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12 Traveling with Pets 13 Should I Get Involved? 14 Welcome to Moody Air Force Base 16 Helping Active Duty & Veterans Obtain Their Educational Goals 17 Educational Opportunities are Abundant at Moody AFB 18 You can Finish What you Started

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Worthington Family Dentistry is 2016 Moody Link Sponsor

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Welcome to your new home!


ll of us at the Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber want your time at Moody and in our community to be a great experience. When our Chamber calls on top Air Force personnel at the Pentagon each year, we always are gratified to hear that Moody is a favorite assignment. Air Force leaders tell us that our community has a reputation for being “Air Force-Friendly.” It’s true. Valdosta-Lowndes County is incredibly proud to host Moody AFB in our community. We work hard to ensure that the men and women of Moody feel welcome and become a part of our community. Our motto is, “Moody is us!” We sincerely want to help you and your family as you settle into your new home and your new community. Let the Chamber assist you as you search for businesses and professionals that you can count on and trust. Look for the “Chamber Certified Military Friendly” seal of approval! And please take note of the advertisers in this publication. These are reputable local businesses that genuinely care about Moody personnel and your families. Whenever you need a referral, call us at the Chamber 229-247-8100, or visit our website at, and select “Directory” for a classified listing of our members.

Welcome to Moody! - The Staff of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce

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April 2016 / Volume 4 Publisher: Myrna Ballard Editor: Leslie Harris Creative Director: Thressea Boyd, THBoyd Communications Cover Photo: Wes Sewell Photography Advertising: Karil Brockington Advertising for the 2017 edition of Moody Link magazine will be available in August 2016. For information please call 229-2478100 ext. 231.


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BridgeBuilder Education & Investments

PO Box 2891 • Valdosta, GA 31604-2891


Southern Flooring of Valdosta 10% Military Discount

808 N. Patterson Street • Valdosta, GA 31602



e know it can be difficult for Air Force personnel to know who to trust when you move to a new community. Our Chamber is here to help you out. If you are looking for ANY type of business or organization, call the Chamber first at 229247-8100 or you can visit us online at

Chamber members are the BEST of the BEST! HERE’S WHY: Chamber members support efforts to grow our local economy. They invest time, money and other resources to help the Chamber realize its mission. Longevity of Chamber members — nearly half of Chamber members have been one for more than five years. They weathered the recession and are continuing to serve their customers and the community.

Waller Heating & Air Conditioning

10% Military Discount on all Service Calls

405 N. St. Augustine Rd. • Valdosta, GA 31601


Motel 6

10% Military Discount

2003 W Hill Ave. • Valdosta, GA 31601


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Should I Buy or Should I Rent? Each time you find yourself in a new place, it seems like there is always the looming question of whether you should rent or buy your next home. By Satrina Plyler, EXIT Realty In Touch Given the popularity of the question you can probably find an overwhelming amount of input from people with various experiences and professions. Each give their own reasoning, and each have their own experiences to draw from, but who do you trust? Who is right? Whose word should you follow? The truth is every one of them may be right, but it all hinges on the local market. The bottom line is that the real estate market in Spokane, Washington is different than in St. Louis, Missouri, and both are different from Valdosta, Georgia. Simply because some financial guru somewhere says one thing over the other doesn’t mean that it should be taken as a blanket answer. So what about here? What about in Valdosta? The good news is that there is no shortage of options on both sides. Lowndes County and Valdosta boast a very strong rental market thanks in part to Valdosta State University, South Georgia Medical Center, and of course Moody AFB. With a high volume of turnover each year renting is a popular option. On the flip side of that, thanks to the growth of each of the aforementioned our buying and selling market is also very strong. We have plenty of new construction as well as existing homes to choose from. The market is stable and has shown signs of growth over the last three quarters. So what does all of that mean? An average monthly rent for a 1,500 square foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is somewhere between $900-$1,100 per month. You can purchase that same home for *$144,000 at a 4% interest rate over 30 years, including estimated taxes and insurance that payment comes out to $850 per month. So buying can save you money in the long run. A couple more things to consider... Is renting right for me? 1) How long do you anticipate being here? If you do not think that you will be here for at least three years then renting is the way to go. Breaking even after only three years of paying down a mortgage will be difficult. The safer play is renting. 2) How is your credit? If your credit score is less than 620, then buying is not an immediate option. Renting is a good way to help build or rehabilitate your low score. Is buying right for me? 1) How long do you anticipate being here? If you think that you will be here for at least three years then buying should definitely be considered. Over that amount of time you should be able to at the very least break even, which means you will have lived “rent free” in your time here. 2) Do you have a credit score of at least 620? If you answered yes, then chances are great that we have a program that will work for you. Selecting a local Realtor to guide you through this decision can prove to be invaluable. There are a lot of buying programs out there with options such as down payment assistance that could allow you to purchase a new home with very little or NO money out of your pocket. Each individual neighborhood can also represent its own “market”, meaning that just because buying a house in one neighborhood is the right decision, buying in another may not be. Look to find an expert that you can trust, someone that will guide you each step of the way to make sure that you are making the best decision for you. So should you rent or should you buy? Let us show you your options. *Payment is based on 4.21% APR with $1,440 in taxes and $500 insurance.

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FEATURES: • • • • • • • • •

Gated community • Exercise room Intrusion alarm system • Interior laundry room One car garage with interior access Extensive sound proofing and fire protection Jacuzzi garden tub and separate glassed-in shower Swimming pool with state-of-the-art filtration system Granite counter tops and travertine flooring Outside kitchen and flat screen TV for entertaining ENERGY STAR rated; environmentally friendly and energy efficient

3531 Club Villas Drive Valdosta, GA 31602


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Monday - Friday 9am until 5pm Saturday and Sunday by appointment

“Supporting YOU in your quest for health, strength and vitality.” 2922-B North Oak Street valdosta, GA 31602


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Azalea: 3 Bed / 2.5 Bath

Hands on Chiropractic Care Certified Massage Therapy X-Ray on Site Accepting New Patients Military Discounts Nutritional Assessment Decompression Therapy Affordable Cash Plans.

Camelia: 3 Bed / 2.5 Bath

free Initial Consultation for New Military Patients value of $175.00 free.

(Need to bring coupon with you to be valid.)

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Make a Right Turn to


Discover the charm of smalltown Nashville just 20 minutes from Moody Air Force Base RAY CITY PLOW DAY March 19




ALAPAHA STATION CELEBRATION November 11–13 OTHER THINGS TO DO • Shop for one of a kind treasures in historic downtown • Enjoy southern cuisine at locally owned restaurants • Relax with a wine tasting at Horse Creek Winery • Guided quail hunts at Shadow Oak Plantation • Great fishing for the whole family at Patrick’s Paradise THINGS TO SEE: • Berrien County Courthouse built 1898 is one of the oldest courthouses in the State. Tours Daily • Berrien County Jail built in 1903, was used until 1965 and hosted two infamous hangings. Tours Daily • Downtown Mural and Walking Tours showcase the community’s history • 85 Indexed cemeteries for genealogy research • The first WWI Doughboy monument in USA OTHER EVENTS October: Trick or Treat on the Square December: Christmas Parade, Breakfast with Santa, Snow in the Park

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Property Management Services You Can Rely On! Do you own a residential investment within ValdostaLowndes County (or plan to)? Experience a FULL TIME Property Management service like no other! Whether you’re stationed locally or deployed abroad, you can count on us to exceed your expectations.

MILITARY INVESTORS!! Take advantage of 25% OFF our Leasing Service and a Special 10% Discount on our Property Management Monthly Fee! Call Now Toll Free (888) 247-1362 For a Free Property Management Consultation

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Preparing Children for Parents’

Military Deployment

It can be expected that children of military parents experience higher levels of emotional difficulties than children in the general population. Research conducted by the RAND Corporation found that having a deployed parent increases a child’s risk for emotional and behavioral problems. According to the research, these problems vary by age and gender. Older youths typically have more difficulty with school and more behavior problems, while younger children report increased symptoms of anxiety. Girls have fewer problems in school and with friends but have more anxiety than boys. The longer a parent is deployed, the more likely a child will experience some type of difficulties.

By: Judy Martin Trexler, LCSW

Children have their own life stressors such as school, peer pressure and family issues. This coupled with the issues By: Judy Martin Trexler, LCSW that come with a military family and deployment, it is no wonder they have a higher rate of emotional and behavioral problems. Children worry about their deployed parent; whether the non-deployed parent will also leave, and they worry about what will happen to them and their siblings. If there is distress in the family, children often assume they Stress is an are responsible for it. It is also important to remember that children are perceptive and quickly pick up on the everyday fact feelings of the non-deployed parent. of life.

