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To Andy Warhol: I had my first art show when I was eight years old, but since I got to work for you, it took me many years to step out of your shadows. I sincerely thank you for giving me that rare opportunity. Special thanks to: My mom, God for giving me a great life, Mr. Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, President Clinton, John Travolta, Al Pacino, Playboy’s owner Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, David Caruso, Justin Timberlake, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, Stan Lee (Marvel Comics), Oscar de la Hoya, Tom Arnold, Alice Cooper, Mickey Mantle, Gene Simmons, Picasso Academy of Spain, Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, MGM Casino Las Vegas, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, Nevada Governor Gibbons, Saturday Night Live TV show, MTV, Irma Blauer, Emil Simon, Lisa Pamin, Don Spector, Barbara Carver, Jason O’Callaghan, Russell Singler, Bob Michelson, John Jagger, John Shigley, Tracy Bailey, George Tallas, Sacha Marion, Gary Selesner, John Schwartz, Barry Steinberg, Bob Womack, Tricia Tahara-Stoller, Charles Saffati, Nathan Pardo, Richard Perry, Bonnie and Paul Zueger, Mike Olson, Jeff Sundook, Michael O’Mahony, Nicky Eisen, Scott Shuster, Brenda and Ron Maser, Tim Martin, Dick Sargent, Ken Hendel, David Todd, Larry Smith, Helen Randall, Dr. Weissman in New York for sewing me up from being stabbed three times, shot in the back, fixing my broken nose 4 times, both of my broken legs, an arm, my rib cage, and seeing me through two car accidents and a motorcycle accident, Dr. Ernesto Fontecha in Los Angeles for keeping me alive through my first and second stroke, and anyone else I may have forgotten!





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The Life of Steve Kaufman


Sponsored by a Jewish temple in the Bronx, creates Holocaust paintings which were later donated to the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Brooklyn.


Works for Macy’s painting dog and cat faces on pet rocks.


Participates in group graffiti show at Whitney Museum.


Enrolls in the School of Visual Arts. Meets Andy Warhol and becomes his assistant at the Factory. Designs theme parties at Studio 54, The Mud Club, Underground and Magique. Sells his art to Calvin Klein and Steve Rubell. Meets Keith Haring at School of Visual Arts (SVA) show. Participates in group show at Club 57 with Haring.


Creates graphics for NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Graduates from School of Visual Arts (SVA) with a BFA. Holds art shows at the Air Gallery in London, White Freud and Fiorucci store window in NYC.


Arrested with AIDS demonstrators for chain-locking New York City’s mayor in his office. Exhibits Sex, Rock & Roll at Off Centre Gallery in London.


Forms SAK Studio. Begins campaign for AIDS awareness with art shows featuring paintings of Trojan Condom wrappers measuring 5 feet by 5 feet. Condom art exhibit shown at Main Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art, Zanzibar Club and the Smith Gallery.


Opens Art Studio. Hires New York City homeless. Paints portraits of three homeless people for Transportation Display, Inc. Portraits are shown in 46 cities on bus billboards, helping raise $4.72 million to benefit the homeless. Completes unfinished portraits for Andy Warhol clients. Trojan Condoms/Carter Wallace sponsors 5000 AIDS awareness buttons to be given away in Greenwich Village and at an art auction for amfAR. Paints first Racial Harmony Mural in Harlem to bring awareness to inner city problems. Show at White Gallery, where all art was covered in black cloth in memory of those who died of AIDS. This show developed the concept for the “Day Without Art” tribute. Show at Loft Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.


Completes 55 Racial Harmony Murals in the New York City area with Malcolm X images. Appears on Fox TV, MTV and various radio stations to speak out on racial harmony. Accepts award as Underground Artist of the Year. Paints Mickey Mantle’s portrait for Mantle’s Restaurant. Paints Joe Frazier’s portrait to raise money for Police Athletic League. Creates AIDS Memorial in New York City. Drapes red fabric over the letter “D” on the Hollywood Sign in remembrance of everyone who has died of AIDS. Art collected by Spike Lee, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Dee Williams, Eddie Murphy and Larry Mullen of U2.


The Life of Steve Kaufman


Art Studio moves to Los Angeles, California. Starts a new style called “Comic Book Pop Art.” Uses original paintings of Superheroes—Superman, Batman, Spider Man, to name a few—as the icons. Hires more than 100 Los Angeles ex-gang kids from prison to assist him in the studio.


Published works for Martin Lawrence Limited Editions. Hand paints limited editions, giving new meaning to hand-embellishment. Creates limited editions of Beethoven, which sold out and Marilyn Monroe, breaking all sales records for a new artist. Creates portraits of Muhammad Ali and John Travolta, who autographed their editions. First artist to form a bridge between Marvel Comics (Spider Man) and DC Comics (Superman.) Works with Stan Lee, who autographed the editions.

Starts the following programs: • • • •

Works with Los Angeles “South Central” parole officers. Hires more than 200 kids from prison to work in the studio. Receives award from Los Angeles Mayor Riordan. Increases charity work to include 100 different charities.


Contacts the Sinatra Family about painting Mr. Sinatra’s portrait. Campbell’s asks Steve to paint a limited edition to mark Campbell’s Soup’s 100th Anniversary. Paints Ali’s face on 500 boxing gloves, demonstrating that art doesn’t have to be on canvas. By now, 325 kids have worked for the Art Studio and 85% have gone on to a better way of life. Paints two Harley-Davidson motorcycles: one a Campbell’s Soup theme and the other a Cohiba Cigar theme. Later, the gas tank of the latter was hand-signed by Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Creates Ali portrait for the 1996 Olympics. Ali signs the edition for the first time with both his Muslim name, Muhammad Ali and his birth name, Cassius Clay.


Tina Sinatra features Kaufman’s portraits of Frank Sinatra on Larry King’s CNN show. Holds art shows in Japan and Amsterdam. Has boxing exhibition versus Don Diego, a European boxing champion. After some minor controversy, Kaufman is awarded a win. Paints a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. The bike is driven around Dodger Stadium before each game and televised to millions of homes. By now, has hired 546 ex-gang kids and homeless. Supports more than 175 charities.


The Life of Steve Kaufman


Has a cardiac episode and a motorcycle accident. Quoted afterwards: “I’m truly blessed to be doing what I’ve always wanted — TO CREATE. I have found a freedom that is hard to put into words. I always wondered about my projects—which artists are working on what and which directions should I take? I don’t even think of those things now. I passionately go into my studio and ask myself: What would I like to create today?” Releases Sinatra’s Rat Pack and Mug Shot, Al Pacino as The Godfather and Scarface, New York City’s radio shock jock icon Howard Stern, Barbie and two new Marilyn Monroe editions. Releases Van Gogh and Picasso in a new style 100% hand-painted edition, which gives new meaning to the hand-embellishment process.


