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Eli H-Young Room 204 November 2010.


Once upon a time there were two hoboes’ one’s name was Joe and the other hobo’s name was Frank. This is a story about two hoboes’ who become rich and famous in only the time of one week. One day Joe and Frank were sitting in an ally in New York Dreaming of having homes well at least Joe was Frank is kind of weird and always copied whatever he did. And at the same time Joe and Frank were dreaming about having homes. A recycling company was having some trouble. So in a tall building a few blocks down the street from Joe and Frank the recycling company was having problems because they didn’t have enough cans and bottle’s. And so naturally every hobo should have a good supply of cans and bottles but Joe and Frank had practically the most cans and bottles in all of New York so at the same time Joe and Frank were dreaming about having homes one of two business men thought maybe we should open a competition. So the other business man said what would the contest be about and the business man said it should be a contest to see who can collect the most cans and bottles. So one day Joe and Frank were coming back from seeing other hobos and they saw a big sign that said the recycling company was having a competition to see who can donate the most cans and bottles and the reward would be a ton of money and two new homes.


So Joe and Frank entered and they waited and waited then finally they got an answer they won. And so Joe and Frank were so happy. Then after a few days they packed up and moved in to their new houses and a few years after that Joe and Frank found families of their own and they lived happily ever after but wait Frank didn’t live happily ever after until he divorced with his first wife and Married his Second wife.

THE END Then they went on an adventure you’ll never know about ENDING NUMBER 2.


the hobos and the business men  

this story is about two hobos who are poor then become rich.

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