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Concept: 2013


One of the key trends that we have predicted for 2013 is ‘Experience Positive’. We want to offer ideas inspired by this trend to Emirates, to ensure that it becomes the most sought after and aspirational airline to fly with.


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Exectutive Summary


Concept Introduction


The Red Account


In-Flight Experience

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Executive Summary L’espoir have recognised that Emirates is a global luxury airline, whose goal is ‘then as now, quality not quantity’. In recent years travelling abroad has become more accessible; we have acknowledged that Emirates original mission, of offering the ultimate luxury flying experience, is still the top priority. We understand that Emirates’ growth has never been lower that 20 per cent annually, and this we feel is due to the excellence offered, creating loyal custom and as a result, a succession of repeat bookings. L’espoir feel that while Emirates is one of the most sought after airlines to fly with, currently their brand recognition versus sales do not run parallel. Whilst it is a household name and recognised for a high standard of service, the opportunities to be had regarding the many destinations and services offered are relatively unknown. From our proposals we have looked into targeting first and business class customers, those of whom relish the Emirates level of luxury. The advertising campaigns we have created are set to acknowledge this, however will not alienate new custom across all demographics.


Concept Introduction We believe that Emirates would benefit from forming a collaboration with a like-minded brand in order to boost recognition and new custom. The Harrods brand is the ideal partner to successfully co-ordinate with Emirates to achieve this. Harrods’ values mirror those of Emirates, offering a prestigious and world-renowned luxury experience. The Eastern connection that both of these companies hold is one of the many reasons that the collaboration will feel natural, yet both are also extremely successful in a western culture. Not only will we be drawing in new custom from both brands, but we are also creating a link for existing customers.


The Red Account Both Harrods and Emirates have well established rewards systems for their customers. While Emirates offer Skywards, Harrods provide a reward card where customers are encouraged to earn points as they spend. The brand collaboration will result in the combining of Skywards and Reward card points; together they will form the Red Account. The Red Account is the tally of points earned when spent with either Emirates or Harrods. It allows for the points to be converted into money and be redeemed at the customers discretion with either brand at any time. Customers will register for their Red Account online, and will receive a card that coincides with the account and its contents. This card is for redemption only and is shown at point of sale in either Harrods stores or when booking a flight with Emirates. To earn points the original Harrods loyalty card and the Skywards card will stay active and will continue to operate with the processes as already understood by its users.




London - Dubai return =

£2,000 = earn:

600 pts = earn:





15,000 miles = earn:


Red Account points system


In-Flight Experience To support the collaboration the Harrods brand will be found in-flight across all classes. Along with all the benefits already offered to first class we propose a Harrods hamper for each passenger. The hamper will include Harrods branded produce, and contents will vary depending on time of flight. For example, the breakfast hamper will include tea bags, ground coffee, breakfast biscuits, a variety of conserves, chocolate, Clarins day and night cream and perfume samples. Most importantly all hampers will include a Harrods rewards card and information about The Red Account and how it works in conjunction with Emirates. Business class will not be excluded however will not receive the hamper, as this is exclusive to first class passengers. Instead, the collaboration will be acknowledged with all accompaniments to every meal coming from the Harrods food hall. The option to receive a Harrods rewards card is available before landing. Economy passengers are also offered the rewards card. Currently this experience will only be offered on flights from London to Dubai and vice versa. This is a starting point to solidify the collaboration. As Emirates originates from Dubai, it makes it the most appropriate destination to introduce the collaboration.



In-Store Experience Currently the Emirates experience only begins once a ticket has been purchased, and until a customer chooses to fly with the airline they will never be fully aware of what is offered. The Harrods motto mirrors our aims for Emirates’ in extending their brand: “All Things for All People, Everywhere.” As previously stated, we want to bring the Emirates experience to all demographics and to achieve this Emirates will position itself within the Harrods department store. One of the most sought after perks of flying upper class is the luxury of a private waiting lounge. This will be recreated on the lower ground floor. The waiting lounge acts as a place to meet, wait and relax but above all to discover the opportunities when travelling with first or business class Emirates. The décor will replicate the Emirates waiting lounge for a more realistic experience and will include all amenities such as refreshments, restrooms and a variety of newspapers and publications. This will launch on the weekend of Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2013. To support the opening of the lounge and the collaboration, Emirates will take over the notorious Harrods window displays and other in-store advertising channels for one month.


Specifically designed adverts will appear in-store, each dedicated to a certain department. This will bring a sense of reality to what the customer can purchase when activating The Red Account. Certain windows will be interactive, and will showcase cabins of each class. Customers will access the ‘cabin’ from within the store, acting as an incentive to purchase future flights with Emirates having now experienced the service.

In-store advertising


Billboard Advertising

• Billboards will be positioned on key commuter routes into London and towards Gatwick and Heathrow.

• Above is the final billboard that concludes the sequence, and gives more information as well as introducing the Harrods logo.

• The advertising generates intrigue by not giving too much information away. This ensures that the consumer visits to find out more.

• Approximate price: 750 48-sheet billboards = £300,000

• The Emirates logo will appear on every image, however it is not the focal point of the campaign but simply ensures brand recognition. • The billboard advertising runs as a sequence reflecting different opportunities available with Emirates and The Red Account. • Attaching the points to the item creates a more attainable idea for the customer.



Billboard locations


The Taxi Wrap

• The second advertising medium will be taxi supersides. • Our client profile suggests that taxis are their chosen mode of transport within the city however whether using them or not, they are omnipresent. • This is a continuation of the billboard concept, however this has been taken one step further and the object of the advert has become the advert, whereby every journey earns the customer 50 points. • To earn points customers receive a coupon at the end of their journey. By typing in the coupon code they can add their 50 points to their account online. • Approximate price: 250 taxis = £43,500


Recommendations • Twice a year Emirates will take over Harrods for the weekend to keep customers aware of The Red Account, building on what has already been established in-store. • Emirates Tours will have a concession in Harrods for ease of booking and effective use of The Red Account. • Earning points with taxis will develop into a ‘Red Cab’ scheme. This will be a taxi booking service available in Harrods, and 50 points will be added to The Red Account at the point of booking. • Advertising will be expanded to the media; broadsheet newspapers such as the Guardian, Financial Times and The Telegraph will be read by our proposed client. Luxury magazines across all genres and genders such as Condé Nast Traveller, Vogue, Esquire and Brides will run adverts. • By 2015 other major cities such as New York, Sydney, Paris, and Hong Kong will join The Red Account with their superior department stores.


Conclusion Our aim throughout has been to create new custom for Emirates and to generate a greater awareness of it as a luxury brand. We have also aimed to update the experience for existing and loyal customers. The formation of the Red Account targets both audiences with something new and exciting. This is also an incentive to fly with Emirates over any other airline. The role our advertising plays will develop recognition of the brand and reinforce the luxury and quality provided. The careful choice of billboard and taxi advertising means that Emirates comes to its customer before the customer comes to Emirates. Above there’s

all, our overriding theme emulates that first class, and then there’s Emirates.


© L’espoir 2010

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