Continues to support more than 170 charities each year. Has hired 759 ex-gang kids to date to work in the studio. Creates two new styles called “Portrait Collage” and “Museum Art,” thus becoming his 14th and 15th distinct style, comparable in number only to Picasso’s many different styles. “Portrait Collage” style is emphasized in his Rat Pack, Hollywood Marilyn, Van Gogh and Jackie Kennedy by adding a collage of images to the main portrait. “Museum Art” includes a September 11th Memorial Painting, which was a tribute to the heroes of the World Trade Center attacks. Created a 20’ x 500’ series of paintings to commemorate the 35-year history of Caesar’s Palace. Both hung at Caesar’s for all to enjoy. Created a 10’ Fender guitar for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.


Donated Princess Diana portrait to Elton John AIDS Foundation. Starts new program placing paintings of his icon images in public places around the country for all to enjoy. Includes a Muhammad Ali in Brooklyn’s famous Gleason’s Boxing Gym, a Sinatra portrait to Hofstra University, a Marilyn to the Foundation Fighting Blindness and gifted a painting to David Letterman to inspire heart recovery. Exhibitions in New York, Las Vegas and Maui.


Suffers a major stroke following Art Expo, New York. Barely recovers to do exhibition in Las Vegas hosted by Robin Leach. Honored by Mayor Oscar Goodman, officially declaring May 21, 2003, Steve Kaufman Day in Las Vegas. Also honored by Nevada Senator Ensign and Nevada Governor Guinn for his philanthropic donations over the years. In December, meets President Clinton at his Office in Harlem for a holiday party for artists whose art hangs in his private office collection. Donated art to and participated in Love Ride with Jay Leno and Peter Fonda for the 10th straight year.


The Life of Steve Kaufman


Creates and releases President Clinton’s portrait. Donates many suites and all proceeds from his sales to “Give Kids A Break.” Feeling ill again, curtails his painting and exhibition schedule.


Introduced “Uniques,” which are multiple originals of his most famous Icons: Marilyn, The Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Einstein, etc. Exhibitions in New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Maui. Donates 100% of his proceeds from a $100,000 gallery sale to “Give Kids A Break.” Pope John Paul II accepts painting of himself to hang in his private office at The Vatican. Paints portraits of Lance Armstrong that are displayed in galleries during Tour de France. Created painting and limited edition to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Created paintings of Mercedes SLR McLaren to honor the 100th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz.


Feeling healthier, drastically increases his exhibition schedule with New York, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Denver, Santa Fe, Rancho Mirage, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Key West and Maui. Introduces “Mini-Heart Paintings” as gifts to all kids who attend his shows and free framed plates for all those who purchase. Returns to creating one-of-a-kind originals to be sold exclusively at shows. Goes to Ellis Island as guest of Lee Iacocca for New York Society Event. Meets Ernie Anastos, creates his portrait and presents them on the set of Fox News, NY.


Continues exhibition schedule with New York, Washington, D.C., Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Denver, Rancho Mirage, Maui, Toronto and Europe. Gives Free Peace Sign paintings to all the kids who attend his shows and free sculptures to those who purchase. Creates portraits for David Caruso of CSI: Miami fame, which he autographs at the studio. Interviewed on TV in Denver, Aspen and Vail to discuss not only his art, but more importantly, his philanthropy. Continues to sell out uniques of his most famous icons including: The Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, Las Vegas, Marilyn, The Beatles, James Dean, Einstein, John Lennon and $100 Bills, to name a few. Continues to hire more gang kids for the studio. This opportunity represents a second chance in life for each of the kids, who now exceed 1,950 in number. Golden Boy Promotions commissions paintings to commemorate the De La Hoya/Mayweather Championship Fight.


Eight Annual Exhibition at Centaur Gallery in Las Vegas where art hangs next to Neiman’s, Rockwell’s, Picasso’s, Chagall’s and Dali’s. Unveiled and sold new stained glass uniques of The Las Vegas Sign, Homage To Lichtenstein and Homage to Picasso. Other exhibitions include New York, Denver, Washington, D.C., Vail, Beaver Creek, La Jolla, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach.

To be continued as the interesting and exciting life of Steve Kaufman goes on!


Steve Kaufman With:

Leroy Neiman

John Travolta

Tyra Banks

James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) Jay Leno Howie Mandel

Pamela Anderson

Oscar De La Hoya

Tupac Shakur

James Brown

Kid Rock

Eddie Murphy


Steve Kaufman With:

David Caruso

The Cast of The Sopranos Larry Hagman

Billy Idol

Tom Arnold Muhammad Ali

Robert Rauschenberg

President William Jefferson Clinton President William Jefferson Clinton

Shaquille O’Neal Kurt Loder – MTV

Bruce Cutler – John Gotti’s Lawyer


Steve Kaufman With:

Stan Lee

Tina & Nancy Sinatra Chemical Brothers

Triple Bunnies WWWPI 1600AM

B.B. King

Bode Miller

Steven Van Zandt (Silvio Dante)


Carmen Electra

Carson Daly

Davidson Family of Harley Davidson


Steve Kaufman With:

Gleason’s Boxing Gym

Jay Leno Sean “P. Diddy” Combs

Lee Iacocca

Sammy Hagar Bruce Willis

Plum TV – Vail

George Clinton & The P-Funk All Stars

Joe Frazier

Bert Sugar – Boxing Writer

Andrew Dice Clay

Federico Castelluccio (Furio Giunta)


Steve Kaufman With:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hugh Hefner

Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams)

NBC TV – Denver

Oscar Goodman – Mayor of Las Vegas

Peter Fonda

Ernie Anastos – Fox TV

Flash TV - Canada

Charles Saffati

Tony Sirico (Paulie Gualtieri)

James Gibbons – Governor of Nevada

Easy Rider Girls


Steve Kaufman With:

Ali / Neiman Event Las Vegas

Alice Cooper

Adam Duritz of Counting Crows

Don Diego

Hef’s Birthday Party Downtown Julie Brown

Herman Brood, Artist Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Rhonda Shear

Michael Imperioli (Christopher)

The Today Show on The BBC

Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Mallorca

The Today Show on The BBC


Steve Kaufman With:

Tricia Swenson – Good Morning Vail TV

MTV – Holland

Brande Roderick – Hawaii Baywatch, Playboy

September 11th Firemen from Ground Zero Congressman Henry Waxman

Sheryl Crow

ABC TV – Sinatra Event

Barbara Lazaroff & Wolfgang Puck of Spago

Sister Ann of Holland Portrait Sundance Film Festival

Terry Fator – Entertainer


Steve Kaufman With:

The Rusty Humphries Show Victoria’s Secret Models

Supermodel Karen Elson & Peter Fonda

Humpty Dumpty

Morris Saffati Tiger Woods

Bart Johnson – Disney’s High School Musical

Stanfield Art Show at Sundance Fatboy Slim – Woodstock Steve Kaufman Day declared by Las Vegas Mayor

Kevin Costner

Karen Elson – British Supermodel

Joker Car for Batman Movie


Steve Kaufman With:

Robin Leach

Budd Friedman

Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccalieri)