Are you a


Rest and nutrition. We need propThe stress off a deploying parent can Avoid be managed moreDrugs effectively by and communicating children about the self-medicating. and er rest nutrition to fend off with the alcohol serve to numb stress and negative effects of stress on our body. ife would be boring and uneventful deployment. Children respond differently depending on their age and maturity so it is important to communicate in emotional pain. Once the numbness Also it improves the ability of the mind without stress. It prompts us to ways thatmeet arelife’s developmentally appropriate. it and is important a parent is in control of their own is gone theFor stressexample, is still prevalent and body to that work together. challenges. Military personoften with negative physical effects. nel and their families are faced with feelings when communicating with toddlers about deployment. Yet, with your a teen the“Unloadparent will want to encourage Talk about feelings. This can also lead to more prolonged unique stressors. Deployment, reing” stress helps us to feel lighter, see use and even an combat, PCS, and TDY’s open linesdeployment, of communication and expression ofaddiction. their own feelings. Other suggestions things from a different perspective for and preparing children for are among the changes in a military is the first step in problem solving. deployment are asonfollows. life that bring stressors. While most Structure your lifestyle. Manage Talk and cry. Don’t hold back! Crying your time to include rest, nutrition, us can handle high levels of stress, relieves tension and pressure. • of Designate family times to include children planning process. and exercise. A structured lifestyle isin a the demanding situations over meeting a long more relaxed and productive lifestyle. period of time can lessen our coping Breathe and focus. Participate in feelings. Allow children to • skills. Establish open lines of communication and encourage children to talk about their The result is a negative impact yoga, meditate, pray or take a few minExercise regularly. Research indion health, and happiness, and productivity. ask questions answer them openly and honestly. utes to “tune out” distractions. Be cates that physical exercise is a more Learn to manage stress so it does not in the moment, breathe and focus; • manage Spendus.quality time togethereffective in order to provide children with positive experiences to remember while the means to avoiding depression allowing tension to leave your body. than medication. Release your presparent is deployed. sures through physical activities such “Doing” is the most important eleBegin by eliminating those areas as for walking, running, aerobics, weights,cap, ment of stress management. to our well-being, and items, • destructive Exchange sentimental example, a T-shirt, jewelry, and pillow. Stress is and Zumba. Pet therapy has proven not what happens to us, it is how we including areas that will be beneficial • toOrder booklets deployment to share with your children. Twoto valuable for booklets and to be a therapeutically sound means of choose to respond what happensresources to our well-being. Evaluateabout the physical, dealing with stress and it lowers one’s us. We can control the level of stress emotional and spiritual areas of our other informative items are Military OneSource and Military Child Education Coalition. ty Chand take corrective measures. blood pressure, so walk your dog! in our lives so let’s take control before ounlives


dosta-Low Val n


am b

ommerc of C e er

s de

Certified Military Friendly

it controls us!

Judy Martin Trexler, LCSW, LLC Center for Personal and Family Growth, LLC Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Substance Abuse Counseling and Yoga with Individuals, Families, Marriages, other Relationships for Children, Adolescents, Adult and Geriatric Proud to support Moody Air Force Base and thank you for your service to our great country!

“We sleep peacefully at night cradled by the big strong hands of America.” - Val Saints-

229-671-1461 or 229-588-0134

2704 North Oak Street, Bldg. L • Valdosta, GA

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A Tricare and Military One Source Provider

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You know your children better than anyone so if you feel you are seeing an increase in anxiety, change in behavioral patterns, or have other concerns, consider seeking the help of a qualified mental health professional.


make the ‘Right Start’

By:Thressea H. Boyd The Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce works on a daily basis to ensure military families feel welcomed and valued within the community. As part of the Moody Air Force Base monthly newcomers’ orientation, members of the Chamber’s Right Start Committee welcome military personnel and their families to South Georgia. Judy Martin Trexler, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with the Center for Personal and Family Growth, has been a part of the Right Start Committee since 2009 and understands the importance of supporting military families.

Judy Martin Trexler is presented the A.L. Girardin Award by Karli Brockington, Senior Director of Administration at the Chamber.

Judy, along with her husband Steve, participates in the orientation sessions that are held at Moody AFB twice a month. The Trexlers along with other members of the Right Start Committee, visit with military families and answer questions about living in South Georgia.

“I have always considered it an honor and privilege to work with our military and Moody Air Force Base, and that is the way I see the opportunity to work with Right Start in my capacity,” Judy said. “It is an honor and privilege to personally welcome them and their families to our community. We also get a lot of positive feedback from the military families. It is not unusual for someone to say ‘thank you, it was a really warm welcome.’” Judy recently received the A.L. Girardin Award for her dedication and commitment to the Right Start Committee and Moody AFB. Presented by the Chamber, the A.L. Girardin Award is given annually to a Chamber member who has made extraordinary contributions to the Chamber. “Judy takes time from her patient schedule, and every other week, she comes to the Chamber to pick up copies of the Moody Link Magazine and welcome packets that are then handed out to about 800 newly-arrived military personnel and their families each year,” said Chamber President Myrna Ballard. “We estimate that, over the years, Judy has invested about 450 hours of her valuable time as a Chamber volunteer.” The Chamber has presented the A.L. Girardin Award for more than 40 years, and recipients reflect a high-level of service to the Chamber and community. “It means a lot that it came from the Chamber staff and they appreciate me that much,” Judy said. “I share this with Steve, he has come on board full steam.” Judy said she encourages all businesses in the area to become involved with the Chamber and in supporting Moody AFB. “We benefit as a community from the diversity in culture and experiences of a military community,” she said. “It is a win-win situation for us to have Moody and for me, it is a great feeling to go and welcome the families to Valdosta and thank them for serving our country and protecting us every day.” In addition to being a licensed clinical social worker and owner of the Center for Personal and Family Growth, Judy serves on the Critical Incident Stress Management team with Lowndes County and South Georgia Medical Center. She is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers. The Center for Personal and Family Growth, located at 2704 North Oak Street, Building L, in Valdosta, specializes in child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy/counseling. 2016 / MOODY LINK 11

TRAVELING with PETS By: Dr. Kelly C. Barrett, Hahira Veterinary Clinic

When traveling with your pet there are many things to consider. One of the most important things to consider is whether your pet can handle traveling because of illness, injury or temperament. If your pet has any health concerns or does not deal well with stress or changes in environment, then boarding your pet may be the best alternative.


nce you decide your pet is fit for travel, it is a good idea to make sure where you are traveling is pet friendly. Many places have restrictions on size and type of pet, so be sure to ask when making your reservations. If staying with family and friends be sure your pet will be a welcome guest, and they will be compatible with both people and other pets. There are also items to consider taking with you for your pet’s comfort and safety. Be sure your pet has a well-fitting collar or harness and accompanying leash. It is also a good idea to have a crate for your pet with familiar bedding and toys so your pet can be confined if necessary. A crate may also be very useful while driving to keep your animal calm and allow you to focus on driving. Be sure to carry a supply of food with accompanying water and food dishes. Many animals become either very anxHahira ious or develop motion sickness while Hahira traveling. Therefore it isVeterinary aHahira good idea to plan ahead and get sedatives and motion Veterinary Clinic Veterinary sickness medications from your veteriClinic narian if necessary. 12 MOODY LINK / 2016


(L-R Standing) Joseph Nailor; Doug Ruff, DVM; Kelly Barrett, DVM; John Hartter. (L-R Sitting) Theresa Nailor and Mary Jane Hartter. Pets (L-R): Hazel Belle; Elliot Ness; Chumley

There are several things you may need to talk to your veterinarian about before travel. First has your pet been micro-chipped? A microchip is the best permanent means of identification in case your pet is lost. Second is your pet up to date on vaccines? It is important when traveling because your animal may be exposed to diseases which vaccines can protect against. Thirdly does your pet need a health certificate? A health certificate shows your pet has been inspected by an accredited veterinarian and is healthy and not showing signs of disease. Every state has its own requirements so it is important to check with your veterinarian. Also you may check online at U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health inspection Services

Hahira Hahira Veterinary Veterinary Clinic Clinic   Medical

       

Dental Surgical Medical Bathing Dental Surgical


Preventions Pet Food Boarding Supplies Preventions Pet Food

Bathing Dental

       



Surgical Medical

Pet Food Boarding

Supplies Preventions

(USDA-APHIS) website for the requirements for health certificates. If you are traveling by plane or internationally you will likely need a health certificate and an airline acclimation certificate. Be sure to check with the airline to see their requirements. International health certificates often have many requirements and may take months to complete so allow plenty of time. Traveling with your pet can be very rewarding for both you and your animal. Remember to plan ahead to prevent potential hazards and navigate any legal or regulatory pitfalls.

Doug Ruff, DVM DougBarrett, Ruff, DVM Kelly DVM Doug Ruff, DVM Kelly Barrett, DVM

600 GA Hwy 122 W Kelly Barrett, DVM

Hahira, GA 31632 600 GA Hwy 122 W  Boarding • Medical • Boarding Hahira, GA 31632 600 GA Hwy 122 W Medical Boarding •  Surgical Surgical • Pet Pet Food Food (229)794-0040 Hahira, GA 31632 Surgical Pet Food •  Dental Dental •  Preventions Preventions (229)794-0040 Dental Preventions •  Bathing Bathing • Supplies Supplies (229)794-0040  Bathing  Supplies 


Doug Ruff, DVM Doug Ruff, DVM Kelly Barrett, DVM

Kelly Barrett, DVM 600 GA Hwy 122 W 600 GAGA Hwy 122 W Hahira, 31632 Hahira, GA 31632

(229) 794-0040 (229)794-0040


By: Wayne Hughes, Pastor of Abundant Life Church of God


s a “military brat”, as well as an Army veteran, I know what it is to move from one duty station to another. It is always a challenge learning one’s way around a new base, getting acquainted with the new work environment and new personnel, as well as getting acclimated to the city and area. We leave old friends, acquaintances, and familiar surroundings, and we have to develop new relationships.

