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M AboutMia Mia is the voice of women in Northeastern Oklahoma. Each issue is filled with inspiring stories, motivational columns, and helpful advice for living a deep, full life at any age. Mia is by women, about women and for women. The 7” x 10” full-color, free publication is published quarterly and distributed in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Real-life stories about relationships, money, career, health, motherhood and other issues that women face are intertwined with articles about food, art, books and travel.

The magazine is also a forum where women can show their creative side – with poetry, photography and other art forms. Mia is more than just a magazine; it’s a community where women can share their life experiences, and learn from one another. Because the publication fills a unique niche in regional magazines, women are anxious to spread the word about Mia. Our unique marketing strategy delivers Mia into the hands of women through direct contact, as well as through distribution sites where women gather. Women hand other women the magazine, which guarantees that your ad is seen. Mia is also available in locations throughout Northeastern Oklahoma, including coffee


shops, restaurants, spas, boutiques, doctor’s offices and more. We believe in giving you, our advertisers, the best exposure for your money by offering competitive ad rates, professional design, and opportunities to connect with the women who buy your product or service. Mia is a gathering place for women, and that includes our advertisers. We value what you have to offer our readers and so we invite you to join the conversation that takes place in the pages of Mia. We look forward to partnering with you to help spread the word about your business or service. Mia is your magazine.

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Mia is published by The Leslie Group 5

Mia Content We believe that sharing stories is the best form of communication and the most direct way to build a community of friends. Mia is filled with the stories of women from all walks of life. “My Journey” gives readers the opportunity to meet a woman whose story inspires and motivates, a woman they might never know except through the pages of Mia. Because health, relationship and money issues are important to our readers, we feature a column about each: “My Health,” “My Relationships,” and “My Money.” Women who have something to share about these issues offer readers their own life experience, as well as advice and creative solutions in each of these areas. Art is important in Mia, and we offer women a forum to share their creativity. We publish poetry, photography and different art forms, as well as stories of women artists in the column “My Art.” We also know that women love to travel, read, decorate and cook, and so our columns, “My Travels,” “My Books,” and “My Tastes” give women a place to find out about the latest trends, the best reads, interesting destinations both near and far, and the tastiest foods to put on their tables. Women care about making a difference in their community and the world. “My Cause” tells the stories of women who are passionate about making the world a better place. As an advertiser, you’ll be featured in a magazine that is widely read by women who make decisions about where they shop, what services they use, and how they spend their money. Your presence in Mia will give you a place in our community of women.


Why Advertise in

Why Advertise in a


Magazine for Women?

Mia’s unique marketing strategy puts the magazine directly in the hands of readers. Word of mouth and hand-to-hand marketing assures that the magazine is being read, and your ad is being seen. Mia can also be found in prominent locations throughout Northeastern Oklahoma.

Women represent an economic powerhouse, making over 85% of the consumer purchases (in the United States) and influencing over 95% of total goods and services. Source: Competitive Edge Magazine and EPM’s Marketing to Women

The content of Mia is packed with stories, ideas, advice, encouragement and resources that women will turn to again and again. This gives Mia an unlimited shelf life, and your ad long-term exposure.

Women’s consumer spending is $3.7 trillion and business spending is $1.5 trillion. Women also purchase 50% or better in traditional “male” categories like automobiles, consumer electronics, and PCs.

Mia’s audience is primarily made up of women, and women make most of the purchasing decisions in a household.

Source: Women’s Market, 2007

By 2010, women in the U.S. will control $13 trillion in private wealth.

As an advertiser, you will have the opportunity to enjoy web presence on Our website is an extension of the print magazine, and gives readers and advertisers another way to join the Mia community.

Source: “The Power of the Purse,” by Fara Warner

Women are outspending men in electronics purchases US$55 billion to US$41 billion. The trade organization also reports that women influence 90 percent of consumer electronics purchases. Source: Consumer Electronics Association, 2007

Women control the purchasing decision for: 85% of automobiles 92% of vacations 89% of bank accounts 62% of health care 91% of homes 91% of consumer electronics Source: Diversity Best Practice & Business Women’s Network: Wow! Quick Facts 2006 & 2007. All About Women Consumers 2007.


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ADVERtising information Mia is published quarterly and distributed throughout Tulsa and surrounding areas. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material which may be deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for our publication. Mia employs a staff of award-winning designers who create clean, stylish ads that stand out. We give clients the most for their advertising dollar. If you are unable to create your own ad, our graphics department will be happy to design your ad for a small fee. If the art department at Mia designs your ad, it must be published in Mia Magazine before it appears in any other publication. We will send electronic ads to other publications on your behalf for a small fee. If you would like for Mia to design your ad, the following criteria must be provided to

copy direction

high resolution logo (no smaller than 600 dpi)

high resolution photography to be used in the ad (no smaller than 300 dpi)

AD specifications Please provide camera-ready art in using one of the following formats: JPG, PDF, TIFF, or EPS. The designers at Mia use Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator for their design work. All ads will print in full color (CMYK). Please make sure all files are flattened, with all fonts and images embedded in the file. You may send your ad electronically to or on a CD to (Mia Magazine, P.O. Box 35665, Tulsa, OK 74153-0665). Please do not send film or laser print-outs of your ads.




Mia Media Kit  
Mia Media Kit  

Information for potential advertisers in Mia Magazine...a publication for, by and about women in the Tulsa metropolitan area.