Bob Michelson & Lisa Camilla of Channel 4 TV

My family when I was 11 yrs old

Drew Barrymore

The Boys of Barrington

750 People at Sundance Art Show

Campbell’s Soup Harley Davidson 100 Year Anniversary

Year 2000


Hi. I’m Steve Kaufman. I grew up in the South Bronx. I was doing graffiti art. I was arrested when I was fifteen and the judge sentenced me to clean nine subway cars. They took us chained and cuffed to this gallery where an old man would yell at us to build wooden frames for his artist. Well, from that day on, I realized what art was. I mean, I was creating art and just didn’t realize it. I had my first show when I was eight years old, but I didn’t know what art was. I was just doing it for the one hundred bucks. I ended up working for a guy named Andy Warhol. I said, “Mr. Warhol.” He said, “Oh, ‘Mr. Warhol.’ You finally found out who I am, huh?” I said, “Yes, I did. I am so sorry for giving you so much grief.” I moved to LA fifteen years ago. And, when I first moved here, I noticed the sunshine and everything. And we were hiring at that time, kids from South Central, whatever, East LA. So they had an attitude and I had an attitude, and they realized I wasn’t bugging. After that, they chilled out. This is pretty much the last stop for these kids. They’ve been in and out of jail once or twice. So when the parole officers drop them by, or their moms or whoever drops them by, or their cousins bring them in, this is really the last stop. I have kids that come up to me that no one would ever hire. Because the reality is, to me, that’s the only reason I hire them. I’ve done paintings of and for Muhammad Ali, Al Pacino, Frank Sinatra, Mickey Mantle, John Travolta. John Travolta was a great guy. We did portrait of him, a limited edition of him, and he signed the paintings, and he was very cool. It’s been a nice flow of people who come in. I get to paint. I get to do all this great stuff. So I get to give art to all these charities. You give, you get. I mean, it’s kind of like what we do with the kids. You get, they give you a little drama. They test you. You put them to work. And that’s what it’s all about: just giving. Just being there and doing it. What we want to do is set up locations in Vegas, Chicago, similar to what we do here in LA where we hire the kids, we put them to work. If I die tomorrow, I’m definitely blessed. That’s what it’s all about, just giving back.

Year 2007 I’ve had 1,944 kids and homeless people that work for me, and it’s never a dull day. It’s been a great collective group of people that come to my shop. And I’ve done paintings of Picasso, Superman, and Batman. These days, I’m doing paintings of rock and roll—Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon—and actually putting my art on couches, even, as well as electric guitars. I had my first art show when I was eight. I had a show when I was twelve at Macy’s doing paintings on pet rocks. Imagine me being twelve years old, people bringing me photographs of their doggies—or their dogs—and I would draw out their dog or cat on a pet rock. I mean, when I was a young kid, I would go to auto shops and get broken windshields and paint my friends’ faces like they hit the broken windshield. Or I would paint on garbage can lids. Or I would paint on tree trunks. My first show was on tree trunks. It was my uncle that really helped me. I sounded like a genius, being eight years old and saying I painted the Jewish Holocaust on this circle that represented the year of the Jewish Holocaust, explaining this to an adult. I sounded like a genius, but I really didn’t know what I was talking about. I was eight years old. I mean, today, I paint on cigar boxes. I have over fourteen different styles of art. I mean, I paint like Salvador Dali, I paint like Picasso, I’m in the Van Gogh Museum, I’ve had exhibits there. At the Academy of Fine Art in Spain, which gives out one ring like this every year, I’m the only American to ever receive the ring. I show in America. I show in Europe. I show in Japan. That’s very rare. I don’t even know of any American, European, or Japanese artists that do that.


I’ve been very lucky. I support 180 charities a year. I started my own charity called “Give Kids a Break.” It’s about giving. That’s what it’s all about. And, why not? I grew up in the South Bronx with nothing. I’m still that kid. I met Picasso when I was a very young kid. I must have been eleven. He was hitting on my mom at the time. And then there were many different phases. I mean, I painted like Van Gogh when I was in the Van Gogh Museum in Europe. They have a restaurant in Amsterdam—it’s a very strange place, but they paint the walls white every two days. Artists come in there and challenge each other to see who paints the most outrageous painting. And your meal is free if you’re the best artist. And whenever I walk in. they go, “Oh, the American’s back.” And I’d be painting Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein. With food, not even with paint. I’d be rubbing the food into the walls. And people would be freaking out. And I’ve never had to pay for a meal there.

“A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.” Steve Kaufman I’ve been shot, stabbed, run over by a truck, run over by a motorcycle, had a stroke three years ago. I had an irregular heart beat while I was in Europe. You know what? Each day you wake up and you sit there and go, “It’s a good day.” Each day you sit there and you say, “What else can I do?” I’m having so much fun. I mean, you don’t go in there and say, okay, this sells, I’m going to make ten more of that. I’m not into that. I do things that people will sit there and say, “Oh my God.” I mean, the ideal is to do something you want to do, and that’s what I do. I capture icons. I paint people … like, I was reading People magazine, and, at the very end of the magazine, they had a whole tribute about the war. I’m going to go home and paint an image about the war and put the three or four thousand people that passed away, their names, on the piece. I’ve done paintings of 9/11. And had all the names of people that passed away from 9/11. It’s not always doing something that’s popular. It’s doing something from the heart.

Original Oil Paintings, Museum Art


I create one-of-a-kind, special images of my favorite icons from Marilyn to Frank Sinatra to The Beatles to Las Vegas, etc. I never like to create an original by using the same image and simply varying the size. Instead, I try to combine as many of my different styles as possible to create an image that is truly an original. Over the years, I’ve worked hard to step out of the box and create things that are different: paintings on boxing gloves, hand-painted motorcycles, on original wooden screen doors, jets, office buildings, casino walls, cigar boxes, mini coaches, cars and jackets.

Salute to Icons: Front of a wooden screen door 96” x 60” (244 x 152 cm)


“I had a Marc Chagall screen door in my gallery, that is worth $300,000 dollars. Steve Kaufman had a chance to view this Museum Art. One year later, Mr. Kaufman paints the greatest painting I have ever seen on screen doors for my art gallery, a future Museum Art piece.” - Charles Saffati, NYC Gallery Art Show in NYC with Charles

Picasso & Warhol: Original 40” x 96” (101 x 244 cm)


The cast of The Sopranos signed this museum painting.

“You could buy a Picasso today, but the secret was to buy a Picasso when Picasso was alive, at a fraction of today’s prices…but, you can still buy a Kaufman painting today very reasonably.” - Leonard Lauren of Ralph Lauren / Polo clothes - Art Collector


The TV show The Girls Next Door has 76 paintings by Steve Kaufman throughout the Playboy Mansion. “The high-energy colors and fun images have brought a new life to my home.” – Hugh Hefner

Marilyn Monroe painting signed by Hugh Hefner. “She is the stuff that dreams are made of ! ”

“Welcome to the art world, new kid on the block.” – Robert Rauschenberg


“The Steve Kaufman paintings of me, I just stood there and touched the paintings and felt the power and energy. I’ve never seen anything like that before. “ – Al Pacino

Al Pacino: Original 46” x 36” (117 x 91 cm)

Al Pacino bio on back of painting.