It is important to get out of the “comfort zone” of the base and get involved in a local church and in the community. We can easily


don’t want to go through the process over and over again

of learning a new place, going to a new church, and making new friends just to leave again in a few years. I have been there personally. But we can bring much more meaning and purpose into our lives by

Should I

think that we

being involved in the local community.

Then the question becomes, what do we really want to become a part of? Church can be such a vital part of a single man or woman or a family. As a pastor, I believe that a local church brings us into a context where we can worship, learn, and develop new friendships. We can

enjoy an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging. We can find comfort, solace, and encouragement, as we are often far from family and familiarity. Getting involved in a church connects us with an extended spiritual family where we experience the love of God. There are also many community groups in which a person can get involved. Whatever a person’s interests may be, there are a number of meaningful groups that would welcome our military men and women. The Chamber of Commerce is one of the important sources to find what community groups are in the area. The bottom line is this: step out, be a part, make a difference. Your service to our country is so valuable and means so much to us all. Your sacrifice is appreciated more than you may know. But, you can be a part of the community where you are stationed and make a difference there, too.

2016 / MOODY LINK 13

w o N s Option

Pr o v id e s FREE Pr e g n a ncy and

O p t i o n s Co u n s e lin g to

Moody Moms

By: Marilois Campa, Options Now Community Relations Director we are here to support them no matter their situation. An unexpected pregnancy can be difficult when you are alone, but we are here to provide resources, information, and a safe haven.”

Welcome to the Valdosta area! We hope you will enjoy your stay. Sometimes being new to a community is a struggle. Being new to a community and unexpectedly pregnant can be overwhelming! When Maverick’s mom, Heather, came to Options Now she was certain she only had one option. She and the father of her baby knew the timing wasn’t right to start a family. They had plans that didn’t include a baby…yet. Inside the abortion clinic, Heather found out that a medical condition required her to have a shot that would cost an additional $50. Together, Maverick’s parents changed their minds and left the facility. Today Maverick has a mom, a dad, a little brother and a little sister. Their family is a testimony that sometimes things that are unplanned can be really wonderful! “Heather’s story is similar to the stories of the women we help every day,” stated Becky Deas, ON Executive Director. “The staff and volunteers at Options Now are privileged to serve those at Moody AFB. Many Airmen and their families are far from home and

14 MOODY LINK / 2016

Options Now is a life-affirming medical clinic serving the women of Moody AFB. We provide free pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, limited STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) testing* and options counseling in a non-judgmental atmosphere. We offer many resources including our “Earn While You Learn (EWYL)” program, which provides opportunities to earn gift certificates to be used in the Repeat Boutique Thrift Store. First time moms are able to earn a new car seat through this program. EWYL is overseen by staff counselors and volunteers with a heart to empower and educate women with regards to their pregnancy. To learn more about our services visit, www.OptionsNow. org or call 229-506-5017. Thank you for dedicating your lives to the protection of ours. The contributions and sacrifices you and your spouses make are known and appreciated! Enjoy your time in the Valdosta-Lowndes area! *Availability based on screening.

SCAN and Go!

2016//MOODY MOODYLINK LINK 15 15 2016

Helping Active Duty Military and Veterans Obtain their Educational Goals By:Thressea Boyd


arning a college degree can be a difficult task, especially if you are dealing with the stresses of relocation or deployment.

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College stands ready to provide the resources needed to help active duty military and veteran students obtain their educational goals. Tabora Temple, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant who now serves as the Military and Veterans Services Coordinator at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College (WGTC), says her mission is to help active and retired military, along with their dependents, earn a college degree or technical certification.

Shontell Brown, Veterans Affairs work study student, is joined by

“I am here to help. Before they go to admissions or financial aid, I want them to come to the Veterans Support Tabora Temple, Military and Veterans Services Coordinator, in the Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Student Veterans Support Center,” said Temple. “I help them navigate through the Center. Brown is a full-time student utilizing her Veterans Affairs process.”

Rehabilitation Employment benefit.

In addition to having a designated office located on the Valdosta campus of WGTC, military members can visit WGTC’s office located in Education Center on Moody Air Force Base, or schedule a time to meet with Temple at the Cook Campus, Ben Hill-Irwin Campus, and Coffee Campus. Staff members will work one-on-one with active duty military service members, as well as dependents, to select the best educational path toward a college degree. According to Temple, enlisted military personnel are now required to complete their Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) degree for promotion in rank. “Frequent deployments are often an obstacle for active duty military taking traditional classes,” Temple said. “We have developed specific classes that include both online and traditional instruction to help military members continue working toward a degree. We even make the classes available on base after work in the student’s duty area for convenience. Working with the CCAF and Moody Education Office, WGTC has designed course instruction so enlisted service personnel can take classes online even during deployment. Temple spends a great deal of her time educating military personnel and family members of the financial options available, especially in Georgia with the Hope Grant program. Military personnel and their dependents who are stationed in Georgia, and meet the eligibility requirements, may qualify for the Hope Grant. The Hope Grant provides financial assistance that covers tuition for certificate and diploma programs. Temple encourages all military spouses to consider the Military 16 MOODY LINK / 2016

Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) Scholarship, which is a workforce program that provides up to $4,000 in tuition assistance to eligible military spouses. “This is a great way for military spouses to get started toward earning a degree,” Temple said. “Once they exhaust these funds then we start looking at other options, like seeing if the military member’s GI Bill can be transferred to the spouse.” The MyCAA is only available to spouses of service members on active duty in pay grades E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2, and O-1 to O-2 who can start and complete their coursework while their military sponsor is on Title 10 military orders. Temple also wants to make their educational experience as pleasant as possible. “The Veterans Support Center is a relaxing place,” said Temple. “We have comfortable chairs, snacks, computers, even a webcam setup with Skype for those who have a spouse or family member that is deployed.” Being a veteran herself, Temple says she understands the stresses and issues associated with military members and their families. “We want our veterans to know they are accepted at Wiregrass and that we have the access to services to deal with issues facing veterans and military,” Temple said. “We want to make it as easy and accessible as we can.” For more information on WGTC Veterans Support Center, call 229-333-2100, ext. 3001 or visit online at http://www.wiregrass. edu/admissions/military.php

Educational Opportunities are Abundant at Moody AFB For active military personnel and their families stationed at Moody Air Force Base, the educational opportunities are abundant. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College,Valdosta State University, Park University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Georgia Military College offer an array of options to earn a college degree or certificate.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has served the Moody community for over 20 years at Moody AFB. With so many of our students coming from a military background, we work closely with active-duty military and veterans alike. Through its Worldwide Campus, Embry-Riddle currently serves nearly 17,000 active-duty and student veterans online and at more than 120 campuses around the world. The university’s tradition of educating service members began in 1970 at Fort Rucker in Alabama and has grown to include base locations in Europe, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea. Through this relationship over the years, Embry-Riddle has demonstrated the ability to provide convenient, flexible educational services specifically tailored to military personnel. We know that you have responsibilities outside of school, and our curriculum is designed with that in mind. Our flexible course delivery methods and our advanced technology will give you the opportunity to take courses in a classroom, online, via realtime Web Video conferencing from home or wherever you are, or through a blend of modes. This enables service members on the front line to continue learning through the duration of their service. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has partnered with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). CCAF offers enlisted Air Force members nontraditional alternatives to complete CCAF degree requirements. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide currently has five degrees that are part of the Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC). Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univer-

sity is also approved to provide online general education courses for Air Force personnel who want to complete the CCAF Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree requirements through the General Education Mobile (GEM) Program. As a GEM partner, we offer online courses to meet all five general education disciplines required in a nine week format to complete CCAF’s 15 semester hours of general education — Oral Communication, Written Communication, Mathematics, Social Science, and Humanities. For more information, contact our Moody office at 229-244-9400 or read more about opportunities to military and veteran students at

Georgia Military College Georgia Military College welcomes all Veterans, Active Duty Military Personnel, and their families to attend college at Moody AFB or one of our many campus locations including online. We truly want to thank you for your service to our Nation and for the sacrifices your family has made. Every GMC campus has earned the distinguished Military Friendly Designation that places our services in the top 20% of schools across the nation! Our Valdosta and Moody AFB locations have trained personnel dedicated to assisting you with the process of going to, paying for, and staying in school. We have a variety of degree programs to meet your needs, whether your goal is to advance in your military career or enter the civilian job market. We offer the following benefits: • GI Bill and Tuition Assistance Approved • Military Spousal Benefits • Many Scholarship Options • Discounted Tuition Rate for those who qualify • Credit for previous courses & experience where applicable • Free tutoring and academic support services • No out of state tuition costs • Dedicated Advisors who understand your needs

For more information, contact Ed Rains at 229-244-7323 or erains@gmc. edu.You can also see Georgia Military College online at Welcome to Moody AFB and the Valdosta community, we look forward to hearing from you.

