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By Owen Fang Room 204 November 16th, 2010.


THE AMUSMENT PARK ON MARS Once upon a time all the Presidents decided that they should build a amusement park on Mars so the astronauts would not get bored. But when the aliens found out a amusement park was being built on Mars they where not happy, so they told the Alien overlord to take care of the problem. So the alien overlord tried to take care of the problem by talking to the Presidents but the Presidents ignored the Alien overlord and went to their secret fortress on Earth to plan about building their amusement park on Mars. Now the alien overlord was mad so he sent him self ten aliens and a guide that knows every passage in the president’s secret fortress. After every body was on the alien battleship they set off to Earth. When they arrived at earth they crash landed in the great desert and their adventure to find the presidents fortress began. After they crash landed the guide told them to go north so they walked north. When it was night they stopped and slept in their tents. When it was morning they ate breakfast and set off north again after 7 hours of walking they spotted a tornado heading their way fast they tried to run away but they where too late then the tornado sucked them up and they fainted. When they woke up they where lost and even the guide do not know where to go and they where still in the desert now they where not in danger so they headed north again until the night. When it was the morning they continued to head north until one of the aliens found a rusted door that’s when the guide said that the rusted door was the entrance to the presidents secret fortress but the aliens could not get the door open so they got out their high power combat laser gun and blasted the door open but they decided to not go in until the morning because it was the night and all of them where 2

tired. In the morning at 3o clock they went in carefully dogging the camas and guards but then they had a problem because now they where caught by the robot guards but luckily they where able to blast the robots before they pressed the alarm button but blasting the robots made a loud noise and the presidents let out the dogs to help find the aliens but now it was night and the aliens where tired again so they each found their own sleeping place, next morning when they woke up 7 of the aliens where missing so they looked for them but they had no luck assuming they where captured they continued the passage but their where camas in the end of the hall and in the corners, we must be close to the presidents room said the guide but now they could not get past the camas because their too many so they blasted the camas that was a bad choice because it set of a alarm and the fortress went into lockdown. Now it was harder because every door now had triple layers of one inch stele and their where more guards than ever but they stilled carry on and after a few more hours they went to sleep again. When they woke up again only the alien over lord, the guide, and one alien remained but the good part was that the lock down mode was over and their where less guards. And they where close to the presidents room so they went on only after 30 minutes of walking they got to the presidents room but the room had 60 inch blast doors and 10 super guards but they had a plan they wanted until lunch, when it was lunch the super guards went away to eat lunch so the door was ungraded so the aliens waited until the presidents also came out then they made a deal. The deal was that the presidents would get an alien as to study and the presidents would move the amusement park to the Moon.





The Amusement Park  

The Amusement Park

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