The depth to his work is unbelievable. He has touched millions of people through his 9/11 memorial mural. There was a nine-hour wait to sign his mural at Caesars Palace casino. – Mayor Goodman in Las Vegas

Red Bull: Original 48” x 48” (122 x 122 cm)


Steve Kaufman gave me his coat; it’s proudly framed in my office. – President Bill Clinton

Hollywood Marilyn: Original 48” x 48” (122 x 122 cm)

I have two of Kaufman’s Marilyn Monroe paintings; the first painting is in my living room, the second painting is over my bed. The second Kaufman Marilyn Monroe painting gets me more girls than my stripper pole. – Kid Rock


Steve Kaufman is the absolutely greatest Pop Artist that I know. His paintings make people happy all over the world. All the icons and colors on his canvas have very strong charisma. I can talk about Steve’s artwork with great enthusiasm. I hear clients regularly say, “Every day when looking at the painting I purchased, I am delighted and feel very happy.” This is the best confirmation that Steve possesses the gift that gives people what is so important in life— finding real delight in something beautiful, and still is so cordial and generous with people. I am convinced—yes, I know—that Steve Kaufman will always stay this way, because he is one of the greatest people in the world. We in Europe admire this great master very much. At this opportunity, I would like to thank Steve for the very cordial and friendly relationship, and wish him all the best on this earth. – With Love, Irma Blauer, European distributor

Romy Schneider: Original 48” x 48” (122 x 122 cm)


Beatles ’64 Abbey Road: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)

Beatles “Let It Be Album” Stack: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)

John Lennon painted Rolls Royce: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)

Beatles Anthology: Original 64” x 43” (163 x 109 cm) They say that art comes from the soul; the more drama in an artist’s life, the more he can draw on for his art. Van Gogh and Picasso had troubled souls, but poor Steve Kaufman has been shot once, stabbed three times—all by women. That is a lot of drama for great art. – Robin Leach


I was told David Letterman and Kaufman had heart attacks on the same day; David Letterman’s heart attack was at a hospital in NYC, Kaufman’s heart attack was in the red light district in Amsterdam, Holland. I think Kaufman had more fun. – Howard Stern

Marilyn at Gym: Original 36” x 48” (91 x 122 cm)

American Marilyn: Original 60” x 42” (152 x 107 cm)


See My Juicy: Original 60” x 48” (152 x 122 cm)

76 paintings done by Kaufman can be seen on the TV show The Girls Next Door, 1 painting on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, 4 paintings on Larry King Live, 6 paintings on Ozzy Osbourne’s The Osbournes, 2 paintings on HBO’s The Sopranos, 8 paintings on HBO’s Oscar de la Hoya vs. Mayweather ,1 painting on The Tyra Banks Show, and 36 paintings on MTV Cribs.


When my son was eleven years old, we met Pablo Picasso. He was asking me out to dinner in front of my son (Steve). Pablo was such a ladies’ man at that time. I was telling Pablo Picasso that my son is an artist and he paints his friends’ faces on to broken car windshields, so it looks as if they hit the windshields. Pablo says, “you’re one kooky artist”, means crazy artist, to my son. – Ann Kaufman, mother of Steve Kaufman

Picasso Portrait Back of painting a silkscreen Back of painting a silkscreen Picasso Portrait

Guernica: Original 48” x 81” (122 x 206 cm)

I’ve collected Andy Warhol art for years. Now I have two portraits of myself done by Steve Kaufman. – David Caruso

Rock Gods: Original 48” x 72” (122 x 183 cm)

Dali - Time Melts: Original 40” x 81” (102 x 206 cm)

Einstein - 4 Panel: Original 46” x 96” (117 x 244 cm)

Dali - Tiger: Original 48” x 48” (122 x 122 cm) “I don’t do drugs. I AM drugs!” – Salvador Dali



Triple Bono-The Performance: Original 45” x 72” (114 x 183 cm)

At Woodstock, I bought a “$100 dollar painting,” got it signed by Donald Trump from the artist Steve Kaufman. The colors of the painting capture what I love most in money. – Sean “P. Diddy” Combs


Superheroes from comic books as fine art paintings Fourteen years ago when I sold my first comic book painting of Superman, people would say that wasn’t fine art. Now I meet people who tell me they love my Superman painting. Paintings like this celebrate the icons of our childhood. It’s not accidental that the superheroes of childhood fantasy have been made into some of the most popular movies of recent time. – Kaufman I met Stan Lee in 1995 and told him one day I’d get his Spiderman images into a museum. In 2003, the Nevada Museum accepted two Spiderman paintings into their collection. – Kaufman

Superheroes: Superman, Spiderman, and Batman paintings have all gone up five to ten times their original price because Steve Kaufman started retiring the superheroes images, or styles as an artstyle, seven years ago. Kaufman says it’s only fair to the collector that the artist doesn’t mass-produce the same image or style. Some artists do the same art style or images throughout their careers. When a collector buys art, it’s because he enjoys the painting, but if the artist retires the subject matter or style, then the painting may go up in value as an extra bonus.


“‘I am just a normal guy,’ says Kaufman, as he conquers Canada with a successful show.” One-night show in Canada – Emil Simon

Andy’s Icons: Original 60” x 52” (153 x 132 cm)


Superman vs. Muhammad Ali (on Boxing Gloves): Original 48” x 48” (122 x 122 cm)

As a boxer, you’re always making the comparison to Muhammad Ali. To have a great artist like Steve Kaufman, who did paintings of Muhammad Ali, create a painting of me, that is part of my history – Oscar de la Hoya


I remember Steve Kaufman as the artist on Saturday Night Live doing the Pop Art portraits for the show. – Joe Piscopo I took my portrait that Kaufman did of me home from the Satuday Night TV set. – Eddie Murphy

Double Beatles – Sgt. Pepper & Abbey Road: Original 30” x 59” (76 x 150 cm)


Double Crying Girl Gets Married: Original 42” x 60” (107 x 152 cm)

Leroy Neiman, Robert Beck, Steve Kaufman at Mr. Frank Sinatra event at Hofstra University

What don’t kill you makes you stronger. Hunger feeds the need to succeed. – Kaufman


Mr. Gotti asked that a percentage of income from his limited edition go to a charity helping kids. All of the income that Steve receives from the sales of the “John Gotti” edition will go to a new charity called “Give Kids a Break.” This charity organization is helping Los Angeles inner-city kids learn a trade while in and out of the LA prison system.