Valdosta State University Valdosta State University maintains a strong military presence with off-campus educational offices and programs located throughout Georgia, including Moody Air Force Base, Marine Corps Logistics Base, and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. As part of its outreach to active duty military and veterans, Valdosta State offers undergraduate online degree programs in organizational leadership, office and administration technology, criminal justice, human capital performance, and legal assistant studies. Valdosta State also partners with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). Active and retired military personnel who have earned an associate’s degree from CCAF are eligible to begin working on a Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership or Bachelor of Applied Science in human capital performance. Valdosta State is also an approved General Education Mobile (GEM) partner, which allows military members to take online courses in support of the five general education areas needed for a two-year degree awarded by the CCAF. Through Valdosta State’s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program, students may earn college credits based on prior work experience, professional training, military service and professional certificate programs. Working with a faculty advisor, students develop a portfolio that contains sufficient supporting information and documentation to affirm college-level learning. For more information, contact VSU’s Adult and Military Programs at 229.253.2873 or online at http://

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You Can Finish What You Started By: Juanita Walker, Park University


id you start something and then did not finish it? Behavioral procrastination is starting something that benefits you and then quitting prematurely. (Bill Knaus,, posted June 26, 2015). Many students start college and then do not finish. What can they do to finish what they started? According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, a nonprofit organization that works with colleges to verify student enrollment and graduate rates, only 56 percent of students who started college in 2007, as first time students, completed a degree.

MOODY AFB C Y T AM SI nniv P ER 75 140th A ersary 201 5


Accessible. Flexible. Affordable.



In today’s economy, many employers are requiring a degree when before they may have accepted a high school diploma. Although you may have experience, you could be passed over for a promotion without a degree. What can you do to break out of behavioral procrastination (Bill Knaus, 2007)? It doesn’t matter why you did not complete your degree; you should now determine what you want to accomplish when you return to college.You may have to to redefine your interests and/or needs. Then you will be able to begin to assess what degree you want to pursue. This may be the same degree you originally started or a completely different one. Remind yourself that this will help to make you more qualified, more marketable in the workforce, increase your income and boost your self-esteem. Once you have determined which degree you would like to pursue, the next step is to research the college that offers it and will accept transfer credits. At the same time, you want to research what type of classes they offer. You have more responsibilities now, such as a job and family. The types of classes offered are diverse. You may choose daytime or evening classes. There are face-to-face classes where you sit in a classroom on specific days and specific times. Colleges now offer hybrid courses where you attend a regularly scheduled class for a portion of the contact hours and you complete and submit the rest of the weekly assignments online. This is a great choice for students who may not be able to attend classes for the full contact hour requirements but still need the face-to-face contact with a professor. Online classes are very popular but to be successful, your time management skills will play a huge role by putting aside a portion of the day to do your assignments. Your work schedule will probably determine your class schedule.You will find that there are a variety of timeframes; the traditional 16-week semester, accelerated terms for eight weeks, five weeks, or even weekend classes. Research methods have changed as well.You will not have to spend as many countless hours in the library searching for sources for your term papers. However, you will expend hours on the internet, in the comfort of your home, searching through numerous databases to assist in your research: EBSCO, Lexis Nexis Academic, and JSTOR to name a few. Ask if your company has a tuition reimbursement program that contributes to your education. Starbucks, Wal-Mart, AT&T, Best Buy, Home Depot and UPS are local companies that reimburse workers/students for attending college classes. File for financial aid, According to an email I received recently, from Jennifer Ehrlich, Region Director at Park University, more than $2.7 billion in free federal grant money went unclaimed during the past academic year, according to a yearly analysis of incomplete or un-submitted Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) forms by Nerdwallet, the personal finance website. As you can see, there are so many options from which to choose, degrees, class type, semester length, financial aid, and easier research methods that there should be no reason to put off going back to college. Once you have determined all of your preferences and reviewed the reasons why you should go back to college make the leap and Finish What You Started.

Park University at Moody AFB






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(229) 245-7077

K AR P @ D


Military AUABC degree programs also offered.

Moody AFB Campus Degree Programs

BS - Management/Computer Information Systems BS - Management/Human Resources BS - Management/Health Care AS/BS - Management BS - Early Childhood Education & Leadership AS/BS - Criminal Justice Administration AS/BS - Social Psychology AS - Computer Science

a Travel would like to


South Georgia’s Largest Selection of

avel Agency.

Mattresses - Bedrooms Living Rooms - Dinettes Flooring - Appliances


t Travel Agency In South Georgia

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300 Baytree Rd. • Valdosta, GA • Follow us on Facebook! 006 Small Business of the Year

- Military Discounts -

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

- or it’s FREE -

Famous Brand Names: Serta - Simmons Beautyrest - Klaussner Whirlpool Same Day Local Delivery 808 N. Patterson St. Valdosta GA 31601

229.293.0040 Monday-Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

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Getting Connected in South Georgia Moving is not easy; adjusting to living in a new city can be painful and difficult. However, it’s also a chance to start your life in a new community and make it even better than it was before. Whatever your attitude toward the move, the fact is there are a lot of decisions that have to be made. You will more than likely need to find a new house, a new school if you have children, new job, new doctors, new friends, and new routines. Basically, everything will change. A move can give you the chance to have a fresh start and new beginning. Here are a few things that can help you see the brighter side of a move and appreciate your new beginning:

Karen Reissiger and Patti Minton, co-owners of South Georgia Connections, have been welcoming newcomers to the South Georgia area for over 20 years. They strive to help new families get orientated to the community and connected with trusted local businesses and services.

1 Moving means relinquishing control of all your material possessions as soon as the moving truck leaves your driveway. Remember that the most important thing in your life are the people in your life, not your possessions. 2 Good communication is the key to making a smoother transition in a new place. Talk to your spouse about how you are feeling and be open to the needs of your children. Everyone adjusts differently to a move. 3 Remember that all the things that are old to you are new to the people that you meet. This includes your wardrobe, furniture and everything else. Now is a good time to prioritize your life, declutter and make time for what is important to you. 4 Experience your new culture by seeking out local restaurants and cultural opportunities. To find where the locals like to eat, visit This directory will also show what restaurants offer military discounts and kid’s specials.

What to do in South GA? How about walking the boardwalk at Grand Bay Wildlife Preserve or kayaking at Reed Bingham State Park in Adel? You can play tennis at McKey Park in Valdosta, go fishing at Banks Lake in Lakeland, attend First Fridays in style or enjoy a relaxed picnic at the Brown Bag in Downtown Valdosta!

Find more activities at

20 MOODY LINK / 2016

5 Think permanent, not temporary! Oswald Chambers once said, “Many of us refuse to grow where we are put; consequently, we take root nowhere.” Resolve to bloom where you are planted. 6 Settle in with rituals and traditions! Start a new tradition with this move, or continue with an old tradition that brings continuity to your family. 7 Moving to a new state means a LOT of changes - even to your vehicle. Visit and select “Driver’s Info” from the menu, then select “New to Georgia” for detailed instructions on how to get a GA Driver’s License. There are quite a few documents that you will need to take with you to the Department of Driver’s Services, so be prepared. 8 Be a good neighbor. Often, we wait for the neighbors to reach out first. Take the first step, share fresh baked cookies with your next door neighbor. This could be a great beginning to a new friendship!

Welcoming Newcomers to South GA and Moody AFB for 60 Years! Contact us for your FREE welcome packet or sign up at the Right Start briefing 229-245-8383

Your Welcome Packet Includes • FYi* Community Resource Guide • Dining Guide • Home Services Guide • Coupons for restaurants and local businesses • Community and event info and much more!

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Your Dream

Vacation is Waiting! By: Jane Shelton, South Georgia Travel


e are so excited to work with and support our military clients because we appreciate so much their service to our country! Several of our suppliers, both land and cruise, offer military discounts that we love to pass on to military personnel. Moody Air Force Base is a great location for weekend travel with the beaches Baytree Rd - - Follow us on Facebook! being so close, and one should never overlook the close proximity of the cruise port in Jacksonville, Florida for a getaway to the Bahamas. A little further drive, you will find the ports at Port Canaveral and Tampa, Florida which open the door to several Caribbean destinations, such as Key West, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and many other exotic islands. Also, with an airport in Valdosta, it is a quick connection to not only the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, but other destinations in the United States like Las Vegas and New York for great getaways. Whether you are looking for a romantic reconnect, or a little more quality time with the family, the professionals at South Georgia Travel are ready to personalize your vacation dreams! No Enrollment Fee for Military with this Ad

The staff of South Georgia Travel like to Baytree Rd • • Follow us onwould Facebook!

Thank You

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Serving South Georgia & North Florida

Valdosta, GA

Thomasville, GA




15048 US HWY 19 SOUTH

Residential • Commercial New Construction • Service LICENSED / BONDED / INSURED

GA Lic # CN7050 • FL Lic # CAC058168

Valdosta’s Hospitality Headquarters! THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY!

