drop off area only and nearby parking for guests on a meters – Friendly Place has eight parking spaces. •

Is there a bar? The venues come with unique bar areas, you can bring your own drinks or hire a pop up bar, we can recommend options.

What are the smoking options? In The Roost guests can smoke by the main entrance and in the garden until 11 pm . Dalston Heights by the front door area & Friendly place in the garden till 11pm or in our own private street to the front.

Does the venues come with furniture? There is plenty of amazing furniture around the venues to lounge on but for a sit down dining event you need to hire in tables, chairs, linen cutlery glasses etc or employ Alice as a wedding planner and she will do it for you!

Is there a cut-off time for music? Yes, its 11.30pm at The Roost, 12.30pm at The Heights and Friendly Place invitations should state this clearly so that your guests can plan their journey home or indeed to carry on to the wee hours elsewhere.

How many people does it seat? The Roost holds 80-100 guests sitting down, and an additional 50 for the party. The Heights up to 150 sitting and an additional 50 for the party, Friendly Place 200 throughout - we can jig this around as all weddings are unique but good to have a rough guide, just let us know the way you would like to set up the day and we will determine the best way to accommodate.

Will we need to bring in sound equipment? Yes, you supply your own DJ or band and sound system. Our staff will inform you of the best places to set up to make the event more successful and to keep within the appropriate sound levels.

Are we allowed to bring in decorations? Of course! Or if you lead a busy life you can hire Alice as a wedding designer to make them for you, but no candles or screwing in to the walls! cable ties and blu-tak please - we always insist on battery operated tea lights.

Corkage? We do charge for corkage but again this could be included in a package or settled separately.

Kitchen the Roost and Friendly Place have on site commercial kitchens, there is an additional charge of £400 for external

caterers to use these for your event - they must be left spotless. •

Deposit we will hold a £300 deposit against damage, refusing to sup up and leave at the agreed time and for leaving the kitchen in anything but an as found state - this is in addition of the hire fee and will be returned in the days following the event dependent on you picking it up.

Doorman? Yes this is a stipulation of hire that a professional qualified doorman is employed for the evening, we can arrange or if you feel more comfortable with someone you know then thats ok - Our guys charge £120 from 6pm till finish.

When can we start setting up? From 8am on the day of your wedding party. You will be able to start the evening before from 6.30 pm for three hours, and sometimes if there is no filming going on in the studio that day you can access earlier but this can never be determined till much nearer the date.

When do we clear up? The next day before noon. Alice can organize this for you as part of her wedding planning role or if you have any helpful volunteers send them along the following morning to collect any items. All tables and chairs that are hired in must be collected on the Sunday morning too. A rubbish collection van must be booked and paid for in advance to collect all bin bags bottles,boxes etc that can amount to quite a lot. we find the charge is usually between £100/£120 for the van again we can book this in for you.

Finally the cost of hire - this is dependent on a few factors, number of folk, arrival times, caterers used - our recommended caterers are Easy Gourmet, sit down or bowl food? hog roast, street food or pizza delivery! Each wedding is unique and most folk have their own set plans and thats great but the pricing reflects not only the hire of the location but the work involved in putting those plans into place. We always suggest that you visit the location/s and thereafter drop us a sketch of your day once you have thought it through and we can then quote to that description. To arrange a viewing of the Roost or Dalston Heights please email our studio manager Joe, - to view One Friendly Place please email Rash, please be aware though that if the studios are running into overtime with a film or photo production that the viewing may have to be rearranged at short notice and most important of all, the locations are busy working studios first and foremost, we have to prioritise the bookings that are current over projected bookings in a few months or even years time. It is important that initially both of you come and see the location together, be punctual and if viewing one location in Dalston then take the time to see the other, it does happen often that a few weeks after viewing The Roost, folk then want to come back and view the Heights. Joe and Rash will expect you to confirm the appointment the day before, to ensure all is well.

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