Double Einstein E=mc2: Original 40” x 60” (102 x 152 cm)


Double Marilyn – The Hollywood Star: Original 45” x 72” (114 x 183 cm)

I have twelve paintings of Kaufman art. He is an amazing artist – John Travolta

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? – Kaufman


Steve Kaufman’s 35th year Caesars Palace Casino mural was 500 feet long x 25 feet high and drew over ten million visitors to the casino to be viewed in the first four months. This was after 9/11, when most people stayed home and didn’t travel. Our marketing dept did research showing that, from Nov 2001 to Feb 2002, more people came to see the Caesars mural than The Bellagio casino’s Picasso show, Guggenheim at the Venetian casino, and all museums in the USA combined. The mural had over 11,000 media hits from local TV and global press with articles being written as far away as Japan. This might have been because the 9/11 mural that Steve Kaufman displayed two months before that drew millions of visitors. – John Jagger VP at Caesars Palace

Double No, No, No Crying Girl: Original 42” x 60” (107 x 152 cm)


Wow, Kaufman. You’re a fucking giant. – Bruce Willis

Double Sands & The Rat Pack: Original 24” x 52” (61 x 132 cm)

I see Steve at the charity event, “Love Ride,” each year as he donates art to help raise money to help kids. – Peter Fonda

Knowledge is like climbing a mountain. You must earn it one step at a time – Kaufman


Every year Steve Kaufman supports the charity “Love Ride” by donating a painting to this cause. – Jay Leno

Elvis – Las Vegas Style: Original 55” x 47” (140 x 119 cm)


Frank Sinatra – My Kind of Town…New York Is: Original 59” x 42” (150 x 107 cm)

I have 20 Kaufman paintings. 12 Superman, 1 Muhammad Ali, 1 of me and 6 paintings of my kids in my $57 million dollar home. – Shaq O’Neal


In 1995, I got a phone call from a fine art buyer for Barclays Bank, asking how much Steve Kaufman’s comic book 5’ x 5’ superheroes paintings were selling for. I told him $5,000 each. He started to curse me out, because he worked on commission and my painting was to replace a one million dollar painting. He was forced to buy five paintings from me by an executive at Barclays Bank in London. The total of that sale was $25,000. Today, those paintings are worth $25,000 each. The one million dollar painting he was supposed to buy has dropped in price by 25 percent. – Russell Singler, Art Dealer, London, England

Marilyn Kicks Back: Original 34” x 48” (86 x 122 cm)


Marilyn In Red Goes Hollywood: Original 60” x 51” (152 x 130 cm)

I met Keith Haring at SVA college where he was having an art show; later, we had a group art show at the Mud Club in NYC. Keith owed me $50, so he gave me a large framed canvas with barking dogs that had large dicks. I painted over Keith’s painting to paint flowers for my mom’s living room. – Kaufman


I’ve been shot, stabbed, poisoned, thrown off my motorcycle when I was hit by a truck; I was run over by a car. I’ve been changed with each close brush with death. When I had my stroke, I heard a voice say: “You did well, but go back and do better.” That is when I started my non-profit charity, “Give Kids A Break.” – Kaufman

Marilyn, Bogey & Bacall: Original 31” x 45” (79 x 114 cm)


Marilyn Multicolored Times 25: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)

Steve’s artwork is popular art. It’s art that depicts the popularity of all that we’ve lived through for the last 30, 40, 50, 60 years. And the great thing about Steve’s art is, it has massive appeal to the public. 80% of the people who walk in here are struck by what he does and the messages he conveys in the art. They also like the very reasonable prices. When an art dealer makes a decision to represent an artist, he looks at a variety of things. Part of what we look for is not only artists who are exceptionally talented and have the ability to portray a wide variety of ideas and subjects, but also those who are at the beginning of their careers, when their artwork is still very affordable, and you can buy very large works of art at what we think of as affordable prices. Steve is probably the best, youngest, brightest, newest talent in the art community of anyone who’s come along in the last 50 years. We are delighted to have his artwork in the gallery. We do very well with it. And I can’t speak any more highly of Steve other than to suggest that we think he’s going to be one of the greatest artists of the 21st century. – Richard Perry, Centaur Art Galleries Kaufman and Richard Perry


In 1992, the highest price original Kaufman was $5,000. In 2002, the highest price original Kaufman was $200,000.

Marilyn – Cuddle With Me: Original 45” x 34” (114 x 86 cm)


Marilyn – Hot: Original 45” x 31” (114 x 79 cm)

Like blue chip stocks, well-known paintings by blue chip artists are known quantities and offer safety and stability. As with stocks, the greatest opportunity for growth in art values comes when investors suddenly focus their attention on a hot new sector or name.


I was good friends with Frank Sinatra. I heard Steve Kaufman was painting his portrait, so I asked Steve to paint my portrait. – Lee Iacocca

Marilyn – That Hollywood Star: Original 60” x 43” (152 x 109 cm)


Times Square Happening: Original 38” x 48” (97 x 122 cm)

Today, with the internet, the future generation of art lovers will be served through the touch of a keyboard. Andy Warhol has 10,000 web sites and searches. Steve Kaufman has 11,561 web sites and searches. –


Steve Kaufman art from 1995 to 2008 has taken so many changes. I’ve never seen an artist develop and changed into a museum artist as Steve Kaufman . – Harry Silvers

Homage to Andy – Campbell’s Chicken Noodle: Original 42” x 60” (107 x 152 cm)


Homage to Lichtenstein – Six Crying Girls: Original 39” x 60” (99 x 152 cm)

Just as Rembrandt did in the past, Kaufman Art Studio will now brand all stretcher bars with the Kaufman seal, as a symbol of pride of ownership. – Kaufman


When an artist paints only one image on canvas, the painting is called an original, but Kaufman feels as a true artist you must always change your images and styles. Six years ago, Kaufman created his Comic Book Pop Art using comic book superheroes—Superman and Spiderman, to name but two—as his icon images. Eighteen years ago, he created the term “embellished” by hand-painting each of his limited editions. In his embellished editions there are no two paintings 100% alike. With Museum art there will never be an edition created, but simply one at a time, with one image. When the art is sold, it is gone from the public view and becomes the property of the private collector. Kaufman’s Museum Art takes four to six months to create one painting, so they will be rare indeed.

Marilyn & Frank: Original 32” x 64” (81 x 162 cm)


Marilyn – Just Lovin’ the Beach: Original 45” x 30” (114 x 76 cm) I work in fourteen different styles: I paint in many different styles. I paint on many different subject matters and many different surfaces, like boxing heavy bags, boxing gloves, cigar boxes, motorcycles, jets, cars and plates, as Picasso did. I’m also a film-maker and I do photography. I’ve created styles they haven’t even given names to yet. I recently re-created old masters paintings and painted Coca-Cola and iPods into the paintings. That’s what art is; constantly reinventing what everyone thinks art is—no rules. – Kaufman


I met Steve in 2000 and was impressed from the start by this larger-than-life person and artist. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know him well, and feel honored to be part of his team. Every fall we travel to Europe for art shows, where people fall in love with his work and gain much from his vast experience and knowledge. Thank you Steve, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! – Sacha Marion

Pop Marilyn Times Sixteen: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)


The Beatles Album Cover Quad: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)

“You’re a great artist. I just love the way you painted my portrait.” – Howard Stern, NYC radio shock icon


Marilyn Monroe is the most beautiful and popular icon of all time. The goal of every Pop artist, from Warhol to Lichtenstein to Haring, is to pay homage to our most popular iconic images. Marilyn is most definitely included. – Kaufman on NBC TV

The Beatles – Sgt Pepper Commemorative: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)

Museum Art The best of the artist’s art, which will one day be on a museum wall. The painting that sets the artist apart from all other artists’ art. – Kelly Miller, Christie’s, NYC


The Euro’s Safe!: Original 50” x 48” (127 x 122 cm)

As Andy’s assistant, I learned to silkscreen with oils that will last forever. That’s the same process that I use today. Andy Warhol never did giclées. Neither will I. – Kaufman