♦ Azalea’s Restaurant & Lounge ♦ Full Service Amenities & Services ♦ Government & Military Rates ♦ 40” Flat Panel HDTV’s w/HBO ♦ Fitness Center & Business Center ♦ Family, Executive & Jacuzzi Suites ♦ Hot Tub & Swimming Pool ♦ Military Reunion & Event Facilities ♦ Attractive Patio for Outdoor Events

I-75 (Exit 18) at Valdosta Mall 1330 N. St. Augustine Road Valdosta, Georgia (229) 249-8900 (800) 465-4329

I-75 (Exit 18) at Valdosta Mall 1332 N. St. Augustine Road Valdosta, Georgia (229) 249-8880 (800) 221-2222

* Complimentary Airport Shuttle *

Free Hot Breakfast ♦ Free Wired & Wireless Internet Government & Military Rates ♦ 40” Flat Panel HDTV’s Micro-Fridge & Radio with iPod/mp3 Port in all Rooms Executive & Jacuzzi Suites ♦ Business Centers I-75 @ Exit 16 / Hwy 84 ♦ 1805 West Hill Ave ♦ Valdosta (229) 244-1111 (800) 465-4329

Military Reunion & Event Facilities ♦ Fitness Centers Hot Tub & Swimming Pools ♦ Welcome Reception (M-Th)

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Healthy smiles start at a very young age!

Welcome to Worthington Family Dentistry! We are committed to listening to your concerns and desires regarding your smile. Together, we will carefully plan your treatment, using state-of-the-art computer and digital imaging technology. We are a general dentistry practice; therefore, we can address all of your concerns associated with your oral health, from baby teeth to smile preservation with age.

Dr. Samuel E. Worthington, IV, DMD

3362 Greystone Way • Valdosta, GA 31605 • 24 MOODY LINK / 2016

FREE Whitening, with Every Cleaning! We want each of our patients to be as excited about your smile as we are. So with every cleaning and “check-up” exam, for patients 18 years and older, we offer free professional teeth whitening. Unlike many over the counter products which often cause tooth sensitivity and can even erode tooth enamel, we use a professional product, “Captivate by Nupro.” This is a long established product that uses 15% Carbamide Peroxide which is the least likely of whitening products to cause sensitivity. This product usually takes a few weeks, providing most patients a deep, rich and stable color change.

Other Services We Offer •Cosmetic

Dentistry •Orthodontics for the whole family •Nitrous Oxide for the fearful



Military Benefits Offered Thank you for you and your family’s service to our country. We continually seek to better serve members of our military and their families by being a United Concordia/Tricare provider and offering military discounts.

Our staff will always treat you with the utmost respect and compassion. We understand that dental treatment can be intimidating, and we will do our best to maintain a peaceful and relaxing environment in which to serve you Back Row L-R: Sue Ann, Cindy, Amy, Dr. Worthington, Anne.

Middle Row: Tenilus, Tina. Bottom Row: Brandi, Kristi, Chelsea.

Ready to come in for your first appointment?

229-242-0063 We accept:

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The Importance of Saving

Just a few days from payday and everyone’s happy to replenish their bank account. Bills and other obligations have been piling up for days, or even weeks, and now the money is available. On top of that, there are a few extra bucks to eat out or enjoy some type of entertainment. You owe it to yourself, right? After all, you’ve struggled hanging on 'til payday – come on, live a little! The truth is, payday is not your payday unless you pay yourself first. Before you pay bills, go out to eat, or whatever else you elect to do with your money, pay yourself first! That means set some money aside before paying any other obligations. That is what paying yourself “first” entails. The amount you start off with doesn’t matter. It could be $100, $50, $25, even $5, but before you think about paying anyone else, pay yourself first!! On a regular basis, these amounts begin to add up. In fact, once you get in the habit of paying yourself first, you won’t even miss the few dollars you set aside. Most will say finances are too tight. Well, guess what? If you don’t start paying yourself first, your finances will always be too tight! You’ll be waiting on payday after payday to pay bills that have been stacking up and the vicious cycle will continue. If you think you can’t save consider this; put aside $20 a week (that’s less than $3 a day). In six months, you will have saved $520, and after one year, you will have built up over $1,000 in a savings account. Then there’s interest on the savings and the power of compounding interest, but that’s a subject for another day. Why save? There are plenty of reasons. Financial planners emphasize the necessity of having an emergency fund with at least six months’ salary set aside. Education is another noteworthy reason. And

26 MOODY LINK / 2015


President/CEO don't forget about retirement! With every year that passes, pensions and other defined benefit plans are going away. This is a trend that will continue. The ability to retire is more focused on our individual ability to save instead of relying on employer sponsored plans. Other prominent reasons to save might be for a down payment on a house, to purchase a car, or perhaps pay for a vacation.

The number one reason to save, however, is happiness. People who save are generally happier people. In 2013, Ally Bank conducted a survey and found saving money was one of the best habits people could have, contributing to overall happiness. The survey indicated saving contributed to happiness ahead of eating healthy and even having a job you enjoy! The size of the savings account does play a factor in happiness, so the more you save, the happier you’ll be. Of those surveyed who indicated they were very happy or extremely happy, 34 percent had less than $20,000 in savings, 42 percent had between $20,000 and $40,000, and 57 percent had more than $100,000 in savings. The connection between the size of a savings account and the level of happiness may seem obvious. But according to Ally Bank, their survey revealed saving money was a greater contributor to overall happiness than the amount of money someone earns. Wow!!! So many great reasons to save money, but to know saving money makes us happier is reason enough for all of us to start saving today.

E. Michael Gudely President/CEO Southeastern Credit Union

Since 1953,

Southeastern Credit Union has been proudly serving the men and women who serve our country.

We are Moody’s Credit Union. Visit Moody AFB Branch: 3205 Mitchell Blvd

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a r t yTravel P l a c Agency. e for voting us PBest 2014, 2015, 2016



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Parties for every occasion • Open jump always • Arcade • Baytree Rd. • Valdosta, GA Free WiFi • Great Inflatables1300 • Concessions • (229) 244-2324 • Follow us on Facebook! Parents & Guardians always FREE!

Daniel D. Bollin Manager

2006 Small Business of the Year

3671 N. Coleman Road Valdosta, GA 31602

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5535 Bemiss Road Valdosta, GA 31602

Office (229) 242-3325 Fax (229) 242-3408

Penske Truck Rental (229) 242-3325


Decrease the in your Apartment Search

By Camille Whittaker,The Residences at Five Points

Finding the perfect apartment for your lifestyle can be challenging. It only complicates things when it is your first time renting or you are new to an area. There are obvious concerns you may have regarding price, location to work, and amenities, but what else should you ask your leasing agent? It is a good idea to make a physical list of questions and compare your options after the visits to each property. Always remember to ask what utilities are included, and for the monthly averages of the cost of each so that you can factor this into your budget. Find out if the property requires renter’s insurance, this could also be something for which you should factor into the total cost. Renter’s insurance is usually inexpensive and always a good idea to have in case of unforeseen circumstances. If you have a pet, you should ask up front if your breed is allowed, there are often weight and breed restrictions on dogs at rental properties. Even if you are planning on staying at your new apartment for a while, knowing your options is not a bad idea. Ask the leasing agent if they have a lease-break policy. Should an emergency arise and you need to get out of your lease, it could cost you a fortune if there is not a reasonable buy-out or lease-break policy. Finally, when signing your lease, be certain you read every page and that the terms are correct. It is easy to miss an important detail when you are overwhelmed with paperwork, but knowing what you are signing is crucial. Take your time and ask questions. If you have concerns about safety, customer service, and overall quality of living at a new place, you should check the reviews of your prospective homes online to get some insight from someone who has been a resident at the location. Ultimately, the stress of finding a new home can be greatly decreased if you are prepared for and know your options.


LUXURY LIVING COMMUNITY Stop by the Residences at Five Point’s leasing office today and see what we can offer you! Located in the heart of town, and only minutes from Moody Air Force Base, you’ll love living in Valdosta. Don’t forget about the amenities! 24 HOUR FITNESS CENTER








J.L. Lomax Elementary School • Pinevale Elementary School • Sallas Mahone Elementary School • S.L. Mason Elementary School • W.G. Nunn Elementary School • J.L. Newbern Middle School • Valdosta Middle School • Valdosta Early College Academy • Valdosta High School • Horne Learning Center

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an academic support program to prepare middle and high school students for success in advanced programs and college.

Valdosta High School is one of 26 International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Schools in Georgia.

