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Content  Introduction  Reflection  Unit 1 : Individual & Society  Unit 2: Eating & Drinking  Unit 3: Art & Music  Unit 4: Hopes & Fears  Unit 5: Work & Leisure

Intruction In this proyect are recolected the compositions that I’ve made throug the long English V course with the teacher Maria Elena. This compositions are about different themes. My firs compositions talked about my best friend. I include in this one some characteristis from her. In the 2nd one I wrote about one of my favorite restaurnt and it’s delicious food. In the 3dr one I gave a little description of the book that I almost have liked. The 4th It’s a conversations and finally the 5th one to participate in sport event.

Reflection ď‚— I think that this activity helped me a lot,

such to learn things like vocabulary and phrases that we can use to express yourself better in different themes.

ď‚— Another thing was at watching the

differents and similitudes between both structures

Individual & Society  KATHYA

Kathya is very pretty and tall. She is my best friend so she loves me, and she also like to listen music. She doesn't study in my school, but I see her in the afternoon. She looks like her mother. She´s very nice and fun, I love her very much. She is fifteen years old, but she looks older. She is a very important person in my life. She has one sister and they live with their mother, she´s like a sister to me.

Eating & Drinking  Chinese restaurant…

My favorite restaurant is downtown, on 5 de mayo avenue. It´s a chinese restaurant. They have a special taste. I usually go with my friends. There, they have a several selection of dishes. The personnel are very friendly and quick. They use very nutritious ingredients and they usually serve many vegetables. You can serve like bufete everything you want to. You can choose from a delicious soup of fideos to a very tasty meat with vegetables and so, we have the opportunity to choose the dessert, and It isn't very expensive.

Art & Music  My favorite book is “The never - ending story”

This is the story about a boy who lives in a book and there he lives a lot of adventures. The novel is set in a city of England. The book tells the story of Sebastian who meets a lot of magic creatures with the help of a book that he found in an old story. The book asks him to change his life, sharing him a new and fantastic world with mythic and fantasy creatures. This book is a fantasy story.

Work & Leisure Dear Mrs. Ellis, Hi I am Lesly Medina and I would like to be a volunteer to participate in the sporting event. I think I am a very good person because, I am friendly funny and a nice girl. I am 18 years old and I like to play volleyball and swimming but I love all sports. I speak excellent English, good Spanish and some French. Also, I like to meet people so thank you for your attention. I’m looking forward for your response, Bye for now .

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