I met a man at an art show that told me a story of how his wife divorced him back in 1979 because he bought an Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe painting on canvas for $4000. Fifteen years later he sold the same painting for $10 million dollars. – Kaufman

Tony Bennett: Original 45” x 42” (114 x 107 cm)

Andy Warhol, Dali, Picasso, and Leroy Neiman have all had limited editions art into the hundreds of units for one image. Kaufman limited editions are as low as fifty units to one image. – Bill Wolff, German art dealer


Oprah: Original 46� x 40� (117 x 102 cm)

2008: Art net is selling a Steve Kaufman bed board that is painted with Marilyn Monroe for $75,000


When I met Steve Kaufman, I thought he was Gene Simmons, but what an artistic talent he is. He will be an art force in the art world to deal with. – Roy Lichtenstein

Van Gogh & Andy: Original 48” x 92” (122 x 234 cm)

Prices have been pushed up by the expanding art market, with buyers from Asia, Russia, and the Middle East mixing with the traditional collectors. – Christie’s Chairman, Christopher Burge


The New York Times once wrote, “Steve Kaufman’s body of work rivals Picasso’s at the same age.”

Marilyn, the Hollywood Star: Original 30” x 60” (76 x 152 cm)

April 2003, Steve Kaufman had a stroke. His cholesterol was 576. He flat lined—died. When Kaufman awoke, he tried to get out of bed and he fell to the floor. He was paralyzed on one side of his body. In the next three months, he re-taught himself to walk and talk. He had the best art show of his life. Four weeks after his stroke, he sold $200,000 in one night; it looked like everyone was buying the art because they thought Kaufman was dying. – Bob Womack


As an art collector with many millions of dollars in antiques over the last thirty years, I consider your work to be the most collectible and having the highest possibility of appreciation of anything, including gold, jewelry, silver and other commodities that have risen dramatically in the last year. As a friend and family member it has been a privilege to watch your work grow over the years. – Don Spector

Spielberg: Original 45” x 60” (114 x 152 cm)

We hired Steve Kaufman to paint portraits of NYC’s homeless to help raise over four million dollars for this cause. – TDI


Actor Hugh Grant exploited the art market’s insatiable appetite for Andy Warhol when he auctioned off his iconic painting of Elizabeth Taylor for $23.5 million. He bought the piece in 2001 for just under $4 million.

Welcome to Las Vegas: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)


I love the Coke sculpture. – Carrot Top

Dali, Warhol, Basquiat: Original 48” x 92” (122 x 244 cm)

When Andy Warhol died the art market was good, but as Andy Warhol’s paintings went from the client’s homes to auction houses, the art market wasn’t hungry, it was ravenous. When Kaufman had a stroke and clients called to ask about this new artist, that was amazing that history was going to repeat itself. – Charles Green, Art Auctioneer


Andy Warhol never painted Frank Sinatra, so when Steve Kaufman contacted us, I told my father his portrait was going to be painted by Steve Kaufman, he was so happy. – Tina Sinatra

Campbell’s Tomato Soup – 200 Plus One: Original 60” x 39” (152 x 99 cm)


2 Coca-Cola collage: Original 60” x 60” (152 x 152 cm)

“As a collector of many old master paintings, and as a collector of Steve’s work for over two decades, I display his pop art side by side with Dutch Masters. The unmistakable quality of Steve’s work draws eyes and attention. I have had guests from around the world comment on his work immediately when they enter my apartment, while going straight past the Dutch Masters!” – Barbara Carver, Art Collector


I’ve bought Dali, Warhol when they were alive. I’ve earned millions of dollars. When I met Dali, he had a steak on his face during his show. I thought he was nuts, so I bought his art. Warhol was talking to a lunch box, so I bought his art. Kaufman was shot in the back, stabbed three times, scalped, run over by a truck—all by women. He has to be the craziest of them all, so I bought Kaufman’s art. – Oscar Wilder, Art Collector

Scarface and The Godfather: Original 48” x 94” (122 x 234 cm)

Thanks for the portrait you painted of us. – Siegfried and Roy


Madonna: Original 48” x 78” (122 x198 cm)

In 1979, I started collecting Andy Warhol. I met Andy Warhol at Studio 54. I own 110 Andy Warhol paintings, and 23 Keith Haring paintings. I use these paintings as part of a hedge fund program. I’ve started to collect Kaufman Museum Art for the same reason. – Tommy Clear


Jason O’Callaghan, Kaufman’s Irish agent said, “It is a great honor and great fun to bring Steve and his team to Ireland for the first time. There was already a Kaufman fan base here, and getting to meet the artist was a huge thrill for the guests at our exhibition. As an agent, Steve’s the dream artist—and, like his art, he’s colorful, fun, large as life, and hugely in demand—in fact, we suspect he might be Irish!”

Dear Steve, Love the Van Gogh painting you did! I look forward to selecting the perfect location for it. – Steve Wynn


For B.B. King’s 80th birthday celebration, Steve Kaufman was asked to paint his portrait to help raise over $10 million dollars in donations. – Isle of Capri


Sinatra said it costs nothing to be nice, but it costs everything not to be. I’ve helped 180 charities; I have an 85% success rate with kids I’ve hired. Helping them to straighten out their lives, I started a charity called Give Kids a Break. I bought a building in LA, which was a gang hangout. We made the kids that were there in the warehouse clean out the building. We then gave the kids $50 each as they left at the end of the day. They all came back looking for a job the next day. We also encourage these kids to go back to school. Some of these kids (my kids) are now police officers, doctors, artists and parents. I get to be called Grandpa. I jokingly tell people I have 1,975 kids of my own and 600 grandkids and I never change a diaper. – Kaufman

Venus and Coca-Cola: Original 70” x 46” ( 178 x 117 cm)

Steve Kaufman created this amazing art for TV Guide for us. – Victor Washington, VP


My Money is Safe: Original 46” x60” (117 x 152 cm)

Money Does Grow on Trees: Original 46” x60” (117 x 152 cm) I worked for Jeff Kelin. He was a marketing genius before his time. Coupons, car rebates and the value meal (as we know it today) all came from his marketing genius. At 19 years old, I had two jobs - one with Andy Warhol and the second with Jeff Kelin. – Kaufman


Kaufman is exploring the possibilities, challenging art in every new inception. Like Picasso's various styles, such as his blue period, cubic, and others, Kaufman looked deep into his own stylistic pallet to create a brand new Museum Art style. Kaufman delved into his past subjects to create the concept before the paint brush touches the canvas, motorcycle, car, jet, wall of boxing gloves or wall of Cuban cigar boxes, which art critics say that fine art must be created on canvas. – Bill Martin

Lips: Original 46” x 80” (117 x 203 cm)

It’s an honor to be asked by Caesars Palace to do paintings of two of the greatest living female performers—Cher and Bette Midler.