Your Future... Our Mission. Imagine the Possibilities. For more information about your school zone or Valdosta City Schools, visit 1204 Williams Street • Valdosta, GA 31602 • (229) 333-8500 30 MOODY LINK / 2016

Valdosta City Schools: Your Future...Our Mission. Imagine the Possibilities! By: Jennifer Steedley Director of Public Relations Valdosta City Schools Valdosta City Schools (VCS) is home to nearly 8,000 students attending one of our ten schools. The district has five elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, an early college academy and an alternative school. VCS is one of the top five employers in the Lowndes County community with over 1,100 employees. The elementary schools within the district are J.L. Lomax, Pinevale, Sallas Mahone, S.L. Mason and W.G. Nunn. The middle schools are Valdosta Middle and J.L. Newbern. Our historic high school,Valdosta High, has maintained accreditation for over 100 years. Valdosta Early College Academy and Horne Learning Center each offer educational opportunities from sixth through twelfth grade. Students are enrolled at each individual school. Families complete registration packets and are required to present the following documents to complete the process: 1 – Certified/Official birth certificate of the student; 2 – Copy of the student’s Social Security card or signed waiver; 3 – Shot record on Georgia Certification of Immunization, Form 3231; 4 – Certificate of Eye, Ear, Dental and Nutrition Examination, Form 3300; and 5 – Proof of residence within the school district. Must be a minimum of two from the following: • Current utility bill with guardian’s name and address (This must be one form of proof); • Rental agreement with guardian’s name and address; and/or • Mortgage payment booklet/statement with guardian’s name and address. If a student is moving into the district from another school system, their records will be requested once the registration process has been completed. These records are requested by school district personnel and are not required to accompany the other documentation listed above. VCS was recently given District Accreditation by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission. The AdvancED accreditation team rated Valdosta City Schools well above world averages in all areas of evaluation. The district is also accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. Learn more about Valdosta City Schools by visiting our website at Visit the YouTube Channel (GoVCSCats), and view videos about our district and each of our schools. We also have Facebook (Valdosta City Schools), Twitter (GoValdostaCats) and Instagram (valdostacityschools).

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A Great Place to LIVE, A Fun Place to PLAY By: Tim Riddle, James H. Rainwater Conference Center


irst let me start out by saying, if you are new to Moody – Welcome to Town! I moved here myself 3 ½ years ago though it seems like just yesterday. If you are like me you may have thought of Valdosta as a neat stop when traveling I-75 south with lodging and restaurants close at hand when pulling off the interstate. That, and I knew they had an amusement park! After living here I can certainly say – that not only doesn’t make a dent in it, it barely scratches the surface! It’s true that the largest area attraction is the Wild Adventures theme park. Do you know how many cities our size have one of those? Virtually none! Having that wonderful playground in our back yard makes Valdosta unique…but wait, there’s more!

32 MOODY LINK / 2016

We are so fortunate to have both Valdosta State University with its 12,000+ students and Moody Air Force Base with its 6,000+ civilian and military personnel! They provide a strong foundation to the community’s economy. As a huge bonus, VSU’s Media and Arts Department helps provide a magnitude of cultural enrichment to our community that is beyond most cities that are much larger. The Valdosta Symphony and Peach State Summer Theater are prime examples of benefits VSU helps bring to our community. Add to that the local Theatre Guild’s offerings – live performances abound! In addition, there’s a rich “southern” history complete with antebellum homes and an up and coming arts segment – we now have five artists with shops in downtown Valdosta! And being a great interstate stop also lends itself to having a plethora of restaurants and shops that we locals get to take advantage of as well. There’s the usual “chains” but we also boast some unique cuisine. You must visit downtown to take advantage of some “off the chain” dining at places like 306 North, Steel Magnolia, the Bistro (and I’m sure I’m leaving something out!). Take advantage of Valdosta’s “First Fridays” program to check out downtown; shops stay open later and you might even find some music in some art decorated alleyways. Did I mention

music? In addition to giving us a huge playground – Wild Adventures has an annual concert series that brings a wide variety of musical acts. Classic rock to Christian rap and everything in between – newcomers and legends; you can usually see some of it all during their seasonal offerings. How could I forget sports? Our community is nationally known (with a trophy to prove it) as “Titletown USA”. We could rightfully claim to be the mecca of high school football with three schools often in the state title mix in Valdosta High, Lowndes High and Valwood High. Like college sports – again VSU brings it! They boast 3 national titles in football as well! PGA level golf, quail hunting, wake boarding, kayaking the Alapaha – there’s just too many activities to list in this small space – go exploring! If you add it all up, we have places for lots of fun, many opportunities for cultural enrichment and entertainment and lots of places to relax and enjoy a good meal after all of the above. I used to wonder why so many “transplants” to VSU and/ or Moody stay and retire here. I wonder no more.

#1 Crowdfunding platform for veteran-owned businesses! Help Fund A Veteran (HFAVET) is the only online crowdfunding platform specifically set up to assist military veterans in raising the capital necessary to start and sustain successful events, franchises and businesses. While many desire to establish nonprofit organizations that help meet the needs of underserved or underprivileged populations, others explore ways of growing small businesses that stimulate the economy through job creation, increased tourism and sales growth. Users can personalize their campaigns to fit the visual identity of their brands and grow their campaigns through social network sharing with friends, family members and former associates. The site also allows users to provide donors and subscribers with updates on the progress of their campaigns and the latest information about their respective ventures. Setup is easy and users can see real-time, immediate results! HFAVET was established specifically to help to turn your business dream into reality so why don’t you join the ranks and start your campaign today by visiting

Welcome to Moody AFB & Valdosta, GA

CONNECT with your COMMUNITY ⠠ Professional Development ⠠ Personal Enrichment ⠠ Online Courses ⠠ Learning in Retirement ⠠ Camp Discovery VA L D O S TA S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y

Continuing Education

Regional Center for Continuing Education:

903 N. Patterson St. | 229.245.6484 |

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Congratulations on your assignment to Moody Air Force Base and WELCOME to our community! You’ve just lit in a wonderful place in which to live … a place where culture thrives. We invite YOU to become an integral part of our local arts scene! The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts is the hub of cultural activity in a multi-county area. Located near the center of downtown Valdosta, our beautiful galleries offer you a respite, a refuge, from the chaos of a busy world. We’re just ten miles south of Moody AFB, but a visit to the Center makes you feel like you’re in a different realm. We’d offer you a military discount on admission, but you don’t need one … we’re open to the public and there’s no admission fee!! Moody families are always welcome. During deployment, we’ll be a home away from home for your spouse and children. Our offerings include pottery, painting and culinary classes for adults and children, concerts, gallery talks, writers’ workshops, free Yoga classes, professionallyproduced, national touring shows through our Presenter Series, volunteer opportunities, free Gallery Opening Receptions, Youth Art Month, and much more. The Center is an exquisite gathering place where you’re sure to make new friends, learn new things, experience life in a new and delightful way. Check our website often ( Please come visit us soon and let us show you around. The Turner Center is YOUR art center … CLAIM IT! Sincerely,

Cheryl Oliver, Executive Director

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Georgia Department of Labor: Helping Military, Veterans, and Spouses Find Employment By:Tony McKenzie GDOL’s Valdosta Career Center The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) provides our military and veterans with priority of service when they begin their job search. Priority of service stems from a United States Department of Labor (USDOL) regulation that requires departments of labor to provide service to military members or veterans who are conducting job search ahead of other job seekers. Our staff will assist them with job search skills, applications, résumés, and other information necessary for them to secure employment. For veterans with barriers to employment, such as homelessness, disabilities, and low income earners, our Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) specialists are available to provide assistance to them. Our

DVOPs are also veterans who well understand the difficulties faced when transitioning to a new career. Alongside our military members are their spouses, who also endure challenges in finding new employment after a military move. We offer quality service to them, as well. We encourage military spouses to begin their job search through Employ Georgia, the GDOL’s online job search service, at There they can customize their resumes to job opportunities that fit their skills set and education. Prior to arriving in Georgia, a military spouse can create an account on Employ Georgia, build up to five resumes and begin looking for that next job. Military spouses can visit the GDOL’s Valdosta Career Center Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30

p.m. to receive assistance when looking for work. If they have not already created a resume, they should bring with them their work history information. With this, our trained service specialists will assist them in building a strong resume and provide them with necessary information to find gainful employment. One thing that is always helpful when looking for employment is to have an open mind. Many times entry-level and/or part-time work can lead to promotions, full-time work and benefits. Military spouses may also seek assistance on Moody Air Force Base at the Airmen and Family Readiness Center (AFRC). The trained professionals at AFRC offer some of the same services as our career center. For more information, call the Georgia Department of Labor at 229333-5211.

