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Written by Henry Chuy Molina Room 204 November 2010.


The Adventure of the Samurai

Long time ago there was a samurai in the woods a boy was fallowing the samurai. But then the samurai heard foot steps following him so he hid by a tree and he caught the boy following him. But then he asked the boy what is his name then the boy said my name is Yarl. Then they heard lots of foot steps coming then ninjas attack the samurai and the boy becausethe samurai has the sword of Tango and the ninjas wanted the sword becausethey worked for Osaki and he would use it to be ruler of all China. The samurai and Yarl was running from the ninjas then they went into a cave then the ninjas got lost in the cave then the samurai and the boy got out of the cave then they ran to a restaurant to eat for the day. The next day the samurai tat the boy karate when the boy was fully trained. They went to there village and prepared for war in the high mountains with there enemies. Osaki prepared for war he got soldiers and lots of weapons. Then Osaki was laughing becausehe had a dragon to fight with his Army. Finally they got ready for battle in the high mountains. They ran to fight their opponents and win the battle and war was hell for everyone. In the war raging fire came and burn the warriors then Osaki saw that he was losing so he got the dragon and it killed lots of warriors and burnt warriors. The samurai saw his warrior were getting killed so he used the sowed of tango and killed the dragon. Soon everyone was dead but the samurai jumped and killed Osaki, but there were a price to pay and the


samurai got killed. After the war the samurai talked about Yarl being a hero. The Samurai went home.

The end!


Long ago samurai in the woods  

Long ago samurai in the woods

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