Steve Kaufman is the only artist to portray renown winemaker Heidi Petersen Barrett, named the world’s Wine Diva by Time Magazine. Steve was able to capture this modern day winemaker with the color vibrancy and artistic composition for which he is known. – John Schwartz, Partner-Amuse Bouche Winery (Napa Valley California)

Venus with Designer Handbags: Original 46” x 80” (117 x 203 cm)

Some of Steve Kaufman’s Uniques have sold out and are known to triple in value in retail price in 1 year. – Sacha Marion


There are over 300 different colors of red, and therer are a mllion ways to see the red apple in the painting. Art is about creating the different choices. Like a true artist, Kaufman challenges that which is the essence of art. Kaufman has stated, “A painting doesn’t have to be on canvas to be an original. It just seems that a lot of art is being created just on canvas, but it doesn’t seem to be original.” – Bill Martin

Jimi Hendrix Collage: Original 60” x 46” (152 x 117 cm) I’ve been a collector before meeting Steve Kaufman. His art work has brought joy into my life. After meeting Steve, his talents and insights just overwhelming. Also, I find him a warm and compassionate person who I consider my family. – Bruce Bernon, Art Collector


Coca-Cola – 200 Plus One: Original 60” x 39” (152 x 99 cm)

I’ve collected Andy Warhol paintings from 1969 to1977. Bought Warhol’s “Marilyn Monroe” for $10K and later sold it for $5 million dollars. I am retired now, but I’ve bought 179 Steve Kaufman paintings for my grandkid’s future. – John Paul Loop, Art Collector


If an artist is well-known in life, he will become more famous in death. Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Warhol, Lichtenstein never saw their art in auction houses commanding the high prices while they were alive.


My firm is 3 generations old. We bought all the remaining Muhammad Ali paintings from Steve Kaufman, and in my company we have sold and collected stamps from over the past 100 years. We feel the Steve Kaufman paintings are our greatest investment. – George Tallas


I’ve died 3 times, I’ve been shot in the back, stabbed once in my arm, stabbed 2 times in my back, run over by a truck, been poisoned, broke both of my arms – nose (3 times broken) – ribs – both legs, but a broken heart hurt me the most. – Steve Kaufman

Original paintings “Oil on Canvas” created exclusively for Global Art & Collectibles. These pieces illustrate various United States Postage Stamps which are a part of American History.


I dream of painting and then I paint my dream. – Vincent Van Gogh

Pop Mother and Child: Original 48” x 34”

Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Pablo Picasso



Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas: Stained Glass 32” x 38” (81 x 97 cm)

Homage to Picasso Stained Glass 28” x 20” (71 x 51 cm)

Homage to Picasso – Don Quixote Stained Glass 28” x 23” (71 x 58 cm)


Kaufman’s uncle would take Steve to churches in the Bronx and haul Steve 30 feet into the air to remove the broken stained glass, and Steve would outline the shape of the frame of the broken area to cut new glass to replace the broken stained glass area. This was how Steve was introduced to the many centuries old art form that is over 900 years old. At 11 years old, Steve wasn’t doing full restoration of these century old stained glass works, but just helping repair, and learning a craft. Today Kaufman is a master stained glass maker, from creating the pattern to cutting the glass, he brings this old art form into the pop art world.

Homage to Lichtenstein – Crying Girl Blonde Stained Glass 24” x 24” (61 x 61 cm)

Kaufman draws out the pattern. Some of Kaufman’s stained glass works have over 1,200 separate pieces of cut glass.

Homage to Picasso – Guernica: Stained Glass 23” x 38” (58 x 97 cm)

Homage to Picasso – Peace Dove Stained Glass 29” x 28” (74 x 71 cm)


Kaufman starts his sculptures with clay. When he is done creating, he makes a mold, the same way it’s been done for 500 years before Kaufman. But Kaufman cases his sculpture mold in fiberglass vs. bronze. Why? Because the master of pop art colors, who paints his sculptures feels to create bronzes and then paint the sculptures, well that would be a waste of time and money. Cars have changed over the past 114 years. Shouldn’t the way we make art? Kaufman has taken broken computer chips to create portraits of Bill Gates & Steve Jobs. There are no rules in art.

“Well before Steve worked for Andy Warhol, starting as young as the age of ten, he would make sculptures. He is, in fact, a third-generation sculptor, having helped both his Grandfather and Uncle with huge pieces.” – LA Times


MJ Connection is the exclusive producer and master licensor of an exciting new line of clothing and accessories featuring the art of Steve Kaufman. MJ’s creative vision, sophisticated style, and overall manufacturing experience compliment Steve’s career perfectly. Their strategic distribution strategy targets premium, mid-tier, mass, and youth/trend specialty retailers such as Barneys, Fred Segal, Harrods, Isetan, Selfridges, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Virgin Megastore, among others.


The apparel launch of the Kaufman line is planned for Fall 2009, to the excitement of the ever-widening audience of pop-art enthusiasts. However, it is MJ’s intention with design creativity, and accessibility of the apparel line that a new market will embrace Steve’s legendary artistic style introducing his art to new markets.


The ability to work with high-end fabrications such as cashmere, and awareness of the increasing popularity of green fabrics makes for a very trendy splash into today’s retail market. Combined with embellishments accentuating Kaufman’s sophisticated style, this apparel line is set to add color and character to the closets of fashionistas this fall.



92 Perry: My name is Richard Perry, and I am the Chief Operating Officer of Centaur Art Galleries in the Fashion Show mall. We have been here 25 years, since the mall opened its doors. Interviewer: Also tell me what attracted you to Steve Kaufman, to represent his art. Perry: That’s a great question. Sometimes art dealers can’t answer that question because there is an emotional response to the art. But, not only did I feel a very strong emotional response to Steve’s artwork, but because it’s popular art, it’s art that depicts the popularity of all of the things that we’ve lived through for the last 30, 40, 50, 60 years. And the great thing about Steve’s art is, it has massive appeal to the public. 80% of the people who walk in here are struck by what he does and the messages he conveys in the art. They also like the very reasonable prices. (laughs) It’s a whole host of things. It’s not just one thing. When an art dealer makes a decision to represent an artist, he looks at a variety of things. Part of what we look for is not only artists who are exceptionally talented and have the ability to portray a wide variety of ideas and subjects, but also those who are at the beginning of their careers, when their artwork is still very affordable, and you can buy very large works of art at what we think of as affordable prices. Steve is probably the best, youngest, brightest, newest talent in the art community of anyone who’s come along in the last 50 years. We are delighted to have his artwork in the gallery. We do very well with it. And I can’t speak any more highly of Steve other than to suggest that we think he’s going to be one of the greatest artists of the 21st century. Interviewer: And that’s something coming from a man who also represents LeRoy Neiman, Picasso. Perry: Yes, yes. And every major artist who has lived for the last 150 years. We have in the gallery works of art by Rembrandt from the 16th century, from Albrecht Durer for the 15th century, by Renoir from the 19th and early 20th century, Manet, Monet, you name it. They’re all here. Picasso, Chagall, Miro’, Salvador Dali. There isn’t a major artist that we don’t dabble in where we have works of art that are available for sale. And Steve blends in beautifully with everything that we do. Steve is the contemporary 21st century artist. The best of the most popular artists. And, you know, when you spend your early years and your developmental years in a studio like Andy Warhol’s studio where Steve was an assistant, where there’s great genius hanging around in that factory – because his studio was referred to as the factory, this is where we produce mounds of different works of art, ideas that come along as the result of being star struck by everything going on around us. And that’s what we like so much about Steve’s art work. It’s pure genius. And he’s got the ability to be able to be prolific, which is great for art galleries. You know, you can’t ever become a recognizable genius in the world of art unless you are prolific, so, that works really nice for us. Interviewer: Do you have any interesting stories about someone who likes Steve’s work? Perry: Probably the most interesting … well, rather than trying to select a story from us. You wouldn’t think someone of that level of maturity and that age would find popular art exciting, but they have found in Steve’s images ideas, people, places, things that they relate to, and that’s why people buy this art so easily. I have hundreds of people that walk into the area of the gallery that we have set aside for Pablo Picasso, and they barely look at it. And one of the reasons why they barely look at it is that they don’t relate to it. You know, practically everything that Picasso did was as a modernist and as an artist was done for his own amusement, was done for his own edification, and it was done for his own gratification. The public had nothing to do with Picasso’s sense of motivation to produce works of art. He did them for his own pleasure as a young modernist in the developmental stages of modern art. What Steve does is not only capture the history of the time in which we live, he does it with an abundance of fun and color and shape and form and ideology that meets and greets hundreds and thousands of people, that captivates people when they walk in our doors. And that’s what makes it so exciting. And, you know, it isn’t any different in the theater, it isn’t any different if you are an author of books, it isn’t any different if you are in the performing arts, because the arts in general are meant to convey beautiful, wonderful, subliminal messages that people find attractive, that they never forget. They want to bring that experience home so they can remember it all of the time. That’s why we like Steve so much.