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Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce



You can’t go hungry with this dining guide! Baytree Area

Restaurants in red offer discounts to Seniors! Hahira & Lake Park Area

Bojangles 1725 W. Hill Avenue 229.242.4202

Grassroots Coffee Co. 133 N. Patterson Street 229.253.0602

Church Street Coffee @ Hahira 107 S. Church Street 229.794.3383

Buffalo Wild Wings 1553 Baytree Road 229.241.7246

Jersey Mike’s Subs 2941 N. Ashley Street 229.469.6581

Frogtown South Winery 7495 Union Road 229.794.1600

Cheddar’s Casual Café 270 Norman Drive 229.247.5551

Jessie’s Restaurant and Catering** 205 N. Ashley Street 229.247.4670

Huddle House @ Hahira 803 Georgia 122 229.794.8144

Chick-fil-a @ Valdosta Mall 1700 Norman Drive 229.247.2487

McDonald’s @ Lake Park 7207 Lakes Blvd 229-559-9552

Chick-fil-a @ St. Augustine 1100 N. St. Augustine Road 229.247.2625

306 North 306 N. Patterson Street 229.249.5333

McDonald’s 715 S. Patterson Street 229.671.9908

The Fish Net Restaurant @ Lake Park 3949 Sportsman Cove Road 229.559.5410

Crystal River Seafood 958 St. Augustine Road 229.249.9515

Bleu Cafe 125 N. Patterson Street 229.244.2248

McDonald’s 2102 N. Ashley Street 229.671.9833

The Slice 962 Highway 122 229.794.1222

bleu PUB 116 W. Hill Avenue 229.219.2289

Pizza Hut 3024 N. Ashley Street 229.244.9484

Barberitos 1337 Baytree Road, Ste. I 229.244.4804 Jimmy Johns** 1337 Baytree Road 229.333.9747 Chubby’s Chicken Fingers** 607 Baytree Road 850.339.8672 Mellow Mushroom 1526 Baytree Road 229.333.1891

Downtown Area

Covington’s Dining and Catering** 310 N. Patterson Street 229.242.2261

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Giulio’s Greek Italian Restaurant 105 E. Ann Street 229.333.0929

Kentucky Fried Chicken 1207 N. Ashley Street 229.242.1120

Steel Magnolias 132 N. Patterson Street 229.259.0010

Hill Avenue & Mall Area Austin’s Cattle Co. 2101 West Hill Ave. 229.259.9333 Beijing Café 1715-C Norman Drive 229.253.0808

Denny’s Restaurant 1328 N. St. Augustine Road 229.253.9388 El Toreo Mexican 1713 Gornto Road 229.259.0444 Fazoli’s** 1307 N. St. Augustine Rd. 229.241.7780 Hooters** 1854 Clubhouse Drive 229.293.9110

Longhorn Steakhouse 1110 N. St. Augustine Road 229.333.0100

Chicken Salad Chick 3249 N. Oak Street Ext. 229.469.7017

McDonald’s 1177 St. Augustine Road 229.251.1457

Friends Grille and Bar 3338-B Country Club Drive 229.242.3282

McDonald’s 1840 W. Hill Avenue 229.671.9883

Kentucky Fried Chicken 3026 N. Ashley Street 229.247-0666

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt 1700 Norman Dr., Ste. 1082A 229.293.0093 Mori Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar 1709 Norman Drive 229.244.5299 Ole Times Country Buffet 1193 N. St. Augustine Rd 229.253.1600 Olive Garden 1315 St. Augustine Road 229.244.9990 Outback Steakhouse 1824 Club House Drive 229242.4329 Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q** 1701 Norman Drive 229.241.8090 Tandoor Fine Indian Cuisine 3008 James Circle 229.232.4044 Texas Roadhouse 1874 Clubhouse Drive 229.242.7700 The Mill Pizza Buffet 1337 Baytree Rd., Ste. A 229.460.0721 Zaxby’s** 1102 N. St Augustine Road 229.244.3273

Summit Pointe & North Valdosta Area Blimpie Subs & Salads 414 Northside Drive 229.245.1885 Burger King 4464 Shiloh Road 229.247.6593 Chick-fil-A @ North Valdosta 3147 Inner Perimeter Road 229.245.0144

Mama June’s 3186 Inner Perimeter Road 229.245.6062 Marcos Pizza 4320 Kings Way 229.245.9595 McDonald’s 4185 N. Valdosta Road 229.242.8444 McDonald’s 4109 Bemiss Road 229.671.9940 Papa John’s 2139 Bemiss Road 229.241.1000 Smok’n Pig B-B-Q** 4228 N. Valdosta Road 229.245.8227

Georgia Power Salutes the men and women of the United States Air Force

At Georgia Power, we commend the men and women of the United States Air Force for their bravery and dedication in serving and protecting our country. And we understand that kind of dedication, because we are dedicated to our customers and to serving the Valdosta area. That’s why we work hard to keep rates as low as possible while delivering safe, reliable energy and excellent customer service. On behalf of Georgia Power and the citizens in the greater Valdosta area, we want to say thank you!

Subway-Inner Perimeter 3255-A Inner Perimeter Road 229.241.8250 The Egg & I 2953 A N. Ashley St. 229.300.2960 Wooden Nickel Pub 3269 Inner Perimeter Road 229.247.7750 Zaxby’s** 3250 Inner Perimeter Rd. 229.219.040

Catering Only Chartwells/V-State Catering 1500 N Patterson Street 229.333.5830 Rainwater Conference Center 1 Meeting Place 229.245.0513 **Offers catering


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Broaden Your Job Search:

Think Beyond the Internet

In today’s world, most people rely on the internet as a primary source to search for a job. Although it’s a great place to start, you don’t have to limit yourself to only searching online job postings. Some companies choose not to post their open positions online. They may prefer to use the local newspaper or word of mouth to find job candidates. So, if you’re looking online for a job and can’t find a position you want, think outside the internet box, and use these three resources to track down job leads. 1. Newspaper classifieds – You may think that posting a job opening in a newspaper is old school, but not all employers post positions online. Some may use the classifieds because they want to limit the opportunity to local job candidates, or they may simply be accustomed to using the newspaper. So don’t forget to check out your local newspaper when you hunt for a job. 2. Staffing agencies – Many offer a wide variety of jobs for different skill levels, qualifications, and industries, and not all of them are just temporary positions. If you’re not sure what type of job you want, or what company to work for, try using a staffing agency. Some provide tests to

determine your qualifications and help you find the right fit. 3. Networking – Contact former co-workers, supervisors, or clients and tell them you’re looking for a job. See if they have any open positions or know of any. This can help you land an interview and potentially a job offer when you’re struggling to make a connection with an employer. Because employers value what others have to say about a potential candidate, it’s always good to be on the inside track by having those connections with others. Sometimes the perfect job isn’t in plain sight, especially if you’re only looking in one place. So, try using these three traditional methods to expand the possibilities of finding the job opening you’ve been hoping for. This article is published courtesy of Express Employment Professionals Franchisee Tripp Templeton.The Valdosta office is located at 1712 Gornto Road (Across from Publix). For more information, stop by the office, call (229) 293-0030, or visit www.


VARIETY OF POSITIONS Express Employment Professionals pairs local businesses with job seekers in a wide-range of industries. Let Express recruiters find the right job to fit your schedule, and experience the benefits of being an Express associate. Call, come in, or go online to see how Express can make your job search easier.

Positions include: • Administrative • Reception • Warehouse • General Labor

(229) 293-0030 1712 Gornto Road Valdosta, GA 31601

source: Aberdeen Group Study “Talent Acquisition Strategies”

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has so much to offer and we wanted to make sure you don’t miss anything! 1. View local and regional artwork at Spring Into Art at the Turner Center for the Arts. 2. Print out a copy of Valdosta’s Historic Driving Tour and discover over 50 historic buildings in Valdosta’s four National Registered Historic Districts. 3. Art Walk - Combine your love for art and Historic Downtown Valdosta! 4. Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY! Visit Tiger Stripes Exotic Animal Sanctuary. 5. Born to be Wild! Join a local riding club. 6. Sneak a peek at Valdosta’s Home and Garden Tour. 7. Give your time to one of many local service clubs. 8. Polish your public speaking skills with the Valdosta Toasts Toastmasters. 9. Get festive! Attend a local festival. 10. Take piano, guitar, or voice lessons. 11. Enroll in a cooking seminar or learn new computer skills in a Continuing Education class. 12. Fish at the Withlacoochee River. 13. Shop for collectibles, antiques, and jewelry at a local flea market or consignment shop. 14. Go wild at Wild Adventures Water and Theme Park! 15. Visit the 1920’s at Milltown Murals in Lakeland. 16. Learn about constellations and visible planets at VSU’s Planetarium Show. 17. Attend Peach State Summer Theatre, the Official Musical Theater of the State of GA. 18. Practice your putting and more at Jungle Jym’s Family Fun Center! 19. Hang out at a local coffee shop. 20. Head to the local farmer’s market for fresh produce and meats. 21. Tour The Crescent House and gardens, an 1898 mansion. 22. Ride the Azalea Trail or join the Azalea City Cycling Club 23. Fish, canoe, hike or camp at Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area. 24. Shop at Lake Park or visit the Valdosta Mall. 25. Play a round or two at one of Valdosta’s best golf courses. 26. Sample wines at tastings sponsored by local wineries. 27. Visit the the Brooks County Skillet Festival! 28. Kick off the holiday season by attending Merry Marketplace. 40 MOODY LINK / 2016

29. Train your dog at the dog park. 30. Visit one of our local museums. 31. Enjoy beautiful music performed by the Valdosta Choral Guild at their annual Christmas or Spring Concerts. 32. Thrifty? Find treasures at local yard sales. 33. Find something new in Lakeland at the Flatlanders Fall Frolic Arts & Crafts show and more! 34. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day. 35. Visit the VSU Fine Arts Gallery to see exhibitions showcasing both student, faculty and regional artwork. 36. Check out a book, listen to a story or join a book club at one of many public libraries. 37. Tap into your creative side and take an art class. 38. Buy a corned beef sandwich from Temple Israel. 39. Check out what the local boutiques offer. 40. Farm Days – Shop Local! Head to Downtown Valdosta on select dates from May to September to buy locally-grown produce and locally-produced artisan items. 41. Practice your shot at one of Valdosta’s shooting ranges. 42. Attend a Moody Air Force Base air show. 43. Enjoy a theatrical production at the ‘Dosta Playhouse. 44. The place to BEE is at Hahira’s Honeybee Festival, complete with food, games and a fun parade! 45. TITLETOWN for a reason! Cheer on our local high school athletes. 46. Sample international cuisine at a local restaurant. 47. Get Fit! Join a gym or take group classes at one of the many fitness centers in Valdosta. 48. Participate in one of Valdosta’s 5K races. 49. Garden with the gardening clubs at the Valdosta Garden Center. 50. Bowl a strike at Jac’s Lane. 51. First Fridays Downtown! Gather to eat and socialize in our beautiful, historic downtown area the first Friday of each month. 52. Sing karaoke, play trivia, shoot pool, or throw darts. 53. Catch a flick on the big screen. 54. Get organic & healthy at an organic/natural food store. 55. Enjoy a ballet production by one of the local dance companies. 56. Taste of Downtown Valdosta - Purchase a wristband with access to all of the Downtown restaurants!

