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Leslie McHugh Is an ER Nurse in One of the Top Hospitals in Durban, SA Leslie McHugh is a Durban based ER nurse having over 25 years of experience in the medical profession. She provides critical medical care to patients who are terminally ill or critically injured. She primarily focuses on those patients suffering from life & death situations.

She is always quick to respond in an emergency room as she understands that every minute counts for a patient fighting for his life. Leslie is responsible for taking blood tests, administering medications, cleaning lacerations, injecting Intravenous fluids, and assisting doctors in & out of the emergency room. As an ER nurse, she attends & treats minor infections to heart attacks as well as severe traumas caused due to accidents. She is also always ready for unpredictable situations like:    

Accidently ingested poisonous substances Drug abuse Alcohol poisoning & Health related illnesses.

Leslie McHugh as an ER nurse takes care of a huge number of patients regardless of their medical condition, age, and health status. She is also familiar with the policies of the hospital where she works, and has a clear understanding of proper medical protocols & procedures in order to work efficiently. She is also associated with many nursing & healthcare organizations. She works with them in order to create campaigns focused on attracting people in pursuing the nursing profession.

Leslie McHugh Is an ER Nurse in One of the Top Hospitals in Durban, SA