New $100 Bill – Jackson Pollack Style: Unique 20” x 46” (51 x 117 cm)






Art meets Fashion or Women’s Purses

Kaufman’s girlfriend made the mistake or good fortune of leaving her $1500 leather Gucci purse where Kaufman paints, and, of course, as accidents happen, paint did end up on the $1500 Gucci purse. So Steve then painted the whole purse with images of Marilyn Monroe. 50 commissions later, he painted images of the Chanel perfume bottle, the owners name repeated like a designer’s label and even images of American Express Platinum credit cards. The only artist to paint purses was Versace himself. Steve has said he enjoys mixing fashion with fine art. Maybe one day these purses will be in museums as Steve signs and numbers each purse 1/1 because every purse is an original just like their owners.

LA Lakers Harley-Davidson

Cohiba Cigar Harley Davidson The gas tank is signed by Fidel Castro.

LA Dodgers Harley-Davidson

Campbell’s Soup Harley-Davidson

2007 Lamborghini Joker/Batman Movie BMW

2007 Ford Mustang

Being an American can make you laugh, cry or kick yourself. We are pretty crazy, but we know a few things about reaching for our dreams. – Steve Kaufman


2007 Ford Shelby Mustang 2008 Dayton

We the People - Team USA Formula One Car Designed by Steve Kaufman I’ve been blessed to be asked to create the art for the American racing team. America is a melting pot of the world, every race and creed comes to America, we are all equal and protected by a pice of paper our founding fathers began with “We the People”. This is a very special car at a very special time in American history, some people might have their doubts about America but we are one family under one roof called America. – Steve Kaufman

Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. – Elvis Presley

Pop art chairs, couches as art. Thinking outside the box. I’m not afraid to think outside the box. There is a lot more space outside the box. – Steve Kaufman

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. – James Dean


My hand of rings and what they mean Thumb – I bought this ring after my first stroke. My cholesterol went as high as 576. Index Finger – This ring was given to me by Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for creating the 35th Year history of Caesars Palace mural. Middle Finger – This ring was given to me after my show at the Great Wall of China by the Chinese gallery owner. Ring Finger – This is the Picasso ring. It was given to me by the Picasso Academy of Spain which gives one ring to an artist each year. Pinky Finger – This finger has two rings: A)At BB King’s 80th birthday event at the Isle of Capri, I was given this ring for my portrait of BB King that helped raise $10 million for charity. B)Frank Sinatra ring.


Steve Kaufman- To Hell & Back His father died when he was 4 years old He was stabbed once in the arm, 3 times in the back He was shot in the back He was stabbed by an ex-girlfriend He was scalped Had Cholesterol of 576 His wife died He was run over by a truck His fiancée died He was run over by a motorcycle He buried 12 kids who worked for him Art critics challenged him He fell from a 2-story building He had an IRS audit He had motorcycle accidents He was kidnapped He broke both arms, his leg, and his ribs He was homeless He survived a cardiac episode He has been carjacked He was arrested His girlfriend died of AIDS His best friend died of AIDS His office has been robbed His girlfriend robbed him He has been sued He was betrayed by his best friend He was told that he had 1 year to live He was paralyzed and in a wheelchair He walked with a cane He survived a stroke He died 3 times His fiancée had a miscarriage at LAX airport His fiancée food poisoned him His fiancée kicked him in the head while he was driving His fiancée told him she will burn down his house His fiancée played chicken with her car with him in it His fiancée accused him of cheating; it turned out she was cheating He broke his right hand & foot His fiancée caused his cholesterol to go up 200 points to 576 Has 5-year restraining order on ex-girlfriend His ex-girlfriend set his car on fire His ex-girlfriend drove over him & his motorcycle “You can’t fail… unless you quit! A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” – Steve Kaufman

Artist and Rebel with a Cause 1st American artist awarded the Picasso Ring Painted Van Gogh Portrait for the museum Art hangs in the Holocaust Museum Guest of the White House Hired 1,975 LA ex-gang kids Been to South Central LA, where he gets kids to work in his office Works with parole officers Worked with LA judges Hired the homeless Friend of Muhammad Ali Friend of the Frank Sinatra family Born & raised in the Bronx Had his first art show at 8 Created 55 Racial Harmony Murals Built an AIDS memorial Underground Artist of the Year 45 Sold-out Artists Editions Won rights for artists in court Former assistant to Andy Warhol Artist of Woodstock Independent filmmaker Rides a Harley-Davidson Featured on Network TV Featured on Howard Stern Featured on BBC of London Supports 180 Charities a year Donated $9 million in art to charity over the past 16 years Created the September 11 Memorial Created a 10 foot guitar for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Working on the World War II Memorial Donated the Princess Diana portrait to the Elton John Foundation Created a new Pop Art style called “Museum Art” Named the Caesars Palace Official Sports/Entertainment Artist Created a non-profit company, Give Kids a Break Give Kids a Break has donated over $500,000 cash as of Jan 2004 Does art shows to help Hurricane Katrina victims Created paintings of the McLaren car for Mercedes-Benz 100th anniversary Working to create the new Las Vegas sign150 ft high x 1500 ft long “It costs nothing to be nice, but it costs everything not to be.” – Steve Kaufman

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An updated version of the American pop artist Steve Alan Kaufman (SAK) coffee table book that he had self published. A delightful display o...

Steve Kaufman Coffee Table Portfolio 2014  

An updated version of the American pop artist Steve Alan Kaufman (SAK) coffee table book that he had self published. A delightful display o...