57. Load up the kids and head to an inflatable playground. 58. Vroom! Vroom! Start your engines and head to the South Georgia Motor Sports Park. 59. Try out a new look and get a makeover at a local salon. 60. Enjoy a fine dining experience in restaurants offering delicious cuisine and intimate atmospheres. 61. Dress in your red and black gear and enjoy VSU Athletics. 62. Have a party! Let someone else do the cooking and hire a caterer. 63. Get it while it’s hot! Eat a hot, fresh doughnut. 64. Surprise a loved one with flowers from a local florist. 65. Have a picnic at one of our 36 public parks. 66. Listen to a performance by the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra. 67. Take a leisurely walk or go for a jog on the Camellia Trail at VSU. 68. Indulge in a southern BBQ sandwich. 69. Peruse the works of local artists in local art galleries. 70. Grab the girls & head to the annual South Georgia Bridal Expo. 71. Re-fuel your body with a refreshing, fresh-squeezed juice, smoothie, or wheatgrass shot. 72. It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. Join the local “Y”! 73. Head out to the fields and pick seasonal fresh fruits at a local farmer vendor. 74. Help preserve the art of quilting as a member of a local quilter’s guild. 75. Pitch a tent and go camping at a local campground. 76. Greet newcomers or get to know others new to the area with South Georgia Connections. 77. Decorate your home or find the perfect housewarming gift at one of several home interior stores. 78. Enjoy a VSU Theatre production at Whitehead Auditorium. 79. Take a guided hunting tour. 80. Play frisbee on the front lawn of VSU’s campus. 81. Earn a black belt or learn self-defense at a martial arts class.

82. Looking for some bling? See what local jewelry stores have to offer. 83. Attend a local place of worship. 84. Grab your lawn chair and line the streets to watch a parade in Downtown Valdosta. 85. Head out to Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge. 86. Mentor a child or train to be an advocate with children. 87. Get involved at a City Council or a County Commission meeting. 88. Visit Sunset Hill Cemetery, a Victorian style cemetery established in 1861, where you can see the graves of many of Valdosta’s notable and historic persons. 89. Beat the heat and enjoy an ice cream or fro-yo treat. 90. Attend a FREE Lunch and Learn at the City Hall Annex. 91. Design on a dime. Take home improvement classes. 92. Channel your inner Yogi at a yoga class. 93. Experience life in a cotton mill town by strolling through the mill houses in the City of Remerton, developed after Strickland Cotton Mills was built in 1899. 94. Hear a band at a local venue. 95. Broadway comes to Valdosta! Enjoy award-winning musicals and plays performed by traveling companies in the Presenter Series. 96. Attend the annual 100 Black Men of Valdosta Top Barbecue Chefs Cook-off. 97. Give back! Donate blood or help build a Habitat house. 98. Join an underground beer and wine club. 99. Take a Zumba, ballroom, Latin, or ballet dance class. 100. Celebrate Independence Day with Fireworks!

Visit to print out the list and learn more about fun things to do in Metro Valdosta! 2016 / MOODY LINK 41

When bad things happen to

You need good

good people,

lawyers on your side! In the last few years alone, Studstill Firm, LLP lawyers have recovered over $54 million for our clients, including clients stationed at Moody AFB, Warner Robins AFB, Fort Benning, and Fort Stewart. The Studstill Firm, LLP is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with military families when they have legal issues. We understand their unique needs, including the difficulties of handling TRICARE claims following an auto accident.

Danny Studstill, Haynes Studstill and Justin Studstill


üAuto Accidents

Death ü Wrongful ü Personal Injury

to Children ü Injuries ü Real Estate

“If you want strong representation the Studstill Firm is the one and only. Not only was Mrs. Studstill a professional but she treated my wife and I like a family member. She went above and beyond to help us. Excellent work ethic and very clear on what was happening or going to happen in our case. If you want an attorney that knows what to do and how to do it then look no further.” –Valerie and Victor, Warner Robins

(229) 247-2299 Call us to learn how we can help you. Your initial consultation is always FREE. We would be honored to serve your family. Offices in Valdosta and Nashville

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get 



                               

     

Valdosta’s dynamic downtown is filled with activity amid many shops, boutiques, restaurants and businesses located throughout the historic area.

See you at First Fridays and Art Walk!

The first Friday of each month is an opportunity to experience all that downtown has to offer. Gather with old friends and meet new ones in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Once a quarter, First Friday hosts an Art Walk that combines the love of art and the uniqueness of Downtown Valdosta. The Art Walk has become a favorite of the locals as young and old enjoy wine tasting at participating locations. Wrists bands are available for $20 per person with all the proceeds going to help with downtown beautification projects.

Visit Downtown Valdosta’s website for more information and a full calendar of events,

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SEEDS Business Resource Center

Start A New Business


oody Air Force Base with nearly 11,000 personnel is a tremendous asset to our community. We appreciate your service to our country, and the SEEDS Business Resource Center offers our services to you. Anyone interested in starting a business can receive free resources compliments of the Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber and the SEEDS Center.

Where do I START?

Start with a free consultation at the Chamber. Find out what is required to start a business and discuss the feasibility of your business idea. A detailed industry report will make you aware of recent developments within the industry and which associations and publications are available to give you a better understanding of the business that you are interested in starting. We can help you find out more about your competition with a detailed competitor list. A custom demographic report will help identify how many people are in your target market. Our Guide to Starting a Business provides explanations, addresses, phone numbers and websites that are needed to help you fully prepare to legally start your business in Valdosta-Lowndes and Georgia.

How can I GROW? Whether you need to apply for a loan or you’re ready to write a business plan for your business, the SEEDS Center has a business plan format and assistance for you. We can help you identify your target market. Reach more of your target market with custom business leads based on the industry or size. Consumer leads can be generated based on search criteria such as age, income or location. Visit for more information including upcoming business seminars and workshops. Contact Betty Morgan at 229-247-8100 today.

*Bold items highlight a few of the many free resources available to assist you and your business. You do not need to be a Chamber member to take advantage of all of these resources and services.

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For complete information visit:

Chamber Certified Military Friendly Supporting Those Who Serve dosta-Low Val n

sC de

Businesses that meet program criteria apply for Chamber Certified Military Friendly status and are denoted by both a CCMF seal and are listed on the Chamber website.

ounty Cham b

ommerc of C e er


elocating to a new base can be a hassle. In addition to relocating, you want to know which schools offer your children the best education, which residential areas best fit your needs, and which retail stores offer military incentives and discounts. It can take a long time to thoroughly learn a new community, so in order to help you with your transition, we have developed a program to help newcomers to Moody AFB identify the businesses that show specific support to our troops.

Certified Military Friendly

00 and up.

In order to be considered Chamber Certified Military Friendly, businesses must: • • • •

Be a Chamber member in good standing Have NO unresolved issues with the Better Business Bureau Offer military discounts (if allowed by corporate policy) Support the South Georgia Military Affairs Council, which supports Moody Air Force Base

Each of these critera demonstrates a level of support that goes above and beyond to display community support for your service and our base. We are sure that you will find that our business community is proud to have you here and that your presence is appreciated. As you settle in, we also hope that you will develop a sense of belonging in your new community. We thank you for your service. Welcome home!

We encourage you to visit the following founding members of the Chamber Certified Military Friendly program!

Call us TODAY for

New businesses may be added throughout the year, so check back often at certifiedmilitaryfriendly to find out who is dedicated to your home needs! serving your needs! 2016 / MOODY LINK 45

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LOCAL NON-PROFITS & CHURCHES Little Actors’ Theatre of Valdosta, Inc. 1108 S. Patterson Street Valdosta, Georgia 31601 229-292-4742

YMCA 2424 Gornto Road Valdosta, GA 31602 229-244-4646

Michelle Alden Counseling Services 2704 North Oak Street, Bldg. L Valdosta, GA 31602 850-510-8627

Would you like to advertise your nonprofit organization or church in the 2017 edition of Moody Link magazine? Call 229-247-8100 ext. 231 View MoodyLink online at

We treat

every patient like family!

Schedule an Appointment Today!


3362 Greystone Way • Valdosta, GA 31605

Moody Link 2016