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By Nicholas So Room 204 November 2010.


One Friday 34 year old Alex Power was having a dream about him becoming famous and being a hero by saving the world. When suddenly he was woken up by a sound. He couldn’t really tell what the sound was, because he was too tired but once he heard it a second time he knew it was his father Nick Power calling “Alex, Alex, Alex! Hurry up and come down’’. “Coming dad!” shouted Alex. “Ok but if you don’t hurry up you won’t be able to watch television!” Alex came downstairs to eat his blueberry sauce of some sort and drink his special drink (which contained all vitamins, calcium, iron and all the healthy stuff plus it taste good). When he was done eating breakfast, he said goodbye to his dad and went to school. Once he came back his father asked “how was your day?” he replied “good”. Alex soon went to bed to sleep. The next morning he didn’t hear his father calling him so he woke up on his own. “Dad, dad!” shouted Alex. He soon found him in his office. “Dad wh-” but he was cut short by his father. “Quiet” said his father. “I have found out that there is something strange going on here. It’s as if somebody is gathering a lot of energy, enough to break the world into pieces!” “How is that even possible dad!?” I don’t know but it seems they have stolen energy from meteorites, cosmic energy from planets and dark energy from black holes! Wait there is still a source of massive energy!” said Alex’s Father. “What is it!?” asked Alex. “The Chaos Emeralds” said Nick. “The Chaos what?” asked Alex, “The Chaos Emeralds who ever manages to get all Emeralds will be unstoppable!” “What did you say unstoppable!?” said Alex. “That is right unstoppable luckily who ever wishes to get all the emeralds must face the Chaos Guardians”. “I wonder who this person is because even without the Chaos Emeralds they can still shatter the Earth.


At that very moment in space Takadox the evil mastermind was working on his energy-absorbing death ray. “I shall blast the Earth and turn it into bits then rule it hahaha”. Then on Takadox’s screen Meltdown Takadox’s most feared robot was talking to him. “Lord Takadox we have found all the energy we could and we are loading it into the ray”. “Excellent” said Takadox “once you are done blast the Earth I have some business to do”, “Yes Lord Takadox” said Meltdown as he disappeared. Takadox took out his gun that allows him to talk to the people on Earth. Down on Earth Alex and his Father were going for a walk when suddenly Takadox’s picture showed up. “It is I the mighty Takadox and I am going to rule your World once I blast it with my Death ray so prepare to be demolished” and his picture disappeared. “What Takadox is gathering all the energy!” “Dad who is Takadox?” “Takadox is a evil mastermind that tries to take over the world!” “Can’t we stop him?” said Alex “OK but we might be too late” So Alex and his father went into the ship to stop Takadox but it was too late Takadox had fired the ray and the Earth was a big bunch of pieces. Takadox laughed as he sent all of his robots to take the people from Earth. Alex’s father said that they had to get all of the Chaos emeralds to save their world. When they were going to the planet Stortea Alex’s father gave him 8 swords which had the elements fire, water, ice, wind, earth light, dark and a normal sword. When they were there at the planet Alex saw Emerald and he said “dad I found it” as he ran forward. “No son!” said his father then suddenly a giant snake popped out of the ground. “I am the guardian” the snake hissed “so if you want this emerald you have to fight me!” “sure” said Alex as he pulled out a sword. Alex jumped up and tried to cut it but it dodged it and shot acid out of its mouth. Alex dodged the acid and stabbed 3

the snake the snake hissed with pain as Alex stabbed it several times until the snake hit him with his tail which knocked Alex on the to the ground. The snake was about to bite Alex when all of a sudden the snake froze and fell to the ground. Alex soon realized that his dad had shot it “let’s go” Nick said. Soon they faced six guardians like ninjas, spiders and strange creatures. Soon they went to the final planet to face the last boss but instead they found a dinosaur with flames on its back laying there dead. “Who could have done this?” said Nick “me” said someone as he stepped out of the shadows “Meltdown” said Nick. “Well enough chitchat said Meltdown as he hit the ground which caused a stadium to form. Meltdown made the first move he jumped up and tried to blast them both they both dodged Meltdown’s blast. Alex got two swords (ice and fire) and jumped while Nick shooting a bunch of random blasts at Meltdown, Meltdown used his tentacle to grab Alex and throw at the ground while he shot at Nick’s blasts which created an explosion. “Is that all you got” asked Meltdown as he shot a blast at Alex. The blast hit Alex off the edge luckily Alex was hanging around. Meltdown started attacking Nick, Nick shot blasts but Meltdown was to fast so he kept dodging them. Then Meltdown said “I’m going to end this” so he grabbed Nick with his tentacle and shot mini blasts until he shot sludge which knocked Nick off the edge. “Nooooo father” said Alex Meltdown just laughed. Alex got so mad he lifted himself up and shouted “super secret special move”. He got all of the swords and they started spining around him as he dove towards Meltdown. Meltdown tried to dodge it but was too late and got hit by the impact. When Alex looked at Meltdown he found out he had killed him so he got all the Chaos Emeralds and went to space. When he was in Takadox’s 4

ship he put all the Chaos emeralds together and became unstoppable so he started destroying the ship until he flew so fast he sliced right through the ship and it exploded so Alex went to Earth for the final battle. When he found Takadox Takadox said “you dare challenge me then face my robots”. Alex took care of the robots easily and soon it was only Takadox and Alex. Takadox smiled an evil grin and said “is that your father?” Alex looked behind him and didn’t notice that Takadox stole three emeralds and was about to steal another when Alex grabbed and it broke. So each of them had three emeralds and one half. The battle had begun and it seemed that the power was equal until Alex threw a car which made Takadox stuck then he took the Emeralds back and blasted Takadox into space. “Nooooooooo” shouted Takadox as he disappeared. Soon Alex fixed everything and returned all the people and was a hero like his dream!


The Chaos Emeralds  
The Chaos Emeralds  

The story is about a boy that gets all the Emeralds to fix the world