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Leslie Purnell January 23, 2012 According to the Meyer’s-Briggs personality test, I am an extroverted, sensing, feeler, and perceiver. When I received the results back, I was not surprised one bit. When we went over all the letters in class, I could find myself having qualities from both sets of letters which you said was perfectly normal. After reading the overall description of my personality, it fit me to a tee. There was a lot in the description that I could agree with. For example, making decisions using personal value. Sometimes I find it very hard to make a decision because I know what is right in the sense of my values, and in the sense of logic. I also can play the role of peacemaker. This can always be a blessing and a curse because sometimes others think you are getting in their business when all you are trying to do is just help. The last major description that stood out to me was that ESFP’s like everyone and give them a chance, but once crossed they are stubborn in their ways. Sometimes I will make exceptions for people, but for the majority of those who I have met in my life, if they do me wrong I do not want to be around them. For the majority of the ESFP’s description was head on, but there were still a couple things I did not agree with. The main example was that ESFP’s may not be the best advice givers. I am actually that go-to person with all of my friends to come to for advice. My experiences in life have allowed me to give advice on a lot of different situations. I also am blessed with being able to put myself in the other person’s shoes and look at different perspectives. Those are some important gifts that are special to being good at advice giving. The last example I disagreed with was that since they like animals they are a lover of nature. It is true that I like to look at certain animals at a zoo and aquarium, and I also love dogs. But I absolutely hate nature. I do not like all the bugs, and

the fact that any animal can just come and attack you at any moment. Being in the woods does nothing to my psyche, nor does it bring me joy A lot of my personality plays a role in my everyday life, and there were three descriptions that really stood out to me. Food and makeup are the only things I will splurge my money on. I never really understood why, but I also never really cared that much to really look into why. Like the description wrote, ESFP’s have a love for the finer things in life such as food and beauty. Eye shadows are my main buy for make-up because I love to have vibrant eyes on the weekend when I go out. When it comes to food, I love so many different types and styles of food that I want to experience them all. I love to go to new restaurants. As for clothes, the description does not fit in my life. I still like to wear all of my sister’s hammy-downs. The next example of how the description fit in my everyday life was that my type likes to perform and be a team player. I have always been involved in sports. Big crowds coming to watch the game or meet always made me want to work harder and show my best effort. I do thrive off of being in front of an audience. This makes my everyday preparation for the big event even more important to me, because I do not want to look bad when it comes time for the big game or meet. Lastly, a career that requires a lot of diversity as well as people skills was the main description that caught my eye. I work best with others around me. Doing my own work while still being apart of the group is when I produce my best work. Everyone is asking me what I want to do when I graduate, and all I know is that I want to work somewhere I can use my diversity studies education. I like interacting with a lot of different people. Since I am job searching currently, I will continue to look for jobs that include diversity.


because sometimes others think you are getting in their business when all you are trying good at advice giving. The last example